The use of animals in labs has been a hot topic in the European Union (EU) this year. Infact, one million Europeans signed the Stop Vivisection Initiative, submitted in March to the European Commission. 

But on June 3, the European Commission rejected that initiative, reported Speaking of Research.

The commission stated that animals are required for biomedical research but that other, more animal-free ways for testing drugs and conducting research would be developed, reported the international weekly journal, Nature.

The decision does not come as a surprise.

Supporters of the Stop Vivisection Initiative failed to make a strong case.

Conversely, more than 170 organizations representing scientists, medical research funders, and patients pledged their support for the use of animals in research. So, too, did 16 European Nobel laureates.

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M Mendillo
M MendilloUnited States
7/2/2015 11:38:56 AM #

Science has used animals in research probably since inception.  You would think after all this time, the scientific community could have developed ways to test without using animals.  We are learning more and more about animals and they do suffer pain.  They should not have to endure pain in the name of science.  People have said to me that the science saves lives and brings us better lives.  I do not need your testing.  Yes, I have probably benefited from testing but if asked I would have said no.  We do not need the products that consumers use.  I cannot imagine being with a person that could to these things to animals.  How do they sleep at night?  I suppose people can justify anything if paid enough.
Sad, sad.  

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