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2018-04-06All about benchmarking: What it is, how it works, and how AAHA can help you put it to work for your practiceNone
2018-03-05Implementing the 2018 AAHA Diabetes Management Guidelines into your practiceNone
2018-01-17Latest edition of AAHA’s most popular title answers your questions on “right-size” pricingNone
2018-01-092018 AAHA Diabetes Management Guidelines now availableNone
2017-10-25What are vaccines, Why do my pets need so many?None

RSSAAHA Press Stat of the Week (5)

2016-06-30One-third of all cats and dogs are taking supplements in the United States None
2016-06-22Obese dogs are four times more likely to rupture a cruciate than non-obese dogsNone
2016-06-16The average price for a sick pet exam is $50.85None
2016-06-0962% of pet owners rated their vet visits “high value” None
2016-06-0145% of practices increase their fees annuallyNone

RSSAAHA Press Tip of the Week (8)

2017-02-20Build confident conversations about costs5
2016-12-20Help your clients solve cat behavior issuesNone
2016-06-29Use a "fee grid" that groups surgeries by difficulty and length to assess feesNone
2016-06-22Add a “recommended dental cleaning” message to client receiptsNone
2016-06-15Use the “rule of three” for corrective action discussionsNone
2016-06-08Reduce patient stress using the five sensesNone
2016-06-02Use four checkpoints to calculate lab costsNone
2016-05-26Identify your staff’s behavior styles to communicate with themNone

RSSAdvancements & Research (564)

