Preventive healthcare guidelines are essential to provide the highest-quality care for your patients. These free tools can help you implement them.

Partners for Healthy Pets (PHP), an alliance of more than 100 veterinary associations, veterinary colleges, and animal health companies focused on preventive care and led by AAHA and the American Veterinary Medical Association, is offering these free, downloadable tools to help you motivate and align the entire practice team around implementation of preventive healthcare guidelines.

Get started with a brief video that explains the importance of preventive healthcare guidelines and describes the various free tools available to help your staff implement those guidelines. Each tool is clearly explained, and a visual map shows how all the tools work together.

Once your staff has seen the video, you can explore the tools together. They include:

  • An easy-to-follow 10-step guide to implementing the guidelines
  • A short, introductory webinar to educate the team on everyone’s respective roles in a preventive healthcare program
  • A team meeting guide to help you implement regular staff meetings to support the implementation of the guidelines
  • A formal practice action plan

The PHP tools and implementation processes work together to help you inspire your team, clarify who does what, provide team training, and ensure strong client relationships, all within the context of preventive healthcare.

Photo credit: © iStock/gustavofrazao

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