The AVMA has presented Link Welborn, DVM, DABVP, with its 2013 AVMA President's Award, which the association says recognizes individuals and groups inside and outside veterinary medicine who have made a positive impact on animal, human, or public health, veterinary organizations, and the profession.

The award specifically salutes Welborn's contribution of his time, wisdom, and leadership while serving as chair of the AVMA's Veterinary Economics Strategy Committee and the Workforce Advisory Group in 2012-2013, the AVMA said.

Welborn, a past AAHA president who owns four AAHA-accredited small animal hospitals in Tampa, Fla., has long established himself as a dedicated leader for the AVMA and AAHA, said Michael Cavanaugh, DVM, AAHA chief executive officer. 

"We are so proud of Dr. Welborn and he is so deserving of the AVMA President’s Award. Dr. Welborn has served AAHA in so many different capacities, from time spent on the board of directors and committees, the moving through the officer chairs of the association, and then serving as AAHA’s President. He has always done an extraordinary job and been so generous with his time, AAHA is very grateful," Cavanaugh said.

Welborn's leadership roles in the AVMA and AAHA have included:

  • Chairman of AAHA task forces that most recently enhanced and revised the Standards of Accreditation for primary care small animal practices, the first Standards of Accreditation for small animal specialty practices, and the 2011 Canine Vaccination Guidelines.
  • Member of the AAHA/AVMA task force that developed the Canine and Feline Preventive Healthcare Guidelines for the Partners for Healthy Pets initiative.
  • Former member of the board of directors for the National Commission on Veterinary Economic Issues (NCVEI), current member of Veterinary Management Group 1, and vice president and chairman of the Strategic Opportunities Committee of Veterinary Study Groups.
  • AAHA Delegate to the AVMA House of Delegates and chair of the AVMA Economics Strategy Committee. Also chaired the AVMA Workforce Advisory Group, which was responsible for the 2013 Veterinary Workforce Study.

Welborn has received many other prestigious awards, including the AAHA Practitioner of the Year Award, University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine Alumni Achievement Award, and Florida Veterinary Medical Association Veterinarian of the Year Award, the AVMA said.

"AAHA is proud to share 'our leaders' with the entire profession as they certainly contribute at a consistently high level. Thanks to Dr. Welborn for his important work on behalf of the AVMA and a hearty congratulations on being recognized for his contribution as chair of the Veterinary Economics Strategy Committee and the Workforce Advisory Group," Cavanaugh said.

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Domenico Russo
Domenico RussoItaly
11/15/2014 10:24:59 AM #

Dear Dr. Welborn,
I am writing you for your role as Chairperson in preparing the Canine Vaccination Guidelines of the AAHA (2011).
I would ask if you can help me understand a point considered in the guidelines for vaccination of dog. In detail, it is the point 27:

Questions Related to Vaccine Products
27.  Will the administration of vaccine to a puppy “ bind ” or otherwise deplete MDA, leaving the dog susceptible to infection?
Vaccination in the presence of MDA can interfere with the vaccine but will not deplete, or measurably alter, the level of protection a puppy derives from passive (maternal) immunity.

What is the bibliographic reference for this point? Is it always true that vaccine cannot deplete MDA? Many veterinarians empirically thought that sometimes vaccination can deplete MDA leaving the dog susceptible to infection.
Thank you for the kindness that you will use in responding to my question.
Domenico Russo, DVM, PhD
E-mail: [email protected]

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