2018-04-16Casting for answers to soft tissue complicationsNone
2018-04-13Let sleeping dogs lie . . . but maybe not on your bedNone
2018-04-12Medication study: don’t flush that toilet!4
2018-04-10Cats may experience placebo effectsNone
2018-04-05Younger veterinarians more stressed than older veterinarians, population as a wholeNone
2018-04-04Weekly News Roundup 3/30–4/5None
2018-03-27Emotional support animals probably don’t do anything for anxietyNone
2018-03-26Study: Noise sensitivity in dogs could be a sign of serious painNone
2018-03-19Working together to cure cancer across speciesNone
2018-03-07New study: Who’s a good boy? Oh, es e iz! Oh, es e iz!5
2018-02-27Dog and cat behavior myths debunkedNone
2018-02-20Pet owners don’t always hear what we think we tell them. This free, online tool can fix thatNone
2018-02-09Study: What you say and what the client hears aren’t necessarily the same5
2018-02-08Weekly News Roundup 2/2 – 2/8/18None
2018-02-07Eating raw chicken linked to canine paralysis5
2018-02-06Pet owners don’t always hear what we think we tell them. This free, online tool can fix thatNone
2018-02-05He can sense your fearNone
2018-02-02Blow off your friends and let’s have some quality “us” timeNone
2018-01-31Boy cat, or girl cat? Hint: watch the paws5
2018-01-29FDA ends nicotine study on primates after 4 monkeys dieNone
2018-01-25Weekly News Roundup 1/19 – 1/25/18None
2018-01-23Canine parvovirus 101None
2018-01-19Wipe that coprophagic grin off your face!4.2
2018-01-15New study: don't feed pets raw meat3
2018-01-12Is your dog’s water bowl half empty or half full?5
2018-01-03Does size (or age, or sex, or where they sleep) matter? Maybe.None
2017-12-28Weekly News Roundup 12/22 – 12/28None
2017-12-26UC-Davis veterinarians using facial recognition to identify animal painNone
2017-12-19He’s one in 3,044. And one day he could hold the key to curing canine cancer.5
2017-12-15The US marines unleash a new “robot dog” to help wounded military working dogsNone
2017-12-14Weekly News Roundup 12/8-12/14None
2017-12-113D-printed mask helps dog heal from horrific woundsNone
2017-12-07Weekly News Roundup 12/1 – 12/7None
2017-12-04Shepherd/linguist sheds light on using language with border collies5
2017-11-30Weekly News Roundup 11-24 to 11-30None
2017-11-27Scientists discover the first pictures of dogs ever posted to social media, if you count rocks as social media5
2017-11-20Study: Want to live longer? Get a dog.None
2017-11-17“Either the dog goes, or I do!”None
2017-11-16Cannabis and companion animals3
2017-11-13Don't believe everything your clients read on the internetNone
2017-11-10"You can't see me."5
2017-11-06Caring for a sick pet is hard on everyoneNone
2017-11-03New study: “Stop teasing the dog.”5
2017-11-01None of them had it comingNone
2017-10-30“I hate Mondays.”None
2017-10-24While uncommon, owners may have Leptospirosis riskNone
2017-10-23Dogs know you’re watchingNone
2017-10-23Eek! A spider!None
2017-10-17Pets in the house mean happier, healthier kids . . . right?None
2017-10-13Best friends forever: since when?None
2017-10-07Odds of survival better than expected for bloatNone
2017-10-06Raging hormones: they’re not just for teensNone
2017-10-05A mass extinction of parasites only sounds like a good idea . . .None
2017-10-04Study reveals sex-specific genetic traits in German shepherd dogs None
2017-09-25Walk your dog, save your life5
2017-09-21Worried you can’t remember some detail? Forget about it!None
2017-09-052017 AAHA Canine Vaccination Guidelines now availableNone
2017-08-18Make that ‘welcome-client’ smile just a bit lessNone
2017-08-17‘Flat-faced’ dogs see more corneal ulcerative diseaseNone
2017-08-14Emotional spillover can affect what comes nextNone
2017-08-09Exam room with classical music, STAT!None
2017-08-07Dog study offers clues to target therapies in mitral valve prolapse4
2017-08-02Embark Veterinary plans to expand dog DNA testing serviceNone
2017-07-27Weekly News Roundup 7/21 – 7/275
2017-07-26Gene could reveal why dogs are so friendlyNone
2017-07-26New study adds to the dog domestication debateNone
2017-07-20Why midsized animals are faster than their larger counterpartsNone
2017-07-19Defining how feline skin microbiota relate to allergiesNone
2017-07-19Pet owners are more likely to know their neighborsNone
2017-07-13Weekly News Roundup 7/7 – 7/13None
2017-07-12Wolves raised like dogs can develop attachments to people5
2017-07-12Survey reveals possible health risks of therapy dog programsNone
2017-07-06Weekly News Roundup 6/29 – 7/6 None
2017-07-05Cats’ expressions don’t get them adopted, but their behavior does4.5
2017-06-29Weekly News Roundup 6/22 – 6/29None
2017-06-28Egyptians could have helped spread cats across the ancient worldNone
2017-06-21A new questionnaire could help identify suitable guide dogs earlierNone
2017-06-15Weekly News Roundup 6/9 – 6/15None
2017-06-14Research compares mammary tumors in dogs, peopleNone
2017-06-14Dogs likely developed sense of fairness from wolf ancestors5
2017-06-08Weekly News Roundup 6/2 – 6/8None
2017-06-08Reading to dogs improves student attitudes toward academics None
2017-06-07An increasing concern for feline hyperthyroidism None
2017-06-01Weekly News Roundup 5/25 – 6/1None
2017-05-31New evidence suggests earliest example of dog domesticationNone
2017-05-25Weekly News Roundup 5/18 – 5/25None
2017-05-24Predictive model could reveal risk for Lyme disease in dogs, humansNone
2017-05-24People can determine context of dog growls5
2017-05-18Weekly News Roundup 5/12 – 5/18None
2017-05-17Researchers study genetics and genomic sequencing to treat disordersNone
2017-05-10Researchers map out dog geneticsNone
2017-05-09Dogs’ relationships affect their decisionsNone
2017-04-26How guide dog owners view their canine companionsNone
2017-04-20Homeopathy and veterinary medicineNone
2017-04-13Children with pets could be at less risk of allergies and obesityNone
2017-04-12Dogs show ability to adopt human perspectives1.5
2017-04-05Cats enjoy social interactions with peopleNone
2017-03-29Review identifies challenges of trichomonosis infections in catsNone
2017-03-28Dogs sniff out breast cancerNone
2017-03-23Walks take into account dogs’ likes and dislikesNone
2017-03-22Dogs show ability for deceptive behavior3.3
2017-03-16Dogs improve teamworkNone
2017-03-15Brain scans could indicate dogs suited to service workNone
2017-03-15Study aims to identify cat-friendly dogs5
2017-03-08Cat ownership shows no link to developing mental illnessNone
2017-03-07Dogs and people share social intelligence skillsNone
2017-03-01Research locates possible genetic cause for myoclonic epilepsy4
2017-02-22Stressed owners could lead to stressed dogsNone
2017-02-21Empathy affects how people view dogs’ expressionsNone
2017-02-15Sleep could enhance learning in dogsNone
2017-02-08Dogs willing to reward others with foodNone
2017-02-06Kids prefer pets to siblingsNone
2017-02-01Cats may have episodic memory like people, dogsNone
2017-01-31Dogs relax to soft rock and reggaeNone
2017-01-26Researchers recommend new approach to animal communication5
2017-01-25Retrieval puts stress on dogs’ forelimbs5
2017-01-18Puppies respond positively to “dog talk”5
2017-01-11Chickens are smarter than we think5
2017-01-04Dogs could “go gray” due to stress5
2016-12-28Seabirds help cool arctic summer temperaturesNone
2016-12-26Reindeer shrinking due to climate change1
2016-12-21Rabies groups display distinct evolutionary trendsNone
2016-12-14Getting to the bottom of border collie collapse5
2016-12-07Comparative oncology looks to defeat cancer in dogs and people5
2016-11-30Cat tongues are designed for cleaning and moreNone
2016-11-28Dogs have episodic memories, like people None
2016-11-22Birds on the brain: What we can learn from our feathered friends None
2016-11-15Knowing feline skull shape can reduce MRI false positivesNone
2016-11-09Environment may impact canine fertility None
2016-11-03Noise pollution impacts animal’s use of scentNone
2016-11-02Wild cats don’t respond to evolutionary pressures None
2016-11-01Treatable cause of canine megaesophagus identified5
2016-10-31Literature review of canine cognition availableNone
2016-10-26Both dog and owner impact the quality of their relationshipNone
2016-10-24Guidelines share how to minimize disease in canine group settingsNone
2016-10-20Snowy owls fare well in winter None
2016-10-19Researchers determine if mutts are healthier than purebreds5
2016-10-19Motivation to walk canine pets identified None
2016-10-17Genetic source of canine social behavior change identified5
2016-10-11Microbe patterns can predict canine IBD4
2016-10-10DNA study suggests migration patterns of ancient felinesNone
2016-10-05Canine hyperactivity linked to lower tryptophan None
2016-10-03Dogs ignore human advice if it’s bad 4
2016-09-28Novel endoscopy tool now available to plan treatment, surgeryNone
2016-09-22Fish facing risky decisions stick together None
2016-09-20Pet therapy for homesickness: coming to a campus near you3
2016-09-19New treatment shows promise in stopping feline peritonitis5
2016-09-13Bald eagle’s bill repairedNone
2016-09-08Common feline diseases identifiedNone
2016-09-07Canine saliva as stress indicator includes multiple factorsNone
2016-09-06Food puzzles have positive impacts on felinesNone
2016-08-31Frigate birds’ ability to fly nonstop explained None
2016-08-31With dogs, it’s not just what you say but how you say it 5
2016-08-30Canine hereditary disorders more widespread than realized None
2016-08-24Methodology assesses “companion” suitability of exotic petsNone
2016-08-23Dogs prefer praise to treatsNone
2016-08-18Genetic source of canine aggression identified1
2016-08-15Female felines respond to kitten calls based on urgencyNone
2016-08-11Goats’ gazes may be pleas for helpNone
2016-08-09Multiple factors contribute to limber tail in dogsNone
2016-08-08Video games may improve bird health5
2016-08-02English bulldog lacks genetic diversity for improved health None
2016-08-01Nanoparticles used to treat canine bone cancerNone
2016-07-26Pet dogs lower stress in families with autistic childrenNone
2016-07-25Model developed for testing drugs to treat FHV-14
2016-07-20Some chickens genetically immune to bird fluNone
2016-07-19Oncolytic virus injections in spleen boost immune responses fasterNone
2016-07-12Common changes in aging felines documented2
2016-07-07Chemotherapy medication offers hope for canine outcomesNone
2016-07-05A pig’s grunt may be telling you somethingNone
2016-06-28Study suggests why some cats may be picky eaters3
2016-06-27Boas and pythons are convergent evolution in motionNone
2016-06-20Felines can predict where prey hidesNone
2016-06-15Neurons enable birds to perform complicated behaviors None
2016-06-14Calling a family member by the name of the family dog is not unusualNone
2016-06-13Unusual pulmonic stenosis surgery saves canine patientNone
2016-06-07Study differentiates injuries from animal abuse versus car accidents5
2016-06-06Early neutering raises risk of joint disorders in German shepherdsNone
2016-06-01Canine Degenerative Myelopathy gene identified4.8
2016-05-31Common diagnostic tool may help with canine hypercoagulability 4
2016-05-23Genome study identifies cause of canine gliomasNone
2016-05-18Even for chelonians, aging has its challengesNone
2016-05-16Pulmonary hypertension discovered in dogsNone
2016-05-10Reconstructive surgery performed on bald eagle’s wingNone
2016-05-09Spinal cord surgery enables dog to walk againNone
2016-05-05Labrador retrievers more motivated by foodNone
2016-04-27Altering the skin’s microbiome could impact canine atopic dermatitisNone
2016-04-26Surface mutation lets canine parvovirus jump to other speciesNone
2016-04-18Feline infectious peritonitis reversed 4.5
2016-04-12Urinary health conditions linked to pet’s drinking water 5
2016-04-07Canine influenza confirmed in felines 5
2016-03-29Toxoplasmosis may be linked to human anger3
2016-03-23Research continues to shine light on canine retinal disease None
2016-03-17What birds can teach us about courtship and nestingNone
2016-03-15Canine blood disorder treated with gene therapyNone
2016-03-08Artificial ureter implanted in kitten will test device’s longevityNone
2016-03-02Feline behavioral signs of pain documented 5
2016-02-29Genetic source of canine compulsive disorder identified5
2016-02-24Avian white blood cell blocks fatal infectionNone
2016-02-23Dieting felines don’t hold a grudgeNone
2016-02-22Largest dog genetic study concludesNone
2016-02-17Stem cell therapy for feline chronic gingivo-stomatitisNone
2016-02-16Like people, dogs have measurable IQs5
2016-02-09Age factors into canine cognitive abilities4
2016-02-08Puppy receives head injury reconstruction4
2016-02-04Ticks carrying Lyme disease increase in number and geographic area4
2016-01-27Birdsong is a learned and complex sweetness None
2016-01-26Dogs read faces like humans do None
2016-01-25How two-tone cats get their patches None
2016-01-20Levetiracetam shows promise for treatment of FARS in catsNone
2016-01-18Dogs recognize emotions in humans and dogs None
2016-01-14Backyard chickens have large number of ectoparasitesNone
2016-01-12First feline NLA endoscopy and stenting successfulNone
2016-01-11Fish flavored cat food may contribute to feline hyperthyroidism3
2016-01-07Dogs play pivotal role in the dating gameNone
2016-01-05Dogs share food, cooperate with, and support each other None
2015-12-31Dogs are empathetic towards one another5
2015-12-22Canine lymphoma: recent advances and therapiesNone
2015-12-17Dogs' noisy lapping is efficiency in motion None
2015-12-16World’s first canine IVF successfulNone
2015-12-08The avian dance of love: from mating DNA to true love None
2015-12-07Molecular processes for canine cancer therapy investigated None
2015-12-02Canine and feline species reports availableNone
2015-12-01Bacterial imbalance related to feline periodontal disease identified None
2015-11-25Bird studies: avian wing evolution, bat wings, and pigeons who read digital slides None
2015-11-24Lysine ineffective in treating cats with herpesvirus 1 infection3.2
2015-11-18Animals clean themselves in renewable and non-renewable waysNone
2015-11-17Vaccination and group housing impact likelihood of feline calicivirusNone
2015-11-16New method for freezing avian red blood cells on the horizonNone
2015-11-10Evolution of avian wing color is complicated None
2015-11-09Simple genetic test reveals ivermectin toxicityNone
2015-11-04Researchers study animals in motion None
2015-10-27Cats’ picky eating habits may be unrelated to self-protectionNone
2015-10-26Gene therapy offers hope for dogs with muscular dystrophy None
2015-10-20Gene therapy may help with canine retinitis pigmentosa None
2015-10-14New assessment tool for canine dementia4.5
2015-10-13DNA vaccine may offer future sterilization option for cats and dogsNone
2015-10-12New test detects all viruses that infect people, animalsNone
2015-10-05Lyme disease subverts immune system, prevents future protectionNone
2015-09-30Canine “looking back” behavior the result of social adaptation None
2015-09-29New vaccine prevents lethal virus in pet parrotsNone
2015-09-28Genes identified in canine lymphoma None
2015-09-21Household pets may protect infants from allergies5
2015-09-21Form of congenital night blindness discovered in beagles None
2015-09-14Felines don’t bond with owners for safety and securityNone
2015-09-10Boston terrier receives pacemakerNone
2015-09-02Canine surgery employs human cleft palate procedureNone
2015-09-02Exotic pets in school teach important valuesNone
2015-09-01Canine body postures and behaviors signal pecking order 3
2015-08-25Climate change impacted canine evolution None
2015-08-25Resveratrol triggers mixed messages in canine cancerNone
2015-08-19Cause of canine diabetes quantifiedNone
2015-08-11Congenital heart defect prompts rare canine heart surgery None
2015-08-04Canine cataracts: a nonsurgical solution looms on horizon5
2015-08-03Immune cells defend against parasitesNone
2015-07-29Stress levels in dogs tied to dispositionsNone
2015-07-27Dogs are social eavesdroppers, a new study suggestsNone
2015-07-22Microenvironment feeds female canine cancer4
2015-07-21Intestinal parasites cause feline diarrhea2
2015-07-14Companion animals often referred to as “soul mates,” study finds5
2015-07-13Wearables monitor canine health and activity5
2015-07-07Birds have their own unique language, study finds None
2015-07-06Canine cancer trials are striking gold None
2015-07-01Understanding animal health has human benefits, new study suggestsNone
2015-06-30Human and companion animal oncologists convene None
2015-06-29Exotic animals and summer vacation: studies suggest travel advice None
2015-06-25A barking dog shares more than just noise, study suggests None
2015-06-24Stress in cats is manageable, new data showsNone
2015-06-23Feline diseases tracked via genetic sequencing database None
2015-06-22Innovative canine prostate cancer treatment yields successNone
2015-06-18Cute cat videos and owner cues: what came first? None
2015-06-17Simple change to blood glucose testing results in more accuracy, study finds 4
2015-06-16FDA studies implications of raw pet food 4.7
2015-06-10Link between cat parasite and schizophrenia None
2015-06-09Canines and childhood cancer study hopes to quantify the value of AAT5
2015-06-04Reasons to hug a cat today, picky eating habits and allNone
2015-06-03Analysis of elite pet skeletons paints traumatic picture 4
2015-05-25Rare heart surgery saves cat5
2015-05-20Cat survival linked to Vitamin DNone
2015-05-19Belgian shepherds may be genetically protected against diabetes5
2015-05-13CT scanning of animal mummies reveals some surprises5
2015-05-11Veterinarian ophthalmologists correct eyelid agenesis in cat5
2015-05-04Hospital lab fails to diagnose dog-to-human transmission of plague 5
2015-04-29FARS study identifies seizure triggers in cats None
2015-04-28Old dogs offer new insights, study finds5
2015-04-23New global study quantifies the cost of untreated rabiesNone
2015-04-20Human animal bond focus of recent studyNone
2015-04-16Pet obesity becoming a global issueNone
2015-04-15 Desert tortoise ovariosalpingectomy a success None
2015-04-13Study raises possibility of canine-to-human norovirus transmissionNone
2015-03-30Heart drug effective in canine myxomatous mitral valve disease2.3
2015-03-26The secret lives of cats5
2015-03-19Working dogs and drones detect deadly tree disease3
2015-03-19Social media leads to saving dogs’ lives 5
2015-03-10Researchers use scent-trained dogs to detect thyroid cancerNone
2015-03-05Study reveals possible biological trigger for canine bone cancer5
2015-02-17Study finds dogs can discriminate between facial expressions None
2015-02-12New research study revises date of dog domestication5
2015-02-11Genetic code cracked for dog and human parasiteNone
2015-02-04Researchers explore alternatives to surgical neutering None
2015-02-02New test detects kidney disease in cats and dogs much earlier than standard screening technologies4.7
2015-01-27JAVMA study on hospital visit stress on canines released5
2015-01-20CAPC-Bayer study reveals veterinary practice opportunities via parasite education and testingNone
2015-01-14Study involving paraplegic dogs cites need for customized treatmentNone
2015-01-13Lapsed rabies vaccines focus of JAVMA study 4.2
2014-12-30Study sheds light on animal emotionsNone
2014-12-23Animals rely on nature's medicine cabinet3
2014-12-10Early warning sign for feline kidney disease found5
2014-12-10Paper explores practice access for visually impairedNone
2014-11-17Colorado State University enrolling cats with chronic kidney disease for stem cell trial4
2014-11-04UF veterinarians, dentists collaborate on groundbreaking surgery for stray catNone
2014-10-30Military-connected children appear to gain resiliency through human-animal bondNone
2014-10-16Penn Vet studies effects of IV fluid on circulation during surgery5
2014-10-08Cornell recruiting healthy older cats for study on common feline disordersNone
2014-10-08LifeLearn tapping IBM's supercomputer to help veterinarians find lightning-fast answers3
2014-10-07Pet foods, therapeutic products may contain more ingredients than advertised4
2014-09-10Study examines welfare concerns and efficacy of training dogs with electronic collarsNone
2014-09-10Researchers teaming up to find genetic causes of bloatNone
2014-09-04Anti-infective research aims to disable pathogens’ T3SA 'injection nanomachine'None
2014-09-04Study analyzes global prevalence of canine transmissible venereal tumorNone
2014-08-28Researchers target antibiotic resistanceNone
2014-08-27Study identifies motivating factors to get owners walking their dogs regularly5
2014-08-14Purdue developing standards to ensure better nationwide commercial dog breeding practicesNone
2014-08-06Study highlights need for improved awareness of Facebook risks among veterinarians4.5
2014-08-05AVMA speaker tells veterinary practices how to quickly boost revisit numbersNone
2014-08-05Researchers examine present, future usage of electronic veterinary medical records4
2014-07-17UC Davis study compares long-term health effects of neutering on golden retrievers, Labradors5
2014-07-10Scientists modify cancer immunotherapy for use in dogs3
2014-06-26Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy a promising treatment for dogs with enlarged prostatesNone
2014-06-25Cornell launches website to help phase out genetic hip and elbow problems in dogsNone
2014-06-18UGA improving feline kidney transplant outcomes with adult stem cells5
2014-06-16Study finds wide variety in nutritional content of dog milk replacers5
2014-06-11Hormone spray appears to strengthen connections between dogs, owners4.5
2014-06-04Big Data Approach to Emerging DiseasesNone
2014-06-04Regenerating Canine Jawbones with the Help of 3D Printers5
2014-05-29Dogs Able to Sniff Out Prostate Cancer with 98% Accuracy5
2014-05-23Doberman Albinism Linked to Human Gene MutationNone
2014-05-23Humans and Animals Share MRSA StrainNone
2014-05-15Dogs, puppies can follow voice cues to find foodNone
2014-04-24Eli Lilly expands global footprint with Novartis Animal Health purchase5
2014-04-17Cornell University lays groundwork for landmark study on canine agingNone
2014-04-17National Council on Pet Population seeking abstracts on behavioral issues of homeless animalsNone
2014-04-17Banfield's State of Pet Health 2014 Report highlights prevalence of infectious diseases5
2014-04-09UW veterinary instructors augmenting teaching methods using Google GlassNone
2014-02-28Study shows that smaller portions, more frequent meals could help cats slim down4
2014-02-27Colo. considering bill requiring special training for veterinary technicians and specialists2.5
2014-02-21Study shows 'do-as-I-do' training approach sometimes trumps clicker method5
2014-02-21Zoetis, American Humane Association launch Canines and Childhood Cancer Study5
2014-02-13Golden Retriever Lifetime Study enrolls 1,000th dogNone
2014-02-07Pet owners often underestimate health consequences of cat bites, Mayo Clinic study showsNone
2014-02-06Domesticated dogs less adept at learning from each other than wolvesNone
2014-01-30Study shows playing video games could improve laparoscopic surgery performance4
2014-01-15CSU testing stem-cell treatment on feline chronic kidney diseaseNone
2014-01-08Researchers wary of raw food diets after reviewing existing research3.7
2013-12-24Study finds that short dogs are more prone to behavior problems3.2
2013-12-20Dogs appear to recognize familiar faces in photos, study says5
2013-12-18Study tests effectiveness of 'dog dust' as protection against allergies, asthma5
2013-11-19Ohio State University recruiting dogs for osteoarthritis clinical studyNone
2013-11-13University of Pennsylvania veterinarians experimenting with 3D printing to prepare for surgeriesNone
2013-11-12New test enables earlier detection of canine parvovirus strainsNone
2013-11-05Dogs judge demeanors of other dogs based on how their tails wag, study says5
2013-10-31Researchers find that tail injections might lessen toll of injection-site sarcomas5
2013-10-30Cornell University seeking indoor cats for hyperthyroidism studyNone
2013-10-16UC Davis invites veterinary professionals to learn about new linear accelerator, earn CE creditsNone
2013-10-16Golden Retriever Lifetime Study on pace with enrollment goal, still needs help from veterinarians5
2013-10-10Feline AIDS virus providing researchers with pathway to human HIV vaccine4
2013-09-20Local domestic animals may receive excessive blame for drug-resistant salmonella in humans4
2013-09-05Researchers estimate at least 320,000 viruses in the world's mammalsNone
2013-08-28Study confirms dogs' effectiveness in alerting diabetic owners about hypoglycemia5
2013-08-20WSU vet students discovering keys to post-graduation success through study5
2013-08-07Study of cat collar designed to reduce songbird deaths seeks feline participants5
2013-07-25Dogs with long and low body types at much higher risk for slipped discs5
2013-07-17UC Davis finds fault with majority of homemade dog food recipes studied4.8
2013-07-05CSU and UF recruiting snakebitten dogs for anti-venom studiesNone
2013-06-26Cornell researchers unraveling inner workings of feline infectious peritonitis5
2013-06-25Dogs' relationships with humans similar to parent-child dynamicNone
2013-06-19National Veterinary Cancer Registry aiming to speed cancer research for pets, humansNone
2013-06-17MSU helping pet owners better assess animals' quality of life4
2013-06-06New wearable device takes dog activity tracking to a new levelNone
2013-05-29Mixed-breed dogs not always more resistant to genetic disorders than purebreds3
2013-05-22Hypothermia found in over 83 percent of dogs following surgery with anesthesia5
2013-05-21Study determines many pet store puppies behave worse than puppies from non-commercial breeders3.2
2013-05-17Pet ownership may contribute to healthier hearts5
2013-05-17Banfield study shows link between geographic location and length of pet lifespan5
2013-05-06Cat hypertension study seeking thousands of cats with kidney disease5
2013-05-06Elderly drivers who always drive with pets have higher crash riskNone
2013-05-01AAHA, AAFP release new fluid therapy guidelinesNone
2013-04-18Research finds that neutered or spayed dogs lead longer lives2.6
2013-04-03Detection dogs’ sense of smell sharpened by dietary changesNone
2013-03-27Revised AAHA dental guidelines emphasize importance of X-rays5
2013-03-26World's only canine pneumovirus test now available to veterinarians5
2013-03-26Online maps help veterinarians educate clients about local parasite risks5
2013-03-14Top 10 safest cars for pets revealed on listNone
2013-03-14Study investigates how dog size affects lifespan length5
2013-03-05Researchers appear on verge of eliminating cat allergies4.2
2013-03-05Veterinarian traveling cross-country to uncover secrets of long-lived dogsNone
2013-02-13Study suggests dogs comprehend human point of view5
2013-02-12CSU enrolling cats for stem cell study targeting inflammatory bowel disease4
2013-02-06‘Dognition’ app helps owners understand their dogs' behavior and intelligence2
2013-02-06Poll shows Canadian pet owners don't understand importance of veterinary dentistryNone
2013-01-28Study reveals surprising misconceptions about bully sticks2.5
2013-01-21New Bayer study updates vets' cat-friendly progress, issues recommendations5
2013-01-16Abbott Animal Health releases new fluid therapy appNone
2013-01-09Hyperbaric chambers a breath of fresh air for animal hospitals4.8
2013-01-02Study shows dogs can smell clostridium difficile infection4.7
2012-12-19Gene therapy treatment showing promise for dogs with chronic pain3
2012-12-12Researchers find elevated BPA levels in dog training batonsNone
2012-12-12Dog regains use of leg after unique muscle transplant surgery4.7
2012-11-30Auburn researchers take innovative approach to vaccine developmentNone
2012-11-21Promising University of Missouri cancer study needs canine participantsNone
2012-11-19Cancer vaccine now in clinical trials5
2012-11-19Paralyzed dogs walk again after injections of olfactory sheathing cells5
2012-10-23Dog performance appears to increase with food consumptionNone
2012-10-22Dogs with prostate cancer responding well to gold nanoparticle treatment5
2012-10-10Vets can help researchers learn about human-to-pet flu transmissionNone
2012-10-10Study: Some wildcats could develop Alzheimer'sNone
2012-10-08Study: Some wildcats could develop AlzheimersNone
2012-10-02Osteoarthritis biomarkers mean early diagnosis for dogs, humansNone
2012-09-25VCA aims to put clinical trials on fast trackNone
2012-09-25Comparative medicine lab rejuvenates arthritis-inflicted jointsNone
2012-09-19Study: Injection-site sarcoma risk may be less for some recombinant vaccinesNone
2012-09-12Pet obesity clinic sets sights on slimming overweight animalsNone
2012-09-05Landmark canine cancer study enrolling veterinariansNone
2012-09-05FTC workshop to focus on pet medicationNone
2012-09-05National survey set to gather pet obesity dataNone
2012-08-29First feline diagnosed with food obsessionNone
2012-07-25New options for canine allergiesNone
2012-06-20New guidelines for veterinary CPRNone
2012-06-13Vets face difficult drug shortages in CanadaNone
2012-05-23New drugs to treat urinary incontinenceNone
2012-05-23Specialists standardize CPR guidelines for dogs and catsNone
2012-03-14MU acquires new technology to detect cancerNone
2012-02-22New canine cancer studyNone
2011-12-30Smart pills = smarter doctors?None
2011-09-22Gamers crack retroviral protease codeNone
2011-09-13Three human rabies deaths in the US in the last yearNone
2011-08-24Dieting dogs prone to weight regainNone
2011-08-09VIDEO: Dr. Clarke Atkins on heartworm preventive resistanceNone
2011-08-09FDA approves urinary incontinence drug for dogsNone
2011-07-27Studies focus on lymphomaNone
2011-07-25New Partnership for Preventive Pet Healthcare formedNone
2011-07-19Study: No such thing as hypoallergenic dogsNone
2011-06-21Southern dogs gorge on cicadasNone
2011-06-07Dogs, humans may have shared virusesNone
2011-05-30Cats and dogs: Of parasites and virusesNone
2011-05-30Dogs drink like catsNone
2011-05-16TX, AR, see record rabies casesNone
2011-05-09UGA study looks at causes of death among dog breedsNone
2011-05-02French bulldog sex reversal described for first timeNone
2011-04-25Dog gene linked to ParkinsonsNone
2011-04-18Study: Copper can cut down on MRSA infectionsNone
2011-03-21Can pets foretell earthquakes?None
2011-03-14Camel meat can be deadly for dogsNone
2011-03-07Reports from WVC - Lunch roundtable on a groundbreaking longitudinal studyNone
2011-03-07Deadly disease defeated by UF vetsNone
2011-02-28FDA warns of xylitol dangers to dogs and ferretsNone
2011-02-14Invention keeps pets on the right dietNone
2011-01-17Study shows dog’s "amazing" ability to comprehend languageNone
2011-01-17CDC releases report on shelter rabies caseNone
2010-12-27List of weirdest ingestions of 2010None
2010-12-13Recent headlines from Trends TodayNone
2010-12-13AAHA criticizes Nebraska feral cat reportNone
2010-12-13Dog bite hospitalizations up 86% in 16 yearsNone
2010-12-06Canine simulator helps train studentsNone
2010-12-06Bird personalities related to hormone levelsNone
2010-11-29CSU develops artificial “bleeding” tissue (with video)None
2010-11-22Study looks at risk of landscape edging for the first timeNone
2010-11-22Cats have distinctive drinking styleNone
2010-11-15Study compares PennHIP vs OFA hip dysplasia tests3.8
2010-11-01Stem cell paper retracted from "Nature"None
2010-10-25Nanoparticulate cancer drug study set to beginNone
2010-10-11CDC confirms human rabies deathNone
2010-10-11Study shows age, diet are factors in canine colon healthNone
2010-10-11Dog ownership associated with decreased risk of eczemaNone
2010-10-04CDC study coincides with World Rabies DayNone
2010-09-15Lymphoma drug shows potential in dogsNone
2010-06-09Personality linked to longevity in dogsNone
2010-05-26Ravens console each other after conflictsNone
2010-04-14Study examines chemotherapy drug residue levels in dog urineNone
2010-03-17Study links dog longevity to ovariesNone
2010-03-03Canadian medical journal: No pets in airline cabins4
2010-03-03Freedom from the cold chain? British team develops heat-stabilized vaccinesNone
2010-02-17Glucosamine study finds no link to diabetesNone
2010-02-03Tufts study finds wide variation in “diet” pet foodsNone
2010-02-03Dogs skulls show astounding variety in shapeNone
2009-10-28Cure for feline asthma could be on the horizonNone
2009-07-08Study sheds light on tortoise navigationNone
2009-05-13Handheld hearing test could be good for businessNone
2009-02-18Filling in the cracks and picking up the pieces: Chelonian shell repairNone
2009-02-18New 30-minute rabies test causes stirNone
2008-11-26Single analgesia injection provides days of pain reliefNone
2008-10-15Experts question study on danger of exotics for childrenNone
2008-10-01Research center investigates smell of skin cancerNone
2008-09-17Cow bone xenografts in dog spinal stabilization: good idea or ‘horrible’?None
2008-08-20UC Davis professor explores stem cell therapy on dogsNone
2008-08-20Radiation symptoms can predict pain in dogsNone
2008-08-06Researcher presents findings of new eye disease in dogsNone
2008-06-25Time Out: rabies researchers assess new, long-lasting vaccineNone
2008-05-14Canine Health Foundation announces genetic test for canine degenerative myelopathy5
2008-01-09Veterinary Students Poised to Experience Virtual Reality Acupuncture PatientNone
2007-11-14Feline Genome Map: Details Released as Project ContinuesNone
2007-10-31Doctors, Researchers Work to Find Cure, Treatments for Fibrotic Lung Disease in Humans and Pets5
2007-10-03Veterinarians Expect Consumer Interest In Stem Cell Injections, Warn That It Is Not A Miracle CureNone
2007-10-03Research Discovery Brings Doctors One Step Closer to Finding A Cure For Non-Hodgkins LymphomaNone
2007-09-05Veterinary Radiologist Performs Laser Disc Ablation Surgery At Oklahoma State UniversityNone
2007-07-11New Rabies Challenge Studies May Show a Longer Duration of Immunity in DogsNone
2007-06-27Researchers Ask: Do Vaccines Cause, Lead to Autoimmune Disease?None
2007-06-27Urinary Tract Health: Focus at ABVP ConferenceNone
2007-06-13New Treatment Options and Diagnostic Test Now Available for Dogs Diagnosed with Degenerative Eye DisNone
2007-03-21Sex-Selected Puppies Born in ColoradoNone
2007-03-07Dogs Get Vomiting Drug of Their Own: Cerenia Works in Emetic Center of the Brain to Suppress VomitinNone
2007-02-21Audiologists Tapping into Veterinary Market, Offer Hearing Clinic for Dogs5
2007-01-24New Drug Addresses Cellular Role in ObesityNone
2006-12-13New Assay May Improve Surgical Accuracy, Reduce TimeNone
2006-10-18Study Shows that Noise Levels Exceed Federal Levels in Shelters, Affect AdoptionsNone
2006-10-04Research Shows that Antiviral Alternative May be Faster, Effective AND Less Irritating to Cats with5
2006-10-04Senior Dogs Are Being Diagnosed with Dementia, A Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome That Can Be TreatedNone
2006-07-26Web-based Data Collection for Oncology Trials Draws Colleges, Private Practitioners Together with NaNone
2006-07-12Can the Body’s Immune System Fight Cancer?None
2006-06-28Gene Mutation Identified as Culprit in Familial NephropathyNone
2006-06-14Redirection of Blood Vessels May Cure Congenital ConditionNone
2006-05-31ACL Surgeries Get National Consumer AttentionNone
2006-05-17Veterinary Dental Vaccine May Aid in Periodontitis PreventionNone
2006-05-03Nanorice Technology Revamps Hyperthermia TreatmentsNone
2005-11-30Feline Feistiness Attributed to Lack of Sweet ToothNone
2005-09-21Forget the Slide, Retailers Allow Customers to Tap, Pass or Blink PaymentsNone
2005-08-24New Approaches to Palliative Care for OsteosarcomaNone
2005-08-24Veterinarians Urged to Use Caution when Prescribing Antimicrobial DrugsNone
2005-06-29Veterinary Professionals Infected with MRSA or "Super Bug" Can Pass Disease to AnimalsNone
2005-06-15Year-Round Heartworm Prevention Recommended for All Dogs, CatsNone
2005-05-18New Approach to Placing PacemakersNone
2005-05-04Molecular Therapy Tested on Cats with Naturally Occurring Degenerative DiseaseNone
2005-04-06New Implanted Prosthetic Limb Surgery Gives Orthopedic Surgeons OptionsNone
2005-03-23New Cartilage Replacement Surgery for Dogs Introduced at Missouri UniversityNone
2005-03-09Animation Brings Hollywood Technology to the Veterinary ClassroomNone
2005-02-23Research Aims to Unravel Glaucoma Mysteries in Companion AnimalsNone
2005-02-09CSU Veterinarians Tailor Human DNA Test to Spot Canine Cancer EarlyNone
2005-02-09Veterinary Students Sing Praises of Tablet TechnologyNone
2005-01-26Masked Cats? Inhalers Deliver Asthma Medication Directly to LungsNone
2005-01-12Injectable Bone-Repair Solution Studied as Alternative to SurgeryNone
2004-12-29New Canine Cancer Research Reinforces Human DataNone
2004-12-29New Treatment May Restore Mobility in Dogs with Spinal InjuriesNone
2004-11-17New Treatment Available for Second Most Common Neurological Disorder in Dogs4
2004-11-03Hypoallergenic Cats Scheduled for Retail in 2007, Deposits and Orders Already TakenNone
2004-10-20Veterinary, Human Doctors Implant Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy Device in GorillaNone
2004-10-20Epilepsy Drug Alternative for Canines Studied at Three U.S. Veterinary CentersNone
2004-09-08Genotype, Not Just for ColliesNone
2004-08-11Alternatives to NSAIDs Attract Interest in Veterinary FieldNone
2004-07-28Study Shows Innovative Approach to Chronic Pain in Dogs to be SuccessfulNone
2004-07-28Noncemented Hips Implanted More Frequently in the Future?None
2004-07-14Kidney, Bone Marrow Transplant Procedure Successful without Ongoing DrugsNone
2004-07-14Peptide Prevents Staph InfectionsNone
2004-06-30Oncology Clinical Trials Involve General Practitioners, Veterinary Medical SchoolsNone
2004-05-19Early Detection of ACL Opens Door to Prevention PossibilitiesNone
2004-05-05Veterinary, Shelter and Humane Professionals Seek One Scanner to Read All MicrochipsNone
2004-03-24New Approach Taken to Fix Limb DeformitiesNone
2004-02-11Multi-disciplinary Approaches to Pain ManagementNone
2004-01-28Environment Affects Interstitial Cystitis in CatsNone
2003-12-31Canine Sports Medicine Field Attracts AttentionNone
2003-12-17Feline Study Proves Link Between Raw Diets, SalmonellaNone
2003-12-17MRIs Offer Bigger Picture of Stroke, Cancer, Orthopedic InjuriesNone
2003-12-03Media Fuels Myths About Parasite Carried By CatsNone
2003-10-08Dog genome sequencedNone
2003-09-10Bioterrorism program offers more than securityNone

