Too many veterinarians?

50 years ago

Dr. Wayne Riser, in his President’s Report at AAHA’s 1961 annual meeting, stated, "The number of veterinary students to be graduated each year must be increased if we are to keep up with population growth and meet the increased need for veterinary service."
Source: AAHA Proceedings, 1961

25 years ago

At the Practice Management Seminar, Northeast Region, it was reported that recent veterinary manpower studies clearly indicate that there is an oversupply of veterinarians in small animal practice today.
Source: Trends magazine, 1986
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GuestUnited States
8/18/2011 1:59:00 PM #

I dont think there are too many veterinarians.  I think there is too little public awareness about when pets, especially cats, need to see a veterinarian.

I think pet owners dont know the cost of NOT vaccinating their pets - as a result, we now have disease outbreaks happening across the US now for lepto, parvo, heartworm and other preventable diseases.

I think pet owners dont know the signs of pain and illness in their pets and neglect them because of what they dont know.  In other words, there is much undone work in pet healthcare and not enough being done to educate the public.  Lets focus on fixing that problem and helping more pets by building better awareness about pet health care issues.  Lets give pet owners good reasons to seek veterianary care and grow the market through public education.

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