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2017-12-29Rabies vaccine could cure more than rabies1
2014-12-11Give the Gift of AAHA PressNone

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2018-04-06All about benchmarking: What it is, how it works, and how AAHA can help you put it to work for your practiceNone
2018-03-05Implementing the 2018 AAHA Diabetes Management Guidelines into your practiceNone
2018-02-20Pet owners don’t always hear what we think we tell them. This free, online tool can fix thatNone
2018-02-09Study: What you say and what the client hears aren’t necessarily the same5
2018-02-06Pet owners don’t always hear what we think we tell them. This free, online tool can fix thatNone
2018-01-22Seventy-nine percent of hospitals surveyed say being a Cat Friendly Practice pays off. Literally.None
2018-01-17Latest edition of AAHA’s most popular title answers your questions on “right-size” pricingNone
2017-09-07Help for Houston from PetWell PartnersNone
2017-08-25Improve communication through coachingNone
2017-08-21Improve Your Practice Finances with the AAHA/VMG Chart of Accounts and Field Definitions5
2017-08-03AAHA’s newest practice management program to focus on cultureNone
2017-06-22Marketing made simple with this podcast series on practice managementNone
2017-06-15Follow financial management tips from this podcast on practice managementNone
2017-06-08Focus on hiring and recruiting with this podcast on practice managementNone
2017-06-01Improve your practice with this podcast on practice management4
2017-05-25Digital boundaries benefit everyoneNone
2016-11-21New I-9 form available Nov. 22None
2016-11-16Keep it clean! 7 ways to fight antibiotic resistanceNone
2016-11-10Leave the work stress behindNone
2016-09-14Boost your search engine visibility with free online toolsNone
2016-08-24Free resources can jumpstart your online presenceNone
2016-08-17The impact of pet food purchase frequencyNone
2016-08-16National “Bring Your Cat to the Vet” Day is Aug. 225
2016-08-10Free resources available for building an effective Internet presence None
2016-08-03Combat chronic stress with breathingNone
2016-07-18To lead effectively, adopt a style opposite that of the practice culture5
2016-07-14AVMA launches free animal health studies databaseNone
2016-07-07The right way to cut people off in meetings1
2016-07-06Help your team succeed1
2016-06-30I'm late because my hair caught on fireNone
2016-05-25Free implementation resources available for preventive healthcare guidelinesNone
2016-05-19When pricing complex cases, consult national averages None
2016-05-18Meet the summertime demand for canine medical massage5
2016-03-29VHMA releases Compensation and Benefits Survey resultsNone
2016-03-01March is Severe Weather Safety MonthNone
2016-01-28New survey identifies interview candidate eccentricities4
2015-12-09Professional pet oral care: still an educational challenge None
2015-11-23Resources available for antibiotic stewardshipNone
2015-10-21AVMA Economic Report on Veterinary Capacity released None
2015-10-07Compassion fatigue resources available for practicesNone
2015-08-18Email marketing study offers good news for practices5
2015-08-10AVMA economic report paints veterinary market picture3
2015-08-05Fish tanks offer health benefits4
2015-07-28Practice size is not an indicator of business issues, survey showsNone
2015-05-14Small business study offers comparison for veterinary practices None

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2018-04-19Weekly News Roundup 4/13–4/19None
2018-04-12Medication study: don’t flush that toilet!4
2018-04-09AAHA, Coffman Organization announce partnership to improve veterinary practice cultures3.5
2018-04-02Thinking outside the box? Decorate it insteadNone
2018-03-29Weekly News Roundup 3/23–3/29None
2018-03-28Unhand that dog!None
2018-03-27Emotional support animals probably don’t do anything for anxietyNone
2018-03-23Veterinarians take on Congress, the Farm Bill, and student debtNone
2018-03-21Your flight’s been cancelled (you lucky dog!)None
2018-03-19Working together to cure cancer across speciesNone
2018-03-16AAHA’s story, as told by someone elseNone
2018-03-14There’s never been a better time for an opioid shortageNone
2018-03-09Zoetis K-9 Courage Program introduces “Dogs Salute Dogs” campaign to honor canine heroes nationwideNone
2018-03-08Weekly News Roundup 3/2–3/8None
2018-03-05Implementing the 2018 AAHA Diabetes Management Guidelines into your practiceNone
2018-03-0223 million pets need your opinionNone
2018-02-28Weekly News Roundup 2/23–3/1None
2018-02-23A Valentine's Day gift to grow old with5
2018-02-22Weekly News Roundup 2/16–2/22None
2018-02-19Have you been “doctor shopped”?3
2018-02-16Pet food recalled after traces of euthanasia drug foundNone
2018-02-14This year is going straight to the dogsNone
2018-02-12What South Korea doesn’t want you to see during the Winter GamesNone
2018-02-08Weekly News Roundup 2/2 – 2/8/18None
2018-02-01Weekly News Roundup 1/19 – 1/25/18None
2018-01-29FDA ends nicotine study on primates after 4 monkeys dieNone
2018-01-26Media hype misrepresents dog flu threat4.5
2018-01-25Weekly News Roundup 1/19 – 1/25/18None
2018-01-24Food stamps for pets? 1
2018-01-23Canine parvovirus 101None
2018-01-18Weekly News Roundup 1/11 – 1/18/18None
2018-01-17Latest edition of AAHA’s most popular title answers your questions on “right-size” pricingNone
2018-01-15New study: don't feed pets raw meat3
2018-01-11Weekly News Roundup 1/5 – 1/11/18None
2018-01-09Enrich the lives of older pets. Don’t ignore themNone
2018-01-08For many AAHA-member practices, bomb cyclone’s bark was worse than its biteNone
2018-01-05Coping with the cold: maybe there’s something good on NetflixNone
2018-01-04Weekly News Roundup 12/28/17 – 1/4/184
2017-12-29Rabies vaccine could cure more than rabies1
2017-12-28Weekly News Roundup 12/22 – 12/28None
2017-12-27Reporting animal abuse just got easierNone
2017-12-21Weekly News Roundup 12/15 – 12/21None
2017-11-30Weekly News Roundup 11-24 to 11-30None
2017-11-22Give pets something to be thankful for. By not giving.None
2017-11-16Cannabis and companion animals3
2017-10-31Candy is dandy but not for doggies: Tips for a pet-safe HalloweenNone
2017-10-20Landmark California law puts puppy mills on notice5
2017-10-09Puppies making people sickNone
2017-09-23Heartworm risk rises after hurricanesNone
2017-09-18Where to turn for help before and after disasterNone
2017-09-15If it’s not hurricanes, it’s wildfires . . .None
2017-09-11AAHA hospitals bounce back after HarveyNone
2017-09-08AAHA hospitals hunker down for IrmaNone

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2018-04-19Weekly News Roundup 4/13–4/19None
2018-04-18Content is queen: Introducing your Connexity content weaverNone
2018-04-09AAHA, Coffman Organization announce partnership to improve veterinary practice cultures3.5
2018-04-05Younger veterinarians more stressed than older veterinarians, population as a wholeNone
2018-04-04Weekly News Roundup 3/30–4/5None
2018-04-02Thinking outside the box? Decorate it insteadNone
2018-03-29Weekly News Roundup 3/23–3/29None
2018-03-28Unhand that dog!None
2018-03-23Veterinarians take on Congress, the Farm Bill, and student debtNone
2018-03-19Working together to cure cancer across speciesNone
2018-03-16AAHA’s story, as told by someone elseNone
2018-03-14There’s never been a better time for an opioid shortageNone
2018-03-08Weekly News Roundup 3/2–3/8None
2018-03-05Implementing the 2018 AAHA Diabetes Management Guidelines into your practiceNone
2018-03-0223 million pets need your opinionNone
2018-02-28Weekly News Roundup 2/23–3/1None
2018-02-22Weekly News Roundup 2/16–2/22None
2018-02-16Pet food recalled after traces of euthanasia drug foundNone
2018-02-15Weekly News Roundup 2/9 – 2/15/18None
2018-02-13Not all shedding is normalNone
2018-02-09Study: What you say and what the client hears aren’t necessarily the same5
2018-02-06Pet owners don’t always hear what we think we tell them. This free, online tool can fix thatNone
2018-02-02Blow off your friends and let’s have some quality “us” timeNone
2018-02-01Weekly News Roundup 1/19 – 1/25/18None
2018-01-29FDA ends nicotine study on primates after 4 monkeys dieNone
2018-01-23Canine parvovirus 101None
2018-01-22Seventy-nine percent of hospitals surveyed say being a Cat Friendly Practice pays off. Literally.None
2018-01-17Latest edition of AAHA’s most popular title answers your questions on “right-size” pricingNone
2018-01-11Weekly News Roundup 1/5 – 1/11/18None
2018-01-092018 AAHA Diabetes Management Guidelines now availableNone
2018-01-04Weekly News Roundup 12/28/17 – 1/4/184
2017-12-29Rabies vaccine could cure more than rabies1
2017-12-28Weekly News Roundup 12/22 – 12/28None
2017-12-27Reporting animal abuse just got easierNone
2017-12-26UC-Davis veterinarians using facial recognition to identify animal painNone
2017-12-21Weekly News Roundup 12/15 – 12/21None
2017-12-20This just in from La-La Land: Los Angeles shelter dogs could go vegan None
2017-12-14FDA says shortage of pain relief drugs due to manufacturing issue1
2017-12-14Weekly News Roundup 12/8-12/14None
2017-12-113D-printed mask helps dog heal from horrific woundsNone
2017-12-07Weekly News Roundup 12/1 – 12/7None
2017-12-06FDA warning: eye injuries reported with the use of certain ear medications for dogsNone
2017-12-06Finally: hope for FIP4.5
2017-12-01AAHA-Accredited shelter DMO presents unexpected findings on high volume spay-neuter rates 5
2017-11-30Weekly News Roundup 11-24 to 11-30None
2017-11-16Cannabis and companion animals3
2017-10-31AAHA-accredited hospitals join Southern Veterinary Partners5
2017-10-26Learn the art of beautiful euthanasiaNone
2017-10-25What are vaccines, Why do my pets need so many?None
2017-10-20Landmark California law puts puppy mills on notice5
2017-10-16Do you have something new to communicate about communication in veterinary medicine? Here’s your chance.None
2017-10-02AAHA Healthy Workplace Culture Initiative seeks to address mental health issues within veterinary professionNone
2017-09-28Veterinary entrepreneur with a passion for CE earns Next Gen awardNone
2017-09-05Texas eases veterinary laws to help affected animalsNone
2017-09-052017 AAHA Canine Vaccination Guidelines now availableNone
2017-08-21Improve Your Practice Finances with the AAHA/VMG Chart of Accounts and Field Definitions5
2017-08-03AAHA’s newest practice management program to focus on cultureNone
2017-07-31Technicians@Work in TrendsNone
2017-07-24AAHA celebrates AAHA-Accredited Hospital Day, announces collaboration with PetWell PartnersNone
2017-07-13Weekly News Roundup 7/7 – 7/13None
2017-07-11Member’s corner: Make plans to celebrate AAHA-Accredited Hospital DayNone
2017-07-05Number of overweight pets increased over the last decadeNone
2017-06-22Weekly News Roundup 6/16 – 6/23None
2017-06-20AAHA recognizes 2017 veterinary students for excellence in primary careNone
2017-06-15Weekly News Roundup 6/9 – 6/15None
2017-06-13AAHA CEO named 2017 ‘Changemaker’ by MeetingsNetNone
2017-06-08Weekly News Roundup 6/2 – 6/8None
2017-06-08Standardized Chart of Accounts available on AAHA website5
2017-06-01Weekly News Roundup 5/25 – 6/1None
2017-05-31Member’s corner: The latest news from AAHANone
2017-05-25Weekly News Roundup 5/18 – 5/25None
2017-05-25VIN Foundation announces competition winnersNone
2017-05-18NAVTA creates coalition to pursue veterinary nurse credential change5
2017-05-18Weekly News Roundup 5/12 – 5/18None
2017-05-17CAPC issues first mosquito control guidelinesNone
2017-05-09Council of Education accepting applications for site visitorsNone
2017-05-08ICVA accepting nominations for Assessment Development CommitteeNone
2017-05-04Weekly News Roundup 4/27 – 5/4None
2017-05-03Goldman Sachs catches up to AAHA on performanceNone
2017-05-02AAHA offers free shipping to accredited membersNone
2017-04-27Weekly News Roundup 4/20 – 4/27None
2017-04-26AAHA to offer new member benefit5
2017-04-25Veterinary Services Grant Program open for applicationsNone
2017-04-20Weekly News Roundup 4/13 – 4/20None
2017-04-20Homeopathy and veterinary medicineNone
2017-04-19Survey looks at prevalence of disease in brachycephalic dogsNone
2017-04-19Over $3,500 raised for Nashville Cat Rescue during AAHA veterinary conferenceNone
2017-04-18AHS announces findings of new heartworm incidence surveyNone
2017-04-06Weekly News Roundup 3/30 – 4/6None
2017-04-04Partners for Healthy Pets unveils a new reminder program to veterinary practices that re-engages inactive clientsNone
2017-04-03AAHA welcomes four new officers to AAHA Board of Directors in 2017 None
2017-04-03AAHA launches new purchasing program exclusively for accredited members None
2017-03-31New research from AAHA reveals changing pet owner perceptions of veterinary hospitalsNone
2017-03-30AAHA names 2017 AAHA-Accredited Practice of the Year5
2017-03-30AAHA reveals new conference: Connexity 3.4
2017-03-27AAHA conference to kick off with big announcementsNone
2017-03-23Weekly News Roundup 3/17 – 3/23None
2017-03-23AAHA conference goes to the cats5
2017-03-21Promoting “The Pet Effect”5
2017-03-16Weekly News Roundup 3/9 – 3/16None
2017-03-095 Questions with Bill Schroeder3
2017-03-025 Questions with Kathy Cooney, DVM5
2017-02-23Weekly News Roundup 2/17 – 2/23None
2017-02-235 Questions with Mary Ellen Goldberg None
2017-02-16Weekly news roundup 2/10 – 2/16None
2017-02-16Online resources designed for veterinarians5
2017-02-13Feeding the whole familyNone
2017-02-09Weekly News Roundup 2/3 – 2/9None
2017-02-095 Questions with Angela Lennox, DVM5
2017-02-02Weekly news roundup 1/27 – 2/2None
2017-02-025 Questions with Laura BooneNone
2017-01-265 Questions with Karlene Belyea5
2017-01-19American Heartworm Society gathering incidence dataNone
2017-01-16Pet Food Institute educates on pet nutritionNone
2017-01-11FDA conditionally approves first drug for treating lymphoma in dogsNone
2017-01-09Mars, Incoporated to acquire VCA Inc.None
2017-01-04Winn and the AAFP to offer two joint scholarships for 2017None
2017-01-04J.M. Smucker company announces limited voluntary recall on canned cat foodNone
2016-11-30Federal judge issues delay on FLSA overtime ruleNone
2016-11-142016 AAHA/IAAHPC End-of-Life Care Guidelines now availableNone
2016-11-10Free webinar shares how to transition to corporate workNone
2016-11-07AVMA scholarships to leadership conference availableNone
2016-10-18AAHA transitioning to accredited-only hospital membership model 4
2016-10-1211 highest paying states for veterinarians identified3.7
2016-10-06Pet Obesity Awareness Day is Oct. 12 None
2016-10-04AVMA to phase out VMAT program None
2016-09-26Animal cancer research documentary airs Sept. 29None
2016-09-21Two AAHA accredited practice members receive hero awards5
2016-09-12Survey shows health benefits of pets linked to improved veterinary care5
2016-08-29September is Animal Pain Awareness MonthNone
2016-08-22AAVMC wellness summit is Nov. 4-6None
2016-08-17Parishes brace for the worst as LA flood waters recedeNone
2016-08-12Janet Donlin, DVM named new executive VP and CEO of the AVMANone
2016-08-03Spotlight your vet techs and assistants in AAHA’s Trends magazine5
2016-07-27Spotlight your vet techs and assistants in AAHA’s Trends magazine5
2016-07-12AAHA-Accredited Hospital Day is July 22None
2016-07-06AAHA releases 2016 Oncology Guidelines for Dogs and CatsNone
2016-06-29Continuing education now mandatory in Michigan 5
2016-06-21Survey respondents needed for bite studyNone
2016-06-16Comfort dogs aid families of victims and first responders in Orlando5
2016-05-26American Animal Hospital Association recognizes veterinary students for excellence in primary careNone
2016-05-24Grants totaling $141,171 awarded for feline health studiesNone
2016-05-17Educational resources available for National Dog Bite Prevention Week None
2016-05-04Feline hyperthyroidism guidelines releasedNone
2016-05-03David Haworth, DVM, PhD, appointed president of PetSmart Charities None
2016-04-25CAPC releases 2016 canine parasite forecast5
2016-04-20AAHA raises over $3,600 for Austin Dog Alliance during yearly veterinary conference3
2016-04-19NBVME practice analysis survey launchedNone
2016-04-14SAVMA program offers forum for mental health conversationsNone
2016-04-11AAHA now offers free VetFolio subscriptions for accredited membersNone
2016-04-06AAHA welcomes three new officers and two new directors to AAHA Board of Directors in 2016None
2016-04-05AAHA announces 2016 award winnersNone
2016-03-30Fear Free℠ Certification Program for Veterinary Professionals to launch today at AAHA Austin 2016 ConferenceNone
2016-03-28AAHA prepares for big announcements in AustinNone
2016-03-21Heather Loenser, DVM, AAHA Veterinary Advisor, receives Excellence in Journalism and Outstanding Contributions to the Pet Industry Award during Global Pet Expo4.5
2016-03-14AAHA announces NABA transition to AAHA-Accredited VMG Groups 5
2016-03-09Nominations sought for veterinary licensing board positions5
2016-03-07AAHA Austin 2016 Yearly Conference may break attendance record 4
2016-02-11Two dogs tested positive for lead poisoning in Flint, Mich. 5
2016-02-02NBVME survey to launch in early March5
2016-01-21Free webinar on impact of millennials to a practice 5
2016-01-19AVMA CEO announces his retirement 5
2016-01-06IDEXX Cornerstone® Software is pleased to announce seamless integration of AAHA Diagnostic TermsNone
2015-12-31Top pet products of 2015 awardedNone
2015-12-29AVMA seeks Counsel of Education candidatesNone
2015-12-21HABRI releases new study on relationship of healthcare savings to pet ownershipNone
2015-12-14Grants awarded for feline health studiesNone
2015-11-11USDA awards $4.5 million in loan repayments to veterinarians3
2015-11-03AVMA awards nominations now open5
2015-10-28Veterinarians needed in AppalachiaNone
2015-10-19Veterinary Wellness and Social Work Summit Nov. 2-3None
2015-10-12Protect ketamine use in the United StatesNone
2015-10-08Veterinary hospital is hero in wake of Northern California fires5
2015-10-05TBVME recommends revoking license of veterinarian who bow-and-arrow killed a catNone
2015-09-09TBVME finds Kristen Lindsey, DVM in violation 5
2015-09-08AAHA revises position on domestic cat declawing3
2015-08-31Top veterinary technicians and assistants to be spotlighted 5
2015-08-24USDA hiring veterinary positions this fallNone
2015-08-24AAHA joins HABRI Steering CommitteeNone
2015-08-17AAHA animal behavior guidelines releasedNone
2015-08-12August 15 is National Check the Chip Day None
2015-07-16Couple sentenced in (preventable) dog maulingNone
2015-07-15Construction underway for JFK’s animal “ark” 3
2015-07-07Ohio becomes second state to accept AAHA accreditation in lieu of state inspectionNone
2015-07-01European Commission votes to continue use of animals in labsNone
2015-06-25Veterinarian not charged in bow-and-arrow killing of catNone
2015-06-12Kimbrough Animal Hospital loses all in fire, including petsNone
2015-05-28Client sets up scholarship fund in the name of her veterinarianNone
2015-05-22Cat claims Guinness record for loudest purrNone
2015-05-18Top dog cities, dog bite statistics, and breed studies about the bite3
2015-05-12Are you America’s favorite veterinarian? None
2015-05-07Another global vote that animals feel5
2015-05-06Next generation of artificial intelligence for veterinarians showcased5
2015-05-05Global outrage about bow-and-arrow killing reaches Texas State Board of Veterinary Examiners None
2015-04-30Canines are part of global rescue effort in Nepal5
2015-04-27IAHAIO symposium to focus on animal assisted interventionsNone
2015-04-22Hill’s 2015 global symposium on pet obesity goes virtual 5
2015-04-21Veterinarian's bow-and-arrow killing of cat prompts action4.9
2015-04-14AAFP to boost awareness of need for feline veterinary careNone
2015-04-08Purdue dog breeder accreditation project piques interest of USDANone
2015-04-08Count is high for canine influenza outbreak in Chicago5
2015-03-24Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo becomes first zoo in United States to earn AAHA accreditation5
2015-03-23Registration for the 8th annual ACVO/StokesRx National Service Animal Eye Exam opens April 1None
2015-03-17AAHA Board of Directors welcomes new officers and directors in 20155
2015-03-16Key findings about client retention revealed in AAHA State of the Industry 20155
2015-03-12AAHA names 2015 AAHA-Accredited Practice of the Year Winners5
2015-03-09AAHA yearly conference to support local Tampa charity Hounds 4 Heroes None
2015-03-04New 2015 AAHA/AAFP Pain Management Guidelines for Dogs and Cats now availableNone
2015-03-03Magrane Pet Medical Center celebrates a century in businessNone
2015-03-02Tampa 2015 interactive sessions to bridge the generation gap None
2015-02-27AAHA’s Tampa 2015 offers a dynamic line-upNone
2015-02-25AAHA launches new internship and mentorship standards for accredited veterinary hospitals5
2015-02-18Veterinary student wins $15,000 award for veterinary clinic marketing plan 5
2015-02-16Animal anti-vaccination movement gains attentionNone
2015-02-09AAHA past president runs for WVC vice presidencyNone
2015-02-05Application deadline is Friday for AVMA Congressional FellowshipNone
2015-01-26Tracey Jensen, DVM, and incoming AAHA president, wins Petplan’s Veterinarian of the Year Award5
2015-01-15Digital wallets: coming to a practice near youNone
2015-01-12AmerisourceBergen acquires MWI Veterinary Supply, Inc. for $2.5 billionNone
2015-01-08VHMA practice manager leadership program enrollment now openNone
2015-01-06Virbac finalizes agreement to acquire two parasiticides for dogs None
2014-12-30Educational partnership aims to bring more specialists to Japan3
2014-12-18AAHA names 2015 board of directorsNone
2014-12-16Use the 80-20 Rule Every Chance You Get3.7
2014-12-09Tax Planning for 2014 – Finally Some AnswersNone
2014-12-01Pet Wellness Report to accelerate veterinary wellness efforts5
2014-11-19Colorado State University brings back popular emergency drug calculator4.3
2014-11-19Zoetis adds to companion animal product portfolio with Abbott Animal Health acquisitionNone
2014-11-13USPHS Commissioned Corps to accept applications from veterinarians Nov. 19-21None
2014-11-12Industrial designer developing product to help dogs rehab from hip dysplasia5
2014-11-10AVMA provides new Ebola guidance, resources for veterinarians and pet ownersNone
2014-11-05Purdue creates new residency program to advance veterinary pharmacy knowledgeNone
2014-10-22New app gives animal abuse witnesses a way to assist law enforcement5
2014-10-22Dallas dog tests negative for Ebola, still under observationNone
2014-10-22Small businesses a large focus of National Cybersecurity Awareness MonthNone
2014-10-16Compounded drugs, potentially moldy dog treats voluntarily recalledNone
2014-10-15Dog owned by U.S. Ebola patient quarantined and under observation in DallasNone
2014-10-09Dr. Gen Kato to be honored for receiving Excellence in Veterinary Healthcare AwardNone
2014-10-09WSVMA helping veterinarians talk with clients about Ebola and their petsNone
2014-10-01Veterinary community mourns the loss of Dr. Sophia YinNone
2014-09-30AVMF announces Dr. Tim Hunt as 2014 'America's Favorite Veterinarian' winner5
2014-09-29Bravo, KONG voluntarily recall products due to contamination concernsNone
2014-09-25Poisoned meatballs continue to pop up in CaliforniaNone
2014-09-24Researchers measuring environmental impact of improper pet product disposalNone
2014-09-17Collaboration aims to boost diversity, inclusion in veterinary medicineNone
2014-09-11Online course provides latest information about zoonotic diseases5
2014-08-28Mars Petcare US voluntarily recalls 22 bags of dry dog food5
2014-08-14AAFP releases brochure on preventing, managing, or resolving feline house-soiling behaviors4.7
2014-08-13UGA moving at breakneck pace to open new Veterinary Medical Learning Center1
2014-07-30Check the Chip Day an opportunity to connect with the communityNone
2014-07-23Pets Best and NAVTA holding 'Why I Love Being a Vet Tech' contestNone
2014-07-22False story circulating regarding recall of Iams, Eukanuba pet foodsNone
2014-07-10AAFP releases videos educating cat owners on the need for routine care5
2014-07-08AAHA Career Development Program shifting focus to recent graduates5
2014-06-27Piramal Critical Care recalls single lot of general anesthetic product PetremNone
2014-06-26AAFP/ISFM release 'Guidelines for Diagnosing and Solving House-Soiling Behavior in Cats'2.7
2014-06-12AMA echoes AAHA findings concerning benefits of team-based health careNone
2014-06-04June Is Adopt-a-Shelter-Cat MonthNone
2014-05-29UC Davis Increases its Integrative Medical Services Offerings5
2014-05-29Cornell CVM Receives Stem Cell GrantNone
2014-05-23AAFP Produces Educational Videos for Veterinary TeamsNone
2014-05-15Zoetis to Partner with AAVMC in Veternary Student Scholarship ProgramNone
2014-05-07Purina lawsuit alleges false advertising by Blue Buffalo3.2
2014-05-06Former AAHA president leading others in quest to gain global health care perspectiveNone
2014-05-06AVMF seeking nominations for 2014 America's Favorite Veterinarian contestNone
2014-05-02AVMA encourages practices to celebrate National Pet Week starting May 45
2014-05-02Feline toxicities – protect against permethrin poisoning 5
2014-05-02Penn Vet saving lives with canine bloodmobile5
2014-04-10Robert Abady Dog Food Co., LLC recalls some boxes of cat foodNone
2014-04-08AVMA seeking volunteers for Council on Education positionsNone
2014-04-03Partners for Healthy Pets gains major exposure on 'Good Morning America Live'5
2014-03-23FDA approves use of VetPen for administering Vetsulin to cats and dogs5
2014-03-14University of Florida warns veterinarians, pet owners of leptospirosis surge3
2014-03-03Anticipation building for record-breaking AAHA Nashville 2014None
2014-02-25Veterinarians in Utah, Washington state warned about 'doggy doctor shopping'5
2014-02-20Med-Vet International initiates recall of certain insulin syringesNone
2014-02-13Traveling human-animal bond exhibit needs veterinary volunteers4
2014-02-06Salmonella concerns prompt Pro-Pet LLC to recall some dry pet foodsNone
2014-02-05American Red Cross releases Pet First Aid app featuring AAHA-accredited hospitals 5
2014-01-30Trupanion to fully cover bills for U.S. veterans' service dogs5
2014-01-30Red Flannel Cat Formula food recalled due to salmonella concerns5
2014-01-23Jerky treats with tainted reputations returning to store shelves5
2014-01-23Pet Nutrition Alliance unveils suite of free nutrition tools for veterinary professionals5
2014-01-08Medical marijuana boom posing health threat to garbage-eating pets4.5
2014-01-02AVMA offers advice to help pet owners protect pets from winter weatherNone
2013-12-19UGA College of Veterinary Medicine gearing up for annual Shelter Medicine SymposiumNone
2013-12-18AVCPT accepting applications for certification examinationNone
2013-12-13ACVAA announces support of AAHA dental standard5
2013-12-11Companies collaborate on ambitious holiday goal to help hungry petsNone
2013-12-04U.K. researchers searching for pattern to explain sound-induced seizures in some catsNone
2013-12-03FDA updates veterinarians on Immiticide shortage in the U.S.5
2013-11-26WSU veterinary school helping deaf student achieve success5
2013-11-26Veterinary community defends profession after ABC's 20/20 report 5
2013-11-19Independent pathologist shoots down media rumors concerning Trifexis5
2013-11-19Partners for Healthy Pets reaches new membership milestoneNone
2013-11-13AVMA addresses pet owners' concerns about Trifexis media coverage4.4
2013-11-13Dog's death during anesthesia leads Colorado to review licensing rules for veterinary assistants5
2013-11-07University of Georgia helping the FDA investigate jerky-related illnessesNone
2013-11-07Recall of chicken jerky dog treats expanded in GeorgiaNone
2013-11-01Bailey's Choice Dog Treats recalling some chicken jerky treatsNone
2013-10-24UC Davis veterinary professor elected to prestigious Institute of MedicineNone
2013-10-24FDA asking veterinarians for help with investigating deadly jerky-related illness5
2013-10-23Michigan compounding pharmacy recalling potentially contaminated veterinary productsNone
2013-10-11National Veterinary Technician Week to recognize technicians as trusted partners in lifelong care 5
2013-10-08AVMA releases 'Compounding 101' video to clear up compounding confusionNone
2013-10-01Study concerning 'comfort eating' among pets stirs debate among veterinariansNone
2013-10-01Canadian TV program on veterinary bills offers opportunity for improved client communicationsNone
2013-10-01Merial gains FDA approval for NexGard Chewables flea and tick treatment1
2013-09-26National Pet Obesity Awareness Day calling for veterinary participantsNone
2013-09-24 San Antonio Humane Society warns of increasing Chagas disease casesNone
2013-09-20Rescuers evacuating human, animal flood victims with 'no pets left behind' mindset5
2013-09-18LGVMA honors veterinary school deans for promoting inclusion, diversity 3.3
2013-09-11Online course to cover awareness, prevention of companion animal zoonotic diseases5
2013-09-11Chicken jerky treats suspected in New Hampshire salmonella outbreakNone
2013-09-03Nestlé Purina voluntary recalls limited amount of Purina ONE dry dog foodNone
2013-08-27Partners for Healthy Pets ads to hit People Magazine, other high-profile media outlets5
2013-08-22Petplan taking nominations for the veterinary profession's top individuals and practicesNone
2013-08-22Virbac issues expanded recall for Iverhart Plus Flavored Chewables4.5
2013-08-19Ohio monitoring severe illness affecting several dogsNone
2013-08-16Dog restraints fail in auto crash tests 100 percent of the time, study says5
2013-08-15Procter & Gamble voluntarily recalls some Eukanuba, Iams dry pet food4
2013-08-08CDC tracking salmonella outbreaks due to 'urban farmers' keeping chickens as petsNone
2013-08-08AAHA, AVMA encouraging veterinarians to observe Check the Chip Day on Aug. 155
2013-08-06Luitpold Animal Health brings Adequan products back to market after shortageNone
2013-07-31Dr. Ted Cohn named AVMA's president-elect5
2013-07-30AVMF names winner of 'America's Favorite Veterinarian' contest5
2013-07-29Dogswell and Catswell brands recall jerky treats due to antibiotic concernsNone
2013-07-29Trends magazine wants your veterinary technician photos5
2013-07-25Dr. Link Welborn receives prestigious AVMA President's Award4.8
2013-07-18Nestle Purina wraps up purchase of PetfinderNone
2013-07-16CSU veterinary pioneer Dr. James L. Voss leaves big legacy5
2013-07-11Texas A&M vet students to help Houston SPCA tackle animal cruelty, neglect cases5
2013-07-11Lincoln Memorial University opening veterinary school in 20142.1
2013-07-05Dr. Ernie Ward spends 30 minutes locked in hot car to simulate pets' plight4.4
2013-07-05AVMF announces 12 finalists for 'America's Favorite Veterinarian' contest5
2013-06-27Bobcat fever threat rising in Kansas as summer progresses1
2013-06-26Robert Abady Dog and Cat Food Company recalls frozen foodsNone
2013-06-19Natura Pet Products takes another hit with newly expanded recallNone
2013-06-18States reminding veterinarians to be on alert for blue-green algae toxicity4.5
2013-06-06Dobermans with CCD, humans with OCD share similar brain abnormalities5
2013-06-05New York City gets first shelter accepting domestic violence survivors and petsNone
2013-06-05Ottawa woman facing neglect charges over obese cat3.5
2013-05-29Colorado State University, University of Alaska team up on vet program1
2013-05-28AVMA accepting nominations for animal welfare symposiumNone
2013-05-24Royal Canin recalls heating-cooling pads for dogs and catsNone
2013-05-21OSU veterinary center providing free care for animal tornado victims5
2013-05-17Georgia community wins big with summer camp for next-generation veterinarians, pet owners5
2013-04-30Vetsulin returns to the veterinary market after two-year absenceNone
2013-04-30Survey shows disconnect between Americans' attitudes, actions regarding pet adoptionNone
2013-04-26Natura recall now includes all dry pet foods5
2013-04-26Nine U.S. hospitals and clinics designated Veterinary Trauma Centers4.7
2013-04-18Breeder's Choice voluntarily recalls single batch of Active Care BiscuitsNone
2013-04-17Virbac recalls six lots of Iverhart Plus Flavored Chewables due to efficacy concernsNone
2013-04-03Phillies shortstop Jimmy Rollins goes to bat for new animal rehab center5
2013-04-03Natura expands recall of dry pet food productsNone
2013-03-26Iams voluntarily recalls certain lots of Shakeables treatsNone
2013-03-20Bioethicist moves audience to tears with speech about end-of-life care for pets4.6
2013-03-20Natura Pet Products, Jones Natural Chews Co. recall productsNone
2013-03-20Weight issues continue to expand for U.S. dogs and cats5
2013-03-14Several pet food makers issue new voluntary recallsNone
2013-03-08Steve’s Real Food issues recall for Turducken Canine Recipe PattiesNone
2013-03-06AAHA Yearly Conference to feature live streaming surgical proceduresNone
2013-02-28Rewarding experiences offset challenges for veterinarian working in AfghanistanNone
2013-02-27AVMA releases updated, expanded euthanasia guidelines5
2013-02-27Pet foods recalled due to suspected salmonella, aflatoxin contamination4
2013-02-19Maine veterinarian trying to elevate status of animals, veterinarians in Afghanistan4.3
2013-02-19AVMA announces formation of Marketplace Fairness Coalition2.5
2013-02-13MU receives $5 million gift for companion animal medicine, cancer researchNone
2013-02-06AAHA, Beyond Indigo partner to boost veterinarians' online presenceNone
2013-02-06Fake veterinarians facing legal trouble in Florida and Ohio4.5
2013-01-28Hartz voluntarily recalls two dog treat products4
2013-01-25'The Biggest Shedder' turns pet obesity battle into a contest for owners5
2013-01-2112/12/12 event at NAVC celebrates landmark year for heartworm preventionNone
2013-01-16‘25 Vets to Watch’ list features seven AAHA members2.2
2013-01-15AVMA to celebrate 150 years with eventful 2013None
2013-01-09Michigan State University veterinary professor charged with felony animal neglectNone
2013-01-08Pit bull recovering from ax attack set to join new home3
2013-01-08ALDF ranks territories with best, worst animal protection lawsNone
2013-01-02AAHA voices support for coalition targeting puppy mills2.7
2013-01-02Business briefs: MWI, Pfizer working on big deals to start 2013None
2012-12-26NEWStat newsletter will return Jan. 3None
2012-12-13Claudia’s Canine Cuisine recalls cakes for dogsNone
2012-12-10Veterinary hospital staff sickened by poisoned dog's vomit5
2012-12-07FDA warns dog owners about contaminated chicken jerky treats3
2012-12-04Big Idea Exchange shines spotlight on innovative practices5
2012-12-03Vet who mistakenly euthanized cat off the hook for now4.7
2012-11-30NY animal hospital reportedly ignores starving dog for second time4.5
2012-11-28AAHA, IDEXX partner to promote client-centric approach for veterinarians4.2
2012-11-28Post-traumatic stress disorder acknowledged in military dogs4
2012-11-26Voluntary recall issued for Priority Total Pet Care All Natural BullstripsNone
2012-11-20Southwest and SeaWorld give cross-country flight to stranded hurricane pets4.7
2012-11-13Hurricane recovery symposium to be held in NY on Nov. 16None
2012-11-12Vet tech bitten by rabid dog that was abandoned at hospital4
2012-11-12University of Georgia starts work on new veterinary teaching facility5
2012-11-08Hospital ravaged by Hurricane Sandy hurries to rebuild, help clients2
2012-11-02Charlee Bear Products initiates recall of Protein Crunch BarsNone
2012-11-02Cleveland vet gaining community support after being beaten and robbedNone
2012-11-02Dog owners in Canada and U.S. attempting in-home neutering4.7
2012-10-31Veterinarians in NY and NJ detail storm's impacts on local practices5
2012-10-31Limited batch of Wellness food for small dogs recalledNone
2012-10-30Hurricane Sandy update from NYSVMS executive director4.5
2012-10-24Petco gives salmonella-fearing turtle owners chance to relinquish reptiles2.5
2012-10-18Frozen yogurt dog treats recalled for salmonella riskNone
2012-10-17Recall initiated for two Boots & Barkley productsNone
2012-10-15Welcome to the new NEWStat5
2012-10-15Nature’s Recipe recalls oven baked biscuits with chickenNone
2012-10-11Vet facing $243,000 lawsuit over destroyed dog semenNone
2012-10-02Peanut butter for dogs recalled due to salmonella riskNone
2012-09-25Veterinary examiner board director criticized over furlough leaveNone
2012-09-25Boots & Barkley American Beef Bully Sticks recalledNone
2012-09-19Bayer HealthCare set to acquire Teva animal health divisionNone
2012-09-12AvoDerm dog food recalled due to potential salmonella contaminationNone
2012-08-22Dog owners spend more on veterinary care, according to AVMA4
2012-08-1549 human illnesses from Diamond recallNone
2012-08-15FDA expands jerky investigationNone
2012-08-08AVMA passes raw protein policyNone
2012-08-01Cat treats recalled due to proplylene glycolNone
2012-08-01AVMA convention brings discussion of pharmacies, raw foodNone
2012-07-25Purina, Mazuri announce additional recallsNone
2012-07-25AVMA considers stance on raw food dietsNone
2012-07-18AVMA asks vets to weigh in on pet medsNone
2012-07-18Dog food recall: Natures VarietyNone
2012-07-11Mars recalls Pedigree foodNone
2012-07-11Bird mortality leads to recallNone
2012-06-20New illnesses reported from pet food recallNone
2012-06-13Cavanaugh receives awardNone
2012-06-06Recall expanded to include cat foodsNone
2012-06-06Diamond faces first lawsuit over salmonella contaminationNone
2012-06-06AVMA funnels big money into big researchNone
2012-05-30Francks issues urgent prescription recallNone
2012-05-30Contamination discovered at second Diamond plantNone
2012-05-23Nearly 63,000 pet owners demand recallNone
2012-05-16More human illnesses from Diamond Pet FoodsNone
2012-05-16Purina recalls food due to low thiamineNone
2012-05-16Tough economy hits home for nonprofitNone
2012-05-09More companies issue food recallsNone
2012-05-09CDC links contaminated dog food to human salmonella outbreakNone
2012-05-09FDA continues chicken jerky testingNone
2012-04-18Kaytee recalls bird productsNone
2012-04-11Novartis: Answering client FAQsNone
2012-04-04Program encourages sharing of hospital dataNone
2012-04-04Fake vet may have killed Ohio petsNone
2012-03-28Partnership launches new pilot programNone
2012-03-21FDA urges vet involvement in food recallsNone
2012-03-07Dying pets transmit diseasesNone
2012-03-07Bayer eyes Pfizer Animal HealthNone
2012-02-29AAFP cat friendly practice program goes onlineNone
2012-01-25Vets tackle canine obesityNone
2012-01-25Delta Society changes to Pet PartnersNone
2012-01-19Partnership to enhance preventive healthNone
2012-01-19AAFP announces new cat friendly practice initiativeNone
2012-01-12Human painkiller recall reportedly linked to Novartis veterinary drug shortageNone
2012-01-04Pet Med Express withdraws from NAVCNone
2011-12-29No zoo for you, AVMA saysNone
2011-12-29Aflatoxin prompts more dog food recallsNone
2011-12-14Drought spurs food recallsNone
2011-10-12NVTW: Technicians - Get involved with your communityNone
2011-10-12Vets play key role in society, according to AVMA and FVE3
2011-09-22FDA issues warning of fracture with Vet Jet vaccine deviceNone
2011-09-12Despite Weekend Storms, East Coast Practices Still Trying to Recover from Hurricane IreneNone
2011-08-16Pet food delivery firm takes offNone
2011-08-11Doggie Wishbone recallNone
2011-08-04Purina recalls some cat foodsNone
2011-08-03AVMA releases educational declawing videoNone
2011-07-26Compounding brochure releasedNone
2011-07-19AAHA phases out Seal of Acceptance programNone
2011-07-18WSAVA establishes charitable foundationNone
2011-07-06Merck announces new name for its animal health divisionNone
2011-07-01Purina recalls cat foodNone
2011-06-28AVMA releases changes to Model Veterinary Practice ActNone
2011-06-20Bravo! pig ears recalledNone
2011-06-13Wounded warriors and troubled teensNone
2011-06-06Primal Pet Foods recallNone
2011-05-23FDA announces recalls, shampoo alertNone
2011-05-16Compassion in the face of destructionNone
2011-05-01AVMA launches waste disposal micrositeNone
2011-04-25AASrV seeks senior veterinarian membershipNone
2011-04-18FDA approves cat NSAID tabletNone
2011-04-18Cat and dog intakes, euthanasia numbers are down for almost 900 AWOsNone
2011-04-11UMN animal trauma center modeled on human versionNone
2011-04-11AAHA/OVMA conference numbers releasedNone
2011-03-23Daily coverage of AAHA/OVMA conference on Trends Today, March 24-27None
2011-03-21Ross DVM program accredited by AVMANone
2011-03-21Daily coverage of AAHA/OVMA conferenceNone
2011-03-14Pig ear treats recalledNone
2011-03-14Daily coverage of AAHA/OVMA conference on Trends Today, March 24-27None
2011-02-21H1N1 found in Wisc. catNone
2011-02-14Vetsulin Critical Need Program endsNone
2011-01-31Morris Animal Foundation to launch 13-year canine cancer studyNone
2011-01-17Purina One campaign benefits AAHA Helping Pets FundNone
2011-01-09AVMA seeks award nominationsNone
2010-12-27The year in veterinary newsNone
2010-12-13AVMA updates Veterinarian’s OathNone
2010-11-29UF technician gains specialty statusNone
2010-11-21NYC shelters cut back on helpNone
2010-11-01Troubled Teva works toward a comebackNone
2010-10-25Washington VMA tries to strengthen ties between veterinariansNone
2010-10-18MSU lab uncovers dog food problemNone
2010-10-04AAHA launches new Trends Today websiteNone
2010-09-01Avian care discussed at AVMANone
2010-08-18PVP considers bankruptcy, saleNone
2010-08-04Hospice and palliative care get full day at AVMA4
2010-08-04Hart explores unexplained behavior of animalsNone
2010-07-21VTNE enters computer ageNone
2010-07-21Finalist for AAHA’s Practice of the Year shares the secrets to his successNone
2010-07-07Dog DNA database could help combat dog fighting5
2010-06-23AAHA survey suggests most practices are susceptible to embezzlementNone
2010-06-09Federal report blasts APHIS Animal Care inspectorsNone
2010-05-26Ga. practice donates fur for oil cleanupNone
2010-05-12Vetsulin to become available in limited supplyNone
2010-05-12Canadian hospital takes second place in AAHAs Practice of the Year awardNone
2010-04-2828-lb cat undergoes limb-sparing cancer treatmentNone
2010-04-28Franck’s denies wrongdoing after FDA injunction filingNone
2010-04-14Mass. Practice wins first AAHA-Accredited Practice of the Year awardNone
2010-03-31Consolidation, change, headline at Trends Executive Edge sessionsNone
2010-03-31Hot topics: Electronic communication and social mediaNone
2010-03-17Sanofi, Merck to create massive joint ventureNone
2010-02-17Obama’s small business proposals could help veterinary practicesNone
2010-01-21Behind the scenes with Angel surgeonNone
2010-01-21Economic sessions packed at NAVCNone
2010-01-06AAHA names new executive directorNone
2009-12-23Heartworm medications in short supplyNone
2009-12-23N.Y. dog tests positive for H1N1None
2009-12-09Intervet urges veterinarians to transition patients off VetsulinNone
2009-12-09China reports two dogs with H1N1None
2009-11-11AVMA on H1N1 cat: Don’t PanicNone
2009-11-11Intervet urges transition from VetsulinNone
2009-10-28Major pharmaceutical deals finalized in OctoberNone
2009-09-30Fort Dodge brand may disappear under planned dealNone
2009-08-05Sanofi-Merck deal paves the way for animal drug giantNone
2009-08-05Generic drug maker shuttered for alleged FDA violationsNone
2009-06-10A week of FDA firsts for animal drugsNone
2009-04-15Meet the Press: AAHA authors answer questions at Yearly ConferenceNone
2009-04-01NCVEI chief notes lack of productivity and efficiency in veterinary practicesNone
2009-03-18Stimulating facts for your practiceNone
2009-02-04Practices take a hit from ice stormNone
2008-11-12Arizona sweeps 150% of state veterinary board’s fundsNone
2008-10-29Rabies vaccine supply should stabilize through winter, CDC saysNone
2008-10-15Pet aid foundations flounder in tight economyNone
2008-10-01Veterinary technicians played key role in first pet-friendly hurricane evacuationNone
2008-09-03Rabies vaccine shortage worsensNone
2008-08-06NAVTA approves specialty status for behavior techniciansNone
2008-07-23AAVSB: On-the-job experience not enough to take veterinary technician exam1
2008-07-09MWI Veterinary Supply takes over operations of AAHA MARKETLinkNone
2008-07-09FDA to open Chinese offices in wake of contaminationsNone
2008-06-25Practices at forefront of Iowa flood recoveryNone
2008-05-28Feline insulin discontinuation generates questions, answersNone
2008-04-02Veterinarians at forefront of licensing ordinance controversyNone
2008-03-05The Best Place to Work: Veterinary Cancer Group Honored in CaliforniaNone
2008-01-23New Welfare Group Formed for Veterinarians, StudentsNone
2007-12-26New Data on Pet Food Recall Released; Veterinarians Emphasize Scope of IssueNone
2007-12-12The Oncologist on My Shoulder: Veterinarians Pay for Online Consultations and Treat Cancer PatientsNone
2007-11-28Veterinarians Identify Causative Agents in Kidney Failure from Recalled Food; Clarify Recall IssueNone
2007-11-28Cornell Program Brings Practitioners Back to CampusNone
2007-10-17Mixed Breed? Test Identifies PossibilitiesNone
2007-10-17Euthanasia Guidelines RevisedNone
2007-10-17Nanotechnology AssessedNone
2007-05-30Morris Animal Foundation Campaign Enables Veterinarians and Oncologists to Tackle the Number One HeaNone
2007-05-30Recall Expands to Include Ferret Food, FDA IDs Local Co. Adding Melamine to ProductNone
2007-05-16Tainted Wheat Flour – Not Gluten – Responsible for Pet Deaths, Food RecallsNone
2007-05-02Pet Food Recall Continues to Expand, FDA Adds Ingredients to Its Import Surveillance ListNone
2007-04-18Pet Food Recall Expands with Rice Protein Product Pulled from Shelves, Survey Allows Practitioners tNone
2007-04-04Veterinary Toxicologists Question Whether High Levels of Melamine Found in Recalled Pet Foods Are SpNone
2007-03-07Specialty, Emergency Veterinary Medicine Garners Increased Attention from ProfessionalsNone
2007-01-24AAFP, Heartworm Society Emphasize Prevention with Cats5
2007-01-10Kennel Fire Kills Three Dogs and Illustrates Importance of Fire, Smoke Detectors in Kennels and Vete5
2006-11-15New Scientific Agreements between Drug Manufacturer, Colleges Could Propel Clinical Research Into aNone
2006-11-01ASPCA Enters Competitive Pet Insurance MarketNone
2006-09-20International Student Exchange Program Intended to Create a More Unified Global Veterinary Medical CNone
2006-09-06A Border-Free Technician Education Accreditation for Canada, United States May Improve Tenure, MobilNone
2006-07-12Changes to Veterinary Technician National Exam Include New Eligibility Rules and Limited Test AdminiNone
2006-06-28New Website Acts as Clearinghouse for Veterinary Clinical TrialsNone
2006-05-03Nation’s First Fish Certification Program Attracts VeterinariansNone
2006-04-05New Technician Specialty Group Receives Recognition from NAVTANone
2006-03-22ASPCA Celebrates 140 Years of Animal Protection, Advocacy EffortsNone
2006-03-08Humane Organizations Push for Animal-Specific Emergency FundsNone
2006-01-25Labrador Retrievers Top American Kennel Club ListNone
2005-12-28CDC Asks Veterinary Community to Educate Clients About LCMVNone
2005-12-14New Transport Program Saves Dogs Lives, Boosts Adoption Rates and Provides Operational Assistance tNone
2005-11-30Center for Global Health Promotes “One Health” ConceptNone
2005-11-16Veterinary Nutritional Seminar Attracts Researchers, Focuses on Obesity, Medical IssuesNone
2005-11-16Veterinary Groups Rally to Stop Spread of Heartworm Disease: New Guidelines, Funding Available for TNone
2005-11-02Veterinary Colleges Accommodate Displaced Animals, Human Patients in Wake of HurricanesNone
2005-11-02Technicians Focus on Hurricane Relief Efforts, Talk with Students During National Veterinary TechnicNone
2005-10-05Professionals Stress High Morbidity, Low Mortality Aspects of Dog FluNone
2005-10-05AAHA Members Help Animals Displaced by Hurricane KatrinaNone
2005-09-21Canine Flu Diagnosed in Pets Across United States, Into CanadaNone
2005-09-07Veterinary Professionals Respond to Hurricane Katrina, Reach Out to ColleaguesNone
2005-06-01Racing Greyhounds across U.S. Infected with Mysterious Respiratory IllnessNone
2005-04-06JAAHA Adds Peer-Reviewed Technician Article Section, Appoints BoardNone
2005-01-12Military Clarifies Media Story about Starving Dogs in Iraq, Does Not Require Assistance with Food SuNone
2004-10-06Minnesota Veterinary Reserve Corps First in Nation to Test Specific Emergency SkillsNone
2004-09-22“The Dog Whisperer” Airs Daily on TV, National Geographic ChannelNone
2004-08-25Making the Grade: Veterinary Students, Professionals Focus on Communication SkillsNone
2004-08-25Coalition of Industry Members Addresses the Scope of Veterinary Practice at First MeetingNone
2004-05-19Pet Loss: Where Veterinary Professionals Turn for TrainingNone
2003-11-19Veterinary Technician Specialty ApprovedNone
2003-11-05Association issues new position statements on declawing, canine devocalizationNone
2003-09-24OTC reformulations can hold hidden dangersNone
2003-09-24Bereavement Center focuses on pet lossNone
2003-09-10Canine rehab now certified programNone
2003-09-10Pets and People – joint health care promotions gain groundNone

RSSInteresting/unusual (168)

2018-04-19Weekly News Roundup 4/13–4/19None
2018-04-13Let sleeping dogs lie . . . but maybe not on your bedNone
2018-04-12Medication study: don’t flush that toilet!4
2018-04-10Cats may experience placebo effectsNone
2018-04-05Younger veterinarians more stressed than older veterinarians, population as a wholeNone
2018-04-04Weekly News Roundup 3/30–4/5None
2018-03-29Weekly News Roundup 3/23–3/29None
2018-03-26Study: Noise sensitivity in dogs could be a sign of serious painNone
2018-03-21Your flight’s been cancelled (you lucky dog!)None
2018-03-19Working together to cure cancer across speciesNone
2018-03-16AAHA’s story, as told by someone elseNone
2018-03-14There’s never been a better time for an opioid shortageNone
2018-03-09Zoetis K-9 Courage Program introduces “Dogs Salute Dogs” campaign to honor canine heroes nationwideNone
2018-03-08Weekly News Roundup 3/2–3/8None
2018-03-07New study: Who’s a good boy? Oh, es e iz! Oh, es e iz!5
2018-02-28Weekly News Roundup 2/23–3/1None
2018-02-23A Valentine's Day gift to grow old with5
2018-02-22Weekly News Roundup 2/16–2/22None
2018-02-19Have you been “doctor shopped”?3
2018-02-15Weekly News Roundup 2/9 – 2/15/18None
2018-02-14This year is going straight to the dogsNone
2018-02-08Weekly News Roundup 2/2 – 2/8/18None
2018-02-05He can sense your fearNone
2018-02-01Weekly News Roundup 1/19 – 1/25/18None
2018-01-31Boy cat, or girl cat? Hint: watch the paws5
2018-01-29FDA ends nicotine study on primates after 4 monkeys dieNone
2018-01-26Media hype misrepresents dog flu threat4.5
2018-01-25Weekly News Roundup 1/19 – 1/25/18None
2018-01-24Food stamps for pets? 1
2018-01-19Wipe that coprophagic grin off your face!4.2
2018-01-18Weekly News Roundup 1/11 – 1/18/18None
2018-01-12Is your dog’s water bowl half empty or half full?5
2018-01-08For many AAHA-member practices, bomb cyclone’s bark was worse than its biteNone
2018-01-04Weekly News Roundup 12/28/17 – 1/4/184
2017-12-29Rabies vaccine could cure more than rabies1
2017-12-27Reporting animal abuse just got easierNone
2017-12-21Weekly News Roundup 12/15 – 12/21None
2017-12-20This just in from La-La Land: Los Angeles shelter dogs could go vegan None
2017-12-15The US marines unleash a new “robot dog” to help wounded military working dogsNone
2017-12-14Weekly News Roundup 12/8-12/14None
2017-12-13A client’s pet has gone missing. Here’s how to find him. 5
2017-12-113D-printed mask helps dog heal from horrific woundsNone
2017-12-08How much would you pay to save your pet’s life?None
2017-12-07Weekly News Roundup 12/1 – 12/7None
2017-12-06Finally: hope for FIP4.5
2017-12-04Shepherd/linguist sheds light on using language with border collies5
2017-11-30Weekly News Roundup 11-24 to 11-30None
2017-11-27Scientists discover the first pictures of dogs ever posted to social media, if you count rocks as social media5
2017-11-22Give pets something to be thankful for. By not giving.None
2017-11-20Study: Want to live longer? Get a dog.None
2017-11-17“Either the dog goes, or I do!”None
2017-11-16Cannabis and companion animals3
2017-11-10"You can't see me."5
2017-11-09It’s 7 a.m. and Dr. Kelly is ready to roll.5
2017-11-07Training Cats (includes podcast)1
2017-11-03New study: “Stop teasing the dog.”5
2017-11-01None of them had it comingNone
2017-10-31Candy is dandy but not for doggies: Tips for a pet-safe HalloweenNone
2017-10-30“I hate Mondays.”None
2017-10-27Pennsylvania house approves veterinary school fundingNone
2017-10-26Learn the art of beautiful euthanasiaNone
2017-10-23Dogs know you’re watchingNone
2017-10-23Eek! A spider!None
2017-10-18Dog spelled backwards is…None
2017-10-17Pets in the house mean happier, healthier kids . . . right?None
2017-10-13Best friends forever: since when?None
2017-10-10Fear is worse than pain for animalsNone
2017-09-25Walk your dog, save your life5
2017-09-23Heartworm risk rises after hurricanesNone
2017-09-18Where to turn for help before and after disasterNone
2017-09-15If it’s not hurricanes, it’s wildfires . . .None
2017-09-11AAHA hospitals bounce back after HarveyNone
2017-09-08AAHA hospitals hunker down for IrmaNone
2017-09-07Help for Houston from PetWell PartnersNone
2017-08-31Veterinarian, family seek shelter from Harvey in AAHA-accredited practice5
2017-08-31Police chief threatens dog owners with arrest for chaining dogs outside during flood5
2017-08-18Make that ‘welcome-client’ smile just a bit lessNone
2017-07-27Weekly News Roundup 7/21 – 7/275
2017-07-20Why midsized animals are faster than their larger counterpartsNone
2017-07-06Weekly News Roundup 6/29 – 7/6 None
2017-07-06Cute puppy pictures help relationshipsNone
2017-06-29Weekly News Roundup 6/22 – 6/29None
2017-06-28Dog and cat film festivals tell stories, give backNone
2017-06-27Hill’s Pet Nutrition names assistance dog of 2017None
2017-06-22Weekly News Roundup 6/16 – 6/23None
2017-06-07Cat footprint found on 2,000-year-old roofNone
2017-06-01Weekly News Roundup 5/25 – 6/1None
2017-04-20Weekly News Roundup 4/13 – 4/20None
2017-04-06Weekly News Roundup 3/30 – 4/6None
2017-03-30Expedition rediscovers wild dogs thought to be extinct3
2017-03-16Weekly News Roundup 3/9 – 3/16None
2017-01-12Homes focus on cat friendly designNone
2017-01-05Best animal stories of 20165
2016-12-29NEWStat 2017 survey resultsNone
2016-12-22Wackiest pet names of 2016None
2016-12-19Microchip reunites dog with owner after 9 years5
2016-12-15What are you looking forward to in 2017?None
2016-11-23Black Friday shopping with a twist: Robotic petsNone
2016-11-16Therapy dogs relieve Capitol Hill post-election stress None
2016-10-27Top pet Halloween costumes announced5
2016-09-29Prehistoric canine graves suggest dogs were hunting companions5
2016-09-21Don’t kiss your chickens5
2016-09-15Offer your canine patients a unique treat: a dog art showNone
2016-07-28Pets find celebrity status on social mediaNone
2016-07-21Experience the Faroe Islands from a sheep’s view5
2016-06-30I'm late because my hair caught on fireNone
2016-06-22Take Your Dog to Work Day is June 24 None
2016-06-09Genetic sequencing of giraffe helps explain its long neck4
2016-06-02Dog film festival to premiere the summerNone
2016-05-19Top cat names for 2015 releasedNone
2016-05-12Canines on—and off—the job in selective airports 5
2016-04-28Pets to be featured on postage stampsNone
2016-04-21Ball dogs take center stage on the tennis court4
2016-03-24Rabbits hop into the dating sceneNone
2016-03-10Oscar fashions carpet the canine runwayNone
2016-03-03Most popular dog breeds in America announced5
2016-02-18Veterinarians treat sea turtles with fibropapillomatosisNone
2016-02-11How to recognize employees this Valentine’s Day None
2016-02-03White giraffe spotted in Tanzania 4
2016-01-14Four-legged pants for dogs hits the market3
2015-12-23Santa's canine helpers: now at an airport near you None
2015-12-03Holiday pet photos: coming to your practice?None
2015-11-12Cat painting sells for $826,000None
2015-11-05AAHA-accredited practice serves hero dog patient5
2015-10-29And the winner of one pet Halloween contest is...None
2015-10-22Skewer-swallowing dog wins Hambone Award®5
2015-10-14Where does your state rate in pooch pet pampering?None
2015-10-01Cat on a wet tile roof: feline paw print 2,000 years old discoveredNone
2015-09-24Giraffes may hum to each other at nightNone
2015-09-16Vet School reality TV show airs September 19None
2015-08-20Wild cats had a negative impact on ancient dog species None
2015-07-29Pet carriers, crash tests, and animal airline miles 1
2015-07-23Summertime at the zoo: elephants and soundsNone
2015-07-09Animal-assisted therapy includes unusual partners 4
2015-06-11Gaga for animals: the pet proclivities—and power—of the famous None
2015-05-07Another global vote that animals feel5
2015-04-02Rabbits: hopping forward in veterinary practices1.5
2015-02-03Veterinarians love their alma matersNone
2015-01-28Super dogs spotlighted in honor of the Super Bowl5
2015-01-22Medieval cat grave marker goes on display in Taunton, Somerset, England 4
2014-12-30Happy Mew Year!None
2014-12-23Drones: coming to a dog park near you2.1
2014-12-18Reindeer: Current research, how they came to North America, and the origin of the red-nose myth 5
2014-12-10Catte Latte: Cat cafes arrive in U.S.None
2014-11-26Pets Best releases list of bizarre holiday pet insurance claims5
2014-09-18Researchers report newfound ability to measure optimism, pessimism in dogsNone
2014-01-03Dogs handle bathroom business in alignment with Earth's magnetic field, study says4.5
2013-09-25Fla. animal hospital using comedy to increase spay/neuter appointments5
2013-09-06Veterinarians nursing Alaskan city's cat mayor back to health after dog attack4.5
2013-05-03Formerly obese dachshund drops weight, gets tummy tuck5
2013-03-05Chinese dogs get their own public restroomsNone
2012-12-13Singapore newspaper enters the pet obituary marketNone
2012-12-10Specially trained dogs become first to drive cars4.7
2012-11-08DNA testing eyed to solve dog poop deluge in Dallas4
2012-10-26Obese dachshund named Obie the subject of custody disputeNone
2012-10-22‘Animal Practice’ canceled after airing only five episodes3.3
2012-07-18"Animal Practice" comes to NBCNone
2012-05-16Just for Fun: Pups pop up on college campusesNone
2012-05-09Strange but true: Dog accidentally runs Maryland half-marathonNone
2011-09-12CO dog has longest ears (video)None
2011-08-02Mutts life celebratedNone
2011-06-15Rabid beaver bites 3 in Pa.None
2011-01-09Bella, Max, Charlie top pet name listsNone
2010-10-11Ig Nobel Prizes feature animal, management studiesNone
2010-09-15First “Petties” awarded in DenverNone
2008-12-24BREAKING NEWS: Fluffy and Fido commandeer vehicleNone
2008-09-03Pets vie for glory in Hong Kong pet OlympicsNone
2006-04-05Volunteer Veterinarians Endure Freezing Temperatures During “Last Great Race” in AlaskaNone

RSSLegislation & Regulation (218)

2018-04-19Weekly News Roundup 4/13–4/19None
2018-04-04Weekly News Roundup 3/30–4/5None
2018-03-28Unhand that dog!None
2018-03-23Veterinarians take on Congress, the Farm Bill, and student debtNone
2018-03-14There’s never been a better time for an opioid shortageNone
2018-03-08Weekly News Roundup 3/2–3/8None
2018-02-22Weekly News Roundup 2/16–2/22None
2018-02-16Pet food recalled after traces of euthanasia drug foundNone
2018-02-15Weekly News Roundup 2/9 – 2/15/18None
2018-02-02Blow off your friends and let’s have some quality “us” timeNone
2018-01-24Food stamps for pets? 1
2018-01-04Weekly News Roundup 12/28/17 – 1/4/184
2017-12-28Weekly News Roundup 12/22 – 12/28None
2017-12-27Reporting animal abuse just got easierNone
2017-12-14FDA says shortage of pain relief drugs due to manufacturing issue1
2017-11-30Weekly News Roundup 11-24 to 11-30None
2017-10-27Pennsylvania house approves veterinary school fundingNone
2017-10-20Landmark California law puts puppy mills on notice5
2017-09-05Texas eases veterinary laws to help affected animalsNone
2017-08-28Dog sitting debateNone
2017-06-27FDA makes labeling changes for three critical care medicationsNone
2017-05-04Weekly News Roundup 4/27 – 5/4None
2017-04-20Weekly News Roundup 4/13 – 4/20None
2017-04-06Resources to brush up on backyard chickensNone
2016-12-15How will marijuana legalization affect you?4
2016-12-08Catch up on the buzz surrounding VFD regulationsNone
2016-02-01Animal abuse offenders being documented at state and federal levels5
2015-11-30Supreme Court rejects veterinarian’s appeal to give online advice None
2015-10-12Protect ketamine use in the United StatesNone
2015-09-23Canine encounter training mandated for Texas law enforcement None
2015-09-15AVMA urges veterinary profession to oppose mandatory prescription writing 5
2015-07-20CDC warns about backyard chickens and salmonella None
2015-06-15Pet food: recalls and regulation buzz5
2015-06-08FDA releases draft compounding guidance None
2015-06-02White House plan to combat drug-resistant bacteria unveiledNone
2015-04-07Supreme Court endorses stronger protection for pregnant workers 5
2015-04-06Recall of Prescription Center pharmacy products used by veterinarians and pet ownersNone
2015-04-01The fall of an Internet veterinary advice service 5
2015-03-31Nevada proposes pot for petsNone
2015-03-11Colorado veterinarian actively supports state legislation that mandates mental health evaluations for veterinariansNone
2015-02-24DOT report issued on animal injuries and fatalities on airlines in 2014None
2015-02-23FDA issues update on pet treat causes of animal death and illness5
2015-01-20New FLSA rule likely to take effect first quarter of 2015None
2015-01-19Oma’s Pride recalls Purr-Complete Feline Poultry Meal because of possible Salmonella None
2015-01-07New OSHA reporting requirements took effect January 1, 20155
2015-01-05Dog treats recalled due to possible SalmonellaNone
2014-12-24New Jersey awaiting governor’s signature on Pet Purchase Protection Act5
2014-12-09Tax Planning for 2014 – Finally Some AnswersNone
2014-12-08AVMA chief pleads for walking horses, sparks debate5
2014-12-01Canine massage therapists sue Arizona None
2014-11-06FDA issues warning letter to company marketing unapproved canine cancer drugsNone
2014-11-05Voters approve minimum wage increases in several states5
2014-09-24OSHA updates reporting rules for fatalities, injuries, illnessesNone
2014-09-18Hydrocodone-containing products set to become Schedule II drugs on Oct. 6None
2014-09-11DEA offers more ways for clinics, clients to properly dispose of controlled substancesNone
2014-09-03Small businesses face another defeat in extortion claim against YelpNone
2014-09-03FDA targets tear stain remover products for misusing antibioticsNone
2014-08-28Washington state VMAs successfully fend off mandatory reporting proposal5
2014-08-19Mass. considering legislation that would require veterinarians to report suspected animal abuseNone
2014-08-19More states blocking employers from accessing applicants' social media log-in credentialsNone
2014-08-04Veterinary Medicine Mobility Act receives president's signatureNone
2014-08-04Petplan launches petition to prevent pets from being left unattended in carsNone
2014-07-31Presenters voice optimism for the future of veterinary stem cell therapy at AVMA convention5
2014-07-24Background check requirement for Oregon veterinarians and veterinary technicians passesNone
2014-07-23HR 4023 advances to the Senate5
2014-07-17Pet insurance industry headed for possible regulation in CaliforniaNone
2014-07-16Center for Pet Safety unveils certification program for pet safety harnessesNone
2014-07-09U.S. House passes Veterinary Medicine Mobility Act5
2014-07-02Annual wage notice requirement eliminated in New York, minimum wage raised in Mass.4
2014-07-02Oregon veterinarians may soon be subject to mandatory criminal background checksNone
2014-07-02DEA decides on Schedule IV classification for tramadol5
2014-06-26ASPCA aiming to protect abandoned animals in California through new billNone
2014-06-19Nova Scotia veterinarians vote against motion to ban declawingNone
2014-06-18IVMA taking action to ensure that nonprofits stick to charitable missions4.3
2014-06-11Overtime pay, minimum wage rules scheduled to change in late 20141
2014-04-25Ontario cracks down on animal dentistry performed by non-veterinarians5
2014-04-24USDA looking to simplify animal vaccine labels with new proposed ruleNone
2014-04-03PFI submits industry comments on Food Safety Modernization Act animal food ruleNone
2014-03-07Mich. shelter attempting to reignite support for bill banning gas chamber euthanasiaNone
2014-03-06'Fairness to Pet Owners Act' resurfaces, spurs calls for veterinary opposition5
2014-02-14Survey of matrimonial lawyers shows steady increase of pet custody disputes1
2014-02-13Veterinarian clears hurdle in battle for right to dispense advice online5
2014-01-09U.S. Senate unanimously passes Veterinary Medicine Mobility Act5
2014-01-07North Carolina now legally requires scanning lost pets for microchips5
2014-01-03FDA provides comprehensive resources on extra-label drug useNone
2013-12-23Minimum wage increases in some states require display of updated postersNone
2013-10-30FDA taking proactive stance on improving animal food safetyNone
2013-09-26OSHA clarifies secondary container labeling guidelines for employers4.3
2013-09-12USDA strengthening federal authority over online pet sales5
2013-08-16AVMA warns that veterinarians are not eligible to obtain NPI numbers4
2013-07-12Oregon legislators pass stronger laws to protect state's pets from cruelty4.7
2013-07-02Washington state makes key changes to controlled substance lawsNone
2013-05-21Washington state veterinarians gain immunity for good faith animal abuse reporting5
2013-05-06Bill to infuse engine coolant products with bittering agent advances in Mich.5
2013-04-30Wisconsin considering mandatory veterinary reporting of animal abuseNone
2013-04-17Proposed changes to Controlled Substance Act aim to restore veterinarians' mobility5
2013-04-11Texas Supreme Court rules against pet owners seeking non-economic damagesNone
2013-04-11Texas veterinarian in legal battle over giving online medical adviceNone
2013-04-08Alabama now accepts AAHA accreditation in lieu of state inspection5
2013-04-03Texas House of Representatives considering gas euthanasia banNone
2013-03-21S.C. veterinarians attempting to limit shelters' free and low-cost servicesNone
2013-02-13Broward County outlaws cat hoarding and dog tethering5
2013-01-15Texas Supreme Court to make definitive ruling on pets' sentimental valueNone
2013-01-02Minimum wage increases require display of updated postersNone
2012-12-18IRS medical device tax likely to affect veterinarians in 2013None
2012-12-04Preparation needed to comply with revised OSHA labeling requirements4.3
2012-11-28New Massachusetts law protects pets in domestic violence situationsNone
2012-11-07Controversial food-labeling proposition defeated in CaliforniaNone
2012-11-06AVMA animal welfare expert discusses abuse reportingNone
2012-10-29CA court rules pet owners can sue for more than 'market value'5
2012-10-26Patrick's Law receives approval from New Jersey Senate1
2012-10-19Pennsylvania Senate passes bill banning gas chamber euthanasia4
2012-10-11Tramadol now classified as controlled substance in Oklahoma3
2012-10-10L.A. mulling ban on retail stores selling commercially bred petsNone
2012-10-10Veterinarians using FTC comment period to voice pet medication opinionsNone
2012-10-02Social media passwords increasingly off-limits to hiring veterinarians4
2012-10-02Governor signs bill saving CA renters’ pets from forced declawing, devocalizingNone
2012-09-25Alabama low-cost pet sterilization clinics may be shut downNone
2012-08-22China refuses FDA sampling of jerkyNone
2012-08-15AAHA joins AVMA, passes raw protein statement3.7
2012-08-15Law prohibits animal cruelty offenders from working with animalsNone
2012-08-08Court considers animals "victims"None
2012-08-08New Jersey court refuses non-economic damagesNone
2012-07-18FDA releases jerky update5
2012-06-06"Buckle up your pets!", New Jersey saysNone
2012-05-30Legislators mull reclassification of military caninesNone
2012-05-02Confusion in California over controlled drugsNone
2012-05-02Controversial spay/neuter bill passes Alabama senateNone
2012-04-25Alaska addresses rural vet shortageNone
2012-04-25Chicken jerky lawsuit hits Purina and Wal-MartNone
2012-04-18Change to Calif. pet teeth cleaning regulation failsNone
2012-04-11Missouri may require rabies vaccinationNone
2012-04-11FDA confirms boots on ground in ChinaNone
2012-03-28Debate over emotional damages continues in North CarolinaNone
2012-02-22Arizona bill would aid animals in suspected crueltyNone
2012-01-11FDA seeks veterinarian input on drug-approval processNone
2011-11-23FDA urges caution with chicken jerky treatsNone
2011-11-23Bayer, Elanco settle false advertising suitNone
2011-11-09Drug shortages: The new reality for veterinariansNone
2011-09-07NVAP renewal deadline set for Oct. 1None
2011-07-05AAHA opposes HR 1406None
2011-06-21EPA to ban some rodenticidesNone
2011-05-23Nevada considers drug recyclingNone
2011-05-16AAHA endorses Feline Friendly Handling GuidelinesNone
2011-05-09Mo. adopts new laws to clarify Prop BNone
2011-05-09Ore. domestic violence bill would include petsNone
2011-04-11Fate of Utah feral animal bills shows lawmakers’ leaningsNone
2011-04-11AAHA endorses WSAVA guidelinesNone
2011-03-07Compounding comments dominate FDA noticeNone
2011-02-14Nebraska, Minnesota consider puppy mill billsNone
2011-02-14Texas county relaxes rabies requirementsNone
2011-01-24Legislative update - January 2011None
2011-01-24FDA receives some criticism on new animal drug approval proceduresNone
2011-01-10Veterinarians oppose propofol schedulingNone
2010-12-27FDA seeks to increase availability of legal animal drugsNone
2010-12-15News briefs from around the countryNone
2010-12-13SBA opposed to OSHA rule changesNone
2010-11-29Crush video ban passed by House and SenateNone
2010-11-29AVMA questions effectiveness of Prop BNone
2010-11-21California in the newsNone
2010-11-08A win and a loss for DVMs running for U.S. CongressNone
2010-11-08Airline fined $36K for animal deathsNone
2010-11-08Puppy Mill law squeaks by in MissouriNone
2010-10-25Sanofi, Merck may be preparing to sell off some assetsNone
2010-01-06Delaware adopts exotics regulationsNone
2009-11-25Houston vaccination ordinance highlights sticky issueNone
2009-10-14Supreme Court weighs animal cruelty lawNone
2009-10-14Florida senator proposes ban on reptilesNone
2009-09-30China begins taking comments on proposed Animal Protection LawNone
2009-09-16California sees spate of legislative activityNone
2009-09-16Iowa committee to discuss puppy mill legislationNone
2009-08-19Property or more? Pets and the lawNone
2009-08-19HAPPY Act goes before U.S. HouseNone
2009-05-27EPA continues gathering spot-on product dataNone
2009-05-27State with last annual rabies vaccination law prepares to changeNone
2009-05-13State pet protection bills move forwardNone
2009-04-29EPA to meet with spot-on flea/tick product manufacturersNone
2009-04-29FTC ‘Red Flags’ rule enforcement begins this weekNone
2009-04-15Texas House ponders vicious dog billNone
2009-03-18California VMB approves controversial technician exam ruleNone
2009-03-04North Carolina debates shelter euthanasia lawNone
2009-01-07Get your practice ready for the “Red Flags Rule”5
2008-10-29Pennsylvania passes anti-puppy mill legislation5
2008-09-17Compounding: Stay afloat in the muddy regulatory watersNone
2008-06-11More states requiring controlled substances reportingNone
2008-03-05Legislative Watch Followup: California Sees Healthy Pets Act PassedNone
2007-11-14Increasing Number of Clients Protected by Pet Lemon Laws, Veterinarians Sought for Pre-Sale ExamsNone
2007-10-17Cruelty Argument Sways California Courts on Declaw BanNone
2007-08-22VMA Fights State Attempt to Require Veterinarians to Inform Clients of All Treatment OptionsNone
2007-08-08Legal Complications of Complementary Medicine: What’s In Your Practice Act?None
2007-07-25Ignorance Not Valid Defense/What’s in Your Practice Act?None
2007-03-21State Board Prosecutes Clinics in Pennsylvania over AdsNone
2006-11-29Veterinarians Required to Provide Immediate Supervision to RVTs, Assistants when Controlled Drugs ar4
2006-10-18PETS Signed Into Law, Gives Emergency Plans BoostNone
2006-05-17California Veterinary Medical Board Approves RVT-Exclusive Job Tasks, Contemplates OthersNone
2006-04-19Ontario Technician Association Becomes First in World to Self-RegulateNone
2006-04-19Maine Law Protects Pets in Domestic Abuse CasesNone
2006-02-08Proposed Ear Cropping Ban in Vermont Raises National Legal Questions About Veterinary Medical ProcedNone
2005-12-28AAVSB Revises Practice Act Model for Referrals to Chiropractors, Physical TherapistsNone
2005-10-19Animals to Be Included in Federal, Local Emergency PlansNone
2005-06-29State Cracks Down on Unregulated Importation of DogsNone
2005-06-15Veterinary Professionals Join Union, Strike, Court Date Set for July 2005None
2005-06-01Breed-Specific Bans and Other Animal Control Ordinances Affect VeterinariansNone
2005-05-04South Carolina Bills Would Open Disciplinary Hearings, May Mirror National TrendNone
2005-04-20Vaccine Legislation Rejected in Maine and Nevada, Will Other States Follow Suit?None
2004-09-22New Bill Would Require Veterinarians to Disclose Vaccination Pros and ConsNone
2004-08-11Task Force Created to Study Legal Issues in Veterinary MedicineNone
2004-06-16Clinics Must Truncate Credit CardsNone
2004-06-16New Canadian, U.S. Privacy Laws Affect Collection, Use and Disclosure of Client InformationNone
2004-06-02Veterinarians Voice Concern over FDA Compounding RuleNone
2004-06-02With New Legislation, the Check may no Longer be in the MailNone
2004-04-21Veterinarians, FDA and Pharmacists Warn Consumers about Buying Drugs OnlineNone
2004-04-07Pet Care Trust Laws in 24 States Affect VeterinariansNone
2004-02-11Legalities of Animal Dentistry Debated in California, CanadaNone
2003-12-03Iowa Halts Ban on SupplementsNone
2003-10-22Agencies call for pet food ingredient bansNone
2003-08-27Feral cat controversies raise legal issuesNone
2003-08-13CVMA focusing on preventing more declawing bans, not repealing current onesNone

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2018-04-17Free online videos show you how to make forward booking work in your practiceNone
2018-04-03Forward booking works. Here’s proofNone
2018-04-01Parasite prevention is here to stayNone
2018-04-01Ear cleaning tips from an expert4.5
2018-04-01Chronic canine itch: 7 secrets to long-term solutions4.5
2018-03-20126,576 formerly inactive clients prove this email reminder program really worksNone
2018-03-13Stem cell therapy has potential, but with cautionsNone
2018-03-06Bring back inactive clients with an email reminder program that’s proven to workNone
2018-03-01New study shows link between ticks and kidney disease3.5
2018-03-01Tight or loose glycemic control? What’s the right choice for your diabetic felines? None
2018-02-27Dog and cat behavior myths debunkedNone
2018-02-20Pet owners don’t always hear what we think we tell them. This free, online tool can fix thatNone
2018-02-13Not all shedding is normalNone
2018-02-06Pet owners don’t always hear what we think we tell them. This free, online tool can fix thatNone
2018-02-01Introducing Heroes for Healthy Pets Infectious Disease Management Certification Program5
2018-01-30Prevention made easier with these free, online toolsNone
2018-01-16Prevention made easier with these free, online toolsNone
2018-01-02These free, online tools are worth a pound of cureNone
2017-12-19What's new with PHP in 2017None
2017-12-12Why dogs snack in cat litter boxesNone
2017-12-06The benefit of low fat nutrition for dogs with gastrointestinal disease5
2017-12-05Take a look at what’s new with PHPNone
2017-12-01Research Supports Double Defense Heartworm Protocol 5
2017-11-28Lab animal DVMs share tips about caring for pocket sized petsNone
2017-11-21Help your clients value preventive healthcare with these free videosNone
2017-11-07Training Cats (includes podcast)1
2017-11-07Discuss preventive care effectively with these free, online videosNone
2017-11-01Managing Diabetic PetsNone
2017-10-24While uncommon, owners may have Leptospirosis riskNone
2017-10-17Become more feline friendly with free, online toolsNone
2017-10-03Utilize these free, online tools to focus on the felineNone
2017-10-02Anti-emetics prevent anesthesia related vomiting and improve return to feeding4
2017-10-02Goals and strategies for pain management planNone
2017-09-26Dealing with snarky comments1
2017-09-18Forward booking made easy with free, online toolsNone
2017-09-12Zoonotic diseases quiz is timely1
2017-09-06Leptospirosis: the vaccine preventable great pretender5
2017-09-06The crisis of the common cat fleaNone
2017-09-06Unmasking the prevalence of feline idiopathic cystitis (FIC) 5
2017-09-05Implement forward booking with these easy-to-use toolsNone
2017-08-29U.S. Court of Appeals puts gray wolf back on endangered listNone
2017-08-22Preventive care is key in this online certification programNone
2017-08-15Stop that itchNone
2017-08-08Improve your preventive care with free, online toolsNone
2017-08-04Fight both parasites involved in the heartworm life cycleNone
2017-08-01Don’t get distracted by vanity metrics4.6
2017-07-2722 plants you may not know could poison dogs (infographic)1.7
2017-07-18Join the free inactive clients program with proven successNone
2017-07-13Work at feeling successfulNone
2017-07-05Bring inactive clients back to your practice with free online toolsNone
2017-07-01Keep your veterinary hospital prospering with these 7 analytics best practices5
2017-07-01Allergic itch—getting it right the first time (and every time thereafter) 5
2017-06-29Seven sins of decision-making (infographic)None
2017-06-19Make forward booking a priority with free, easy-to-use toolsNone
2017-06-15Take the “flea talk” quizNone
2017-06-06Implement forward booking with free online toolsNone
2017-05-25Digital boundaries benefit everyoneNone
2017-05-16Improve your practice with free client feedbackNone
2017-05-11Parasites likely to win again in 2017None
2017-05-02Seize new opportunities with free online surveyNone
2017-05-01The canine vector-borne disease timeline: how it works in practice5
2017-04-27Don’t overlook pain management for gastrointestinal conditionsNone
2017-04-18Find success reengaging clients with free, online toolsNone
2017-04-11Improve your finance skills, even if you hate numbers1
2017-04-11Bring inactive clients back to your practice with free toolsNone
2017-04-01Diagnose operational problems at your veterinary hospital with these 9 questions5
2017-03-28Be flexible to keep your best people1
2017-03-21Implement preventative care guidelines with free online toolsNone
2017-03-16“My door is always open.” Fact or fallacy?None
2017-03-07Free tools to help you practice preventative careNone
2017-02-28Understand the value of therapeutic diets5
2017-02-21Improve your online engagement with free toolsNone
2017-02-16Make emails give the right impressionNone
2017-02-07Create a powerful online presence with free toolsNone
2017-01-24Forward booking is quick and easy with free online toolsNone
2017-01-17Managing your team when asked to do too muchNone
2017-01-10Free online tools will help with forward bookingNone
2017-01-02Canine Influenza H3N2—One Year LaterNone
2016-12-27Take advantage of free feline-friendly tools5
2016-12-20Pets help people manage mental illnessNone
2016-12-13Free webinars and videos to become feline friendlyNone
2016-12-06I screwed up!None
2016-12-01Therapeutic nutrition can help break the cycle between lower urinary tract signs and stress in cats None
2016-12-01Pet professional business safety recommendations4
2016-12-0120 years of change in veterinary medicineNone
2016-11-29Free tools make preventive healthcare conversations easier5
2016-11-16Unlearning, not learning, is a real challengeNone
2016-11-10Leave the work stress behindNone
2016-11-08Preventive healthcare conversations are easier with free tools3
2016-11-01Sponsored: Holiday Travel: Sustain the human animal bond by preventing motion sickness None
2016-10-31Sponsored: All about insulin5
2016-10-31Sponsored: Discover how Hill's® Prescription Diet® k/d® stimulates appetite with as much as 34% greater caloric intakeNone
2016-10-31Sponsored: Inventory hacks make things easierNone
2016-10-25Manage your online reputation with free toolsNone
2016-10-12Attract clients with free social media tools None
2016-10-05Pet sitting generated $391 million in 2015None
2016-10-03Sponsored: Anti-emetics are standard of care in preventing chemotherapy related vomitingNone
2016-10-03Sponsored: Canine infectious respiratory disease updateNone
2016-10-03Sponsored: Turn five inventory mistakes into big winsNone
2016-09-27Search engine visibility demystified with free online toolsNone
2016-09-14Boost your search engine visibility with free online toolsNone
2016-09-08Cat nutrition is top concern of feline ownersNone
2016-09-01Sustain the human animal bond by preventing motion sicknessNone
2016-08-31Sponsored: Identify and manage pain with remote monitoringNone
2016-08-31Sponsored: Comprehensive, targeted relief helps you stay ahead of every GI issueNone
2016-08-24Free resources can jumpstart your online presenceNone
2016-08-10Free resources available for building an effective Internet presence None
2016-07-27Free preventive healthcare plan implementation tools availableNone
2016-07-20CPR: It’s not just for humansNone
2016-07-20What good listeners actually doNone
2016-07-13Free online manual outlines preventive healthcare program basicsNone
2016-07-01Anti-emetics prevent anesthesia related vomiting and improve return to feedingNone
2016-06-22Free tools streamline preventive healthcare guidelines implementationNone
2016-06-08Preventive healthcare guidelines implementation tools availableNone
2016-05-11Canine and feline preventive healthcare guidelines now availableNone
2016-05-02Latest advancements in data monitoring improve pain identification and management4.8
2016-04-13Complimentary preventive healthcare practice surveys now availableNone
2016-03-22Success stories offer direction with preventive healthcare None
2016-03-16Preventive healthcare certificate program now available None
2016-02-25Inactive clients don’t have to stay inactiveNone
2016-02-15 Pet Dental Health Month: the perfect time to start forward bookingNone
2018-04-18Content is queen: Introducing your Connexity content weaverNone
2018-04-02Thinking outside the box? Decorate it insteadNone
2018-03-21TRENDS IN YOUR INBOX: Allergies—The Personalized Medicine ApproachNone
2018-04-09AAHA, Coffman Organization announce partnership to improve veterinary practice cultures3.5
2018-04-05Younger veterinarians more stressed than older veterinarians, population as a wholeNone
2018-03-14There’s never been a better time for an opioid shortageNone
2018-03-05Implementing the 2018 AAHA Diabetes Management Guidelines into your practiceNone
2017-12-28Weekly News Roundup 12/22 – 12/28None
2017-12-13A client’s pet has gone missing. Here’s how to find him. 5
2017-11-13Don't believe everything your clients read on the internetNone
2017-10-26Learn the art of beautiful euthanasiaNone
2017-10-02AAHA Healthy Workplace Culture Initiative seeks to address mental health issues within veterinary professionNone
2017-09-052017 AAHA Canine Vaccination Guidelines now availableNone
2017-07-05Number of overweight pets increased over the last decadeNone
2017-06-07An increasing concern for feline hyperthyroidism None
2017-05-17Researchers study genetics and genomic sequencing to treat disordersNone
2017-04-04Partners for Healthy Pets unveils a new reminder program to veterinary practices that re-engages inactive clientsNone
2017-01-17Myth Busters: Corn Edition!5
2017-01-09Researchers seek volunteers for canine DNA testing5
2016-11-16Consumer preferences trend to natural and organic pet food3
2016-04-04Culture can impact veterinary practice success, AAHA 2016 State of the Industry reveals5
2015-05-27AVMA Veterinary Debt and Income report paints market picture 4
2015-03-25AVMA report identifies factors that lead to unemployment and underemployment in veterinary profession4
2015-02-10AVMA reports on the state of the veterinary industry2.8
2014-11-19U.K. study shows most veterinarians highly concerned about antibiotic resistance4
2014-11-13New generation of employees demands updated voluntary benefits, studies show5
2014-10-30Veterinary client satisfaction in Colorado: Relationships are more important than price3.7
2014-10-30University of Florida study finds multiple benefits in offering wellness plans5
2014-10-30AVMA's new veterinary employment statistics show reasons for optimism3
2014-10-21Study reveals how veterinary practices can better serve blind, partially sighted clientsNone
2014-10-15Interactive infographic allows for comparison of veterinary salaries across the U.S.5
2014-09-30IDEXX aiming to help practices prosper by strengthening key bondsNone
2014-09-24Veterinary Innovation Challenge winner seeks to improve human-animal bond through technology5
2014-09-16Study suggests ways for veterinary teams to banish burnout, boost job satisfactionNone
2014-08-19Study examines work-related injuries among certified veterinary techniciansNone
2014-08-19British veterinarians vexed by clients putting their trust in 'Dr. Google'4
2014-08-12Veterinary Innovation Challenge asks students to indulge their entrepreneurial sidesNone
2014-07-26Technicians are key to winning on preventive care5
2014-07-26Partners for Healthy Pets reports elicit concern, optimism over preventive care statistics5
2014-07-24Colorado city testing environmentally friendly solution for dealing with dog waste5
2014-07-10PetMed Express gets a taste of its own medicine5
2014-06-25National survey set to explore mental health of U.S. veterinariansNone
2014-05-15VHMA exposes communication gap between practice managers, ownersNone
2014-04-03U.S. pet medication sales projected to hit $10 billion by 2018None
2014-03-23Paul Mitchell founder shares keys to creating an unforgettable client experience5
2014-03-222014 AAHA State of the Industry highlights need to strengthen bonds5
2014-03-14Veterinary practices running Windows XP will soon be attractive targets for hackers5
2014-03-13American pet owners break last year's record for money spent on pets4
2014-01-31Professors speak out against use of dental implants in cats and dogs5
2014-01-23VCA marketing executive explains how to protect your online reputation5
2014-01-18American Academy of Veterinary Acupuncturists voted into AVMA House of Delegates5
2014-01-18Market research shows veterinary diagnostics market poised for continued growth4
2013-12-24Center for Pet Safety shares product safety news and advice with veterinarians5
2013-12-13Give your practice a financial health exam with this year-end checklistNone
2013-12-13New 'AAHA Weight Management Guidelines for Dogs and Cats' seek to combat pet obesity4.5
2013-12-03AVMA accepting applications for Future Leaders ProgramNone
2013-11-29MU creates new counseling program to help those grieving after losing a pet4
2013-11-08NAVC and NAVTA partner up to advance education for veterinary techniciansNone
2013-10-17University of Florida instilling better business sense in veterinary studentsNone
2013-08-28AAHA announces new mandatory dental standard requiring anesthesia, intubation2.9
2013-07-24Bayer-AAFP study breaks down why 52 percent of cat owners avoid regular vet visits5
2013-07-18Partners for Healthy Pets unveils campaign to boost annual checkup numbers5
2013-04-26AVMA study confirms excess capacity in the veterinary profession5
2013-04-10California veterinarian campaigning to legalize pet medical marijuana3
2013-03-13AAHA State of the Industry address gives reason for optimism2.5
2013-01-30CATalyst Council advocating mutually beneficial relationship between vets and shelters5
2013-01-23Dentistry dominates the discussion at 2013 NAVC5
2012-11-14New resource helps practices safeguard mental health of staff, clients3
2012-10-17AAHA position statement classifies animals as sentient beings4.2
2012-10-12Lessons learned from hacker’s assault on animal hospital5
2012-08-29For your clients: Emergency and disaster evacuation planning4
2012-08-29Veterinary students struggle to find hands-on experience, mentorshipNone
2012-08-01Survey shows pet owners seek health, nutrition info onlineNone
2012-07-25Get veterinary news updates on Facebook and Twitter!None
2012-06-20Solutions marketing for clinic successNone
2012-06-20Diagnostics, wellness plans gain traction in 2012None
2012-05-30Report reflects tough times ahead for veterinary workforce needsNone
2012-05-09Obesity and other chronic conditions on the rise, Banfield saysNone
2012-04-18Cornell braces for wave of faculty retirementsNone
2012-04-04Job market conditions hit best levels since 2008None
2012-03-14Vet students supported by campusesNone
2012-02-22Cat-friendly practices see 2.6 percent increase in cat visits5
2012-02-01Managers outperform inflation in 2011None
2012-01-19Internet pharmacy showdown at NAVCNone
2011-12-21Top veterinary issues to watch in 2012None
2011-12-14Increase in pet ownership will lead to industry growthNone
2011-08-17What We Were SayingNone
2011-06-27CSU to study classical music effects on catsNone
2011-06-08Study compares ranges of feral, house catsNone
2011-02-21DVM applicants up in 2011None
2011-01-31"America’s vet" lends a hand to AAHA fundNone
2011-01-24Identify the signs of illegal dog fighting5
2010-11-15More pet owners would choose sheltersNone
2010-08-18Colorado technicians move away from online CE trendNone
2010-07-07AAHA releases Nutritional Assessment GuidelinesNone
2009-09-02Groomers in theory and in practiceNone
2009-09-02Just in time for flu season: Facts to share with clients about canine influenzaNone
2009-07-22AVMA selected highlightsNone
2009-07-22Pet detectives: Not just in the movies anymore5
2009-06-24What’s new in cancer research?None
2009-04-01Weathering the storm: How practices are coping with the recessionNone
2009-04-01Summary of the February 2009 AAHA Economic Impact SurveyNone
2009-03-04Routine care falling off around the USNone
2009-02-04Student Debt: Threat or Opportunity?None
2009-01-21NAVC economic sessions offer predictions, advice1
2009-01-21Veterinary forensic science pioneers present at NAVCNone
2009-01-07Resolution time – Experts weigh inNone
2008-12-24AAHA credit survey: Most practices OK, but some cause for concernNone
2008-12-10Cash rules, credit droolsNone
2008-12-10Veterinarians using credit wisely but worry about long-term survivalNone
2008-11-26Economic woes could spur consolidationNone
2008-11-12Buying commercial property now – good idea or not?None
2008-10-29National organizations put new emphasis on animal welfareNone
2008-09-03AAHA economic survey results mixed, but ‘encouraging’None
2008-08-20Help is available for growing ‘foreclosure pet’ crisisNone
2008-07-23Disclosing errors: Careful preparation can win clients’ trustNone
2008-07-09Rethinking retentionNone
2008-05-14Gas prices fuel innovation for mobile veterinariansNone
2008-04-30Pet food industry starting to feel price pinchNone
2008-04-30Building value when times are toughNone
2008-04-16Forensic Files: Veterinary industry meets to promote animal welfareNone
2008-04-16Considering a new revenue center? Start with coffeeNone
2008-04-02Hospice symposium explores multi-faceted approach to end-of-life animal careNone
2008-03-19NEWStat Special Report - The Economy: Doctors and Consultants Weigh InNone
2008-02-20Workforce Diversity Improves Business PerformanceNone
2008-02-06Striking a Balance: Low Cost, High ValueNone
2008-02-06Industry Focuses on Feline HealthNone
2007-12-26Human/Animal Bond Impacts Veterinary Spending, Dip Seen In Number of Veterinary VisitsNone
2007-10-31Identifying Client Clues, Subtle Concerns Produces More Effective DiagnosesNone
2007-09-19A Lesson in Veterinary Communication: Veterinary Professionals Learn How Enhanced Client InteractionNone
2007-09-05Veterinary Professionals Express Increased Interest in Mediation As An Alternative to Litigation5
2007-08-22Euthanasia: Studies Show Discrepancies between Owner/Doctor Perceptions on CommunicationNone
2007-08-08Theft of Medical Insurance Within Healthcare FacilitiesNone
2007-07-25Human, Veterinary Doctors Establish Partnership Under “One Medicine” ConceptNone
2007-07-11Complementary Approaches to Veterinary Medicine: Practical Resources Shared at AAHA ConferenceNone
2007-03-21Zapping the Gap: Four Generations, One OfficeNone
2007-02-21NAVC News NuggetNone
2007-02-07Consumers Ask Veterinarians for New Cancer Screening Test; Professionals Question Science, SecondaryNone
2006-12-27Emerging Shelter Specialty Offers Informational Resources and Expanded Career Pathways for VeterinarNone
2006-11-15Veterinary Colleges Lag Behind Other Medical Schools in Terms of Recruitment1
2006-11-01New Study Illustrates Need for Veterinarians to Ask Clients about Complementary Medicine Use with PeNone
2006-09-20Treating the Treatable: Turning Failures into LessonsNone
2006-09-06Professionals are Encouraged to Choose Above the “Line” BehaviorsNone
2006-08-23Obesity: Prevention, Client Consultation Best Cure for DiseaseNone
2006-08-23Higher Levels of Evidence Sought by Members of New Veterinary AssociationNone
2006-08-09A Veterinary Twist on the “He Said/She Said” Scenario: What Doctors Say Versus What Clients Hear andNone
2006-07-26Technicians Cite Specialties, Larger Role in Practices as Achievements over Last 25 YearsNone
2006-06-14First Communication Track Introduced at ACVIM Forum, Zoonotic Disease Keynote TopicNone
2006-05-31Industry, Government Groups Focus on Veterinary EducationNone
2006-03-08Speaker Dispels Myths, Legends, Informs Technicians About Socialization ClassesNone
2006-02-22Veterinarians, Students Consider Concept of Economic Damages, Pet Selection Consultations Across theNone
2006-02-22AAHAs New Guidelines Based on Scientific Data, Include Shelters, Provisional VaccinesNone
2006-02-08Pint-Sized Clients May Be Missing Link in More Accurate Veterinary Diagnoses, Better ComplianceNone
2006-01-25Need to Recognize and Treat Veterinary Behavior Issues Stressed at NAVCNone
2006-01-11Women Encouraged to Drop Assumptions, Negotiate DifferentlyNone
2006-01-11Client Criticisms Actually Growth Opportunity, Says NAVC SpeakerNone
2005-12-14Universities Announce Female Deans, Bringing U.S. Tally to Three for Veterinary Medical Schools1
2005-10-19First Leadership Workshop Gives AAHA Members Veterinary-Specific InstructionNone
2005-09-21Katrina Disaster Illustrates Need for State Animal Emergency Preparedness PlansNone
2005-09-07Veterinarians Schooled in CommunicationNone
2005-08-10Translational Research Opens New Doors for Many U.S. Veterinary CollegesNone
2005-08-10First AVMA Diversity Symposium Touches on Disparities within the IndustryNone
2005-07-27AAHA to Release Dental Care Guidelines, First in the Veterinary IndustryNone
2005-07-13Growing Number of Veterinary Students Gain Business Edge with VBMA Membership5
2005-05-18Students, Practitioners Studying and Following Veterinary Family Practice ModelNone
2005-04-20AAHA Announces Mandatory Accreditation Standards for Veterinary ProfessionNone
2005-03-23Growing Number of Veterinarians Feel Pinch of Compassion FatigueNone
2005-03-09Veterinarians Encouraged to Revisit Zoonotic Disease Prevention with ClientsNone
2005-02-23Dual Degrees Gaining Popularity for Veterinary StudentsNone
2005-01-26Certified Technicians are in High Demand, but are Veterinarians Willing to Pay for Qualifications?None
2004-12-15Animal Welfare Tops Agenda for State VMAs, Goal of New AVMA Division5
2004-12-01Growing Number of Colleges Offer, Require Homeland Security CoursesNone
2004-12-01Canadian College to Implement Presentation-Based Curriculum, Recruit SpecialistsNone
2004-11-17Negative Trends in Veterinary Medicine Prompt Study, New Interview TechniqueNone
2004-11-03AVMA Warns Veterinarians: Clients May be Forging Rabies CertificatesNone
2004-10-06Industry Survey Shows that New Graduates are the Most Common Practice BuyersNone
2003-11-05Everyday products dangerous to petsNone
2003-10-22Infectious diseases, both common and rare, on the riseNone
2003-08-27Compliance not controlled by cash flowNone
2003-08-13Tick-borne feline disease identified in 11 statesNone

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2018-03-12 Be a part of the solution at the fifth annual Veterinary Wellbeing SummitNone
2018-02-26Researchers want to know: How do you use telehealth? Do you use telehealth?None
2018-01-11AAHA Market Connect: Get the exhibit hall experience—without the exhibit hallNone
2017-11-29He’s not hungry. You’re angry.None
2017-11-14The secret to building a healthy practice.4
2017-09-05Submit your photos for the 2018 AAHA Press CatalogNone
2017-07-24Technicians@Work in TrendsNone
2017-03-09Weekly News Roundup 3/3 – 3/9None
2017-02-14Nutritional resources to fit AAHA's guidelinesNone
2015-11-02Human interactions good for feline health 5
2015-06-01FTC report sets stage for competition in pet medication market4
2015-05-21AVMA Veterinary Debt and Income report published2.5
2014-11-26Quote of the week 4
2014-11-26Give the gift of AAHA pressNone
2012-10-15Economic Census forms will soon reach veterinary practicesNone
2012-10-05Vets can help researchers learn about human-to-pet flu transmissionNone
2012-10-05Texas woman wants PetSmart to stop selling rope toysNone
2012-10-04Pet costume trend becoming a booming businessNone
2012-10-04Nature’s Deli Chicken Jerky Dog Treats facing recall1
2012-09-19Cat’s Night Out program like catnip to feline patients3.3
2012-09-05Entrepreneurs bring the future to pet health careNone
2012-09-05Regenerative procedure regrows dogs’ damaged jawbonesNone
2012-08-29Smartphone-based veterinary heart monitor hits marketNone
2012-08-01Facebook and Twitter for your veterinary newsNone
2012-07-11Partnership launches new preventive health programNone
2012-06-27Partnership moves forward with fresh faceNone
2012-06-27Domestic violence shelter offers safe haven for petsNone
2012-06-27NEWStat will return July 11None
2012-06-2710 summer safety tips for clientsNone
2012-06-20Hospital opens its doors to Colo. fire victimsNone
2012-06-13Pfizer to spin off animal healthNone
2012-06-13Calling all dog experts!None
2012-05-02Staff relations chief concern of veterinary professionalsNone
2012-05-02Diamond expands food recallNone
2012-04-25Got drugs? Get rid of them this weekendNone
2012-04-11Diamond recalls dog foodNone
2012-03-21State of Industry reveals glimmers of hope, opportunity5
2012-03-21Heartworm prevention on the declineNone
2012-03-21"Every pet, every time", Nutrition Alliance urgesNone
2012-03-14Arizona gets first vet schoolNone
2012-03-14Pfizer may spin off animal healthNone
2012-02-15Cornell CVM to undergo $22 million expansion4
2012-02-15Dog bite raises discussion on canine behavior4.5
2012-02-08Novartis ships limited Animal Health productsNone
2012-02-08Top poison reports in 2011None
2012-02-08"Fat pet" gap continues to growNone
2012-02-01Clomicalm mixup warning from NovartisNone
2012-02-01No price increase for NovartisNone
2012-01-11Battle of the exes: A veterinarians role in co-parenting4
2012-01-04Research shows industry will grow by $28 billion by 2017None
2012-01-04Disney vet to head CSU vet schoolNone
2011-12-21AUA closes vet programNone
2011-12-21Bayer, Cipla settle trademark caseNone
2011-12-21Happy holidays from AAHA!None
2011-12-21Purdue changes name from "school" to "college"None
2011-12-14Top 10 holiday dangers for catsNone
2011-12-07AVMA approves Christmas flight for Santas reindeerNone
2011-12-07Dog food recalls cite aflatoxinNone
2011-12-079 nutrition facts for you and your clientNone
2011-11-30Trends Extra Quiz: What do you know about pain?5
2011-11-30Settlement over medical waste violations results in aid for homeless animalsNone
2011-11-23FDA to appeal Francks veterinary compounding rulingNone
2011-11-23Happy Thanksgiving from AAHA!None
2011-11-16Court rules Texas dog owners can sue for sentimental damages5
2011-11-16New behavior study offers insights into animals disease-fighting strategies5
2011-11-16Japanese companion animals still suffer from nuclear falloutNone
2011-11-09University of Alaska Fairbanks to get new vet programNone
2011-11-09Canine cancer could be linked to evolutionNone
2011-11-02Drug shortage relief on the horizon?None
2011-11-02NEWStat is changing!None
2011-11-02Trends Extra Quiz: What do you know about pet obesity?None
2011-11-02FeLV pioneer dies at 834
2011-11-02Veterinary visits on the decline, preventable diseases on the rise5
2011-10-26NEWStat is changing!None
2011-10-26FeLV pioneer dies at 83None
2011-10-19New canine cancer vaccine shows increase in survival of non-Hodgkins lymphomaNone
2011-10-19Morbidly obese cat gets a second chance at life5
2011-10-19NEWStat is changing!None
2011-10-12NEWStat is changing!None
2011-10-05Cat quarantine to lift SaturdayNone
2011-10-05Merial to import limited quantities of ImmiticideNone
2011-10-05Lower salaries, fewer job offers for vet gradsNone
2011-09-28USDA tests wildlife rabies vaccineNone
2011-09-28NEWStat is changing!None
2011-09-28In-home euthanasia on the upswing4.7
2011-09-28Washington veterinarians now required to report prescriptionsNone
2011-09-26NEWStat is changing!None
2011-09-26Recent headlines from Trends TodayNone
2011-09-12NEWStat is changing soon!None
2011-09-07NEWStat is changingNone
2011-09-07Recent headlines from Trends TodayNone
2011-09-05Recent headlines from Trends TodayNone
2011-08-31Recent headlines from Trends TodayNone
2011-08-22Recent headlines from Trends TodayNone
2011-08-15Recent headlines from Trends TodayNone
2011-08-03Recent headlines from Trends TodayNone
2011-07-25Recent headlines from Trends TodayNone
2011-07-25Recent headlines from Trends TodayNone
2011-07-18Recent headlines from Trends TodayNone
2011-06-14Recent headlines from Trends TodayNone
2011-06-08Recent headlines from Trends TodayNone
2011-06-07Recent headlines from Trends TodayNone
2011-06-06Recent headlines from Trends TodayNone
2011-06-01Recent headlines from Trends TodayNone
2011-05-30Recent headlines from Trends TodayNone
2011-05-16Recent headlines from Trends TodayNone
2011-05-16Recent headlines from Trends TodayNone
2011-05-09Recent headlines from Trends TodayNone
2011-05-02Recent headlines from Trends TodayNone
2011-04-25Recent headlines from Trends TodayNone
2011-04-18Recent headlines from Trends TodayNone
2011-04-18New Zealand to host 2013 WSAVA CongressNone
2011-04-11Recent headlines from Trends TodayNone
2011-03-21Recent headlines from Trends TodayNone
2011-03-14Recent headlines from Trends TodayNone
2011-03-07Recent headlines from Trends TodayNone
2011-02-28Recent headlines from Trends TodayNone
2011-02-28AAHA Awarded for Service to the ProfessionNone
2011-01-17Recent headlines from Trends TodayNone
2011-01-10Recent headlines from Trends TodayNone
2010-12-27Recent headlines from Trends TodayNone
2010-12-15Recent headlines from Trends TodayNone
2010-12-06Recent headlines from Trends TodayNone
2010-11-29Recent headlines from Trends TodayNone
2010-11-22Recent headlines from Trends TodayNone
2010-11-15Recent headlines from Trends TodayNone
2010-11-14Vetstreet and AAHA MARKETLink/MWI to offer Hill’s foodsNone
2010-11-02Political Px: Veterinarians views1
2010-11-01Recent headlines from Trends TodayNone
2010-10-18Remember National Veterinary Technician WeekNone
2010-10-18Recent headlines from Trends TodayNone
2010-10-11Recent headlines from Trends TodayNone
2010-10-04Recent headlines from Trends TodayNone
2010-10-04NEWStat moves to new, weekly formatNone
2004-09-08Leptospirosis Cases Increase, Website Launched to Educate Industry, ConsumersNone
2004-06-30Equine Influenza Virus Jumps to Dogs in FloridaNone
2004-04-07Volunteer Work Provides Education and OpportunitiesNone
2004-03-10New Animal Blood Banks Open, Raise Questions about Industry StandardsNone
2004-02-25Veterinarians Organize CorpsNone
2004-02-25New Shelter Rotation Indicative of Industry InterestNone
2004-01-14Mad-Cow Disease Prompts Pet-Food FearsNone
2003-12-31A Call to Veterinarians: Educate Immunosuppressed ClientsNone
2003-11-19Handling Dog Treats Linked To Salmonella In CanadaNone
2003-10-08Facing compliance factsNone
2003-09-24Disease, exotic pets remain center of controversiesNone
2003-08-27Domestic rabies cases rare, but still a threatNone


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