The truth is, not all veterinary practices are equal. If you want the very best for your pet, there’s truly only one way to know your veterinary hospital is a cut above the rest: AAHA accreditation. ...more
When we asked our accredited members to share their most inspirational stories of pets overcoming difficult odds, we weren't expecting one veterinary hospital to share 10 happy stories with us. Meet the cleft palate puppies of AAHA-accredited Northgate Pet Clinic in Decatur, Ill. ...more
Meet Bongo. He's had five surgeries to repair two bad knees. Thanks to the excellent care he's received at AAHA-accredited Newport Animal Hospital in Costa Mesa, Calif., Bongo is on the mend and thoroughly enjoying his acupuncture treatments....more
Being a mom isn't easy, whether you're talking about the pregnancy, the labor and delivery, or the years of parenting that follow. This doesn't only apply to humans--motherhood is tough for most species. That's why the moms here at AAHA were particularly bothered when we heard the story of Josie, a yellow Labrador retriever who was seen at AAHA-accredited Wellington Veterinary Hospital recently during her difficult labor and delivery. Teva Stone, DVM, shared the story--including the happy ending--with us....more
Over the past several years it’s hard not to notice how pets have become members of our families—with many going from backyard doghouses to our own beds. As these joys and bonds grow, so does the feeling of loss when these beloved family members face illness, injury, or death. A growing field in the social work arena, veterinary social work, was designed to focus on these relationships and help pet owners cope with illness and loss of their pets. ...more
Surviving cancer is a big deal, and the AAHA-accredited veterinary hospitals all over the U.S. and Canada have a lot of survival stories to share.

Meet Ronnie, Dr. Marcum, and CVT, Sam, of AAHA-accredited Capitol Illini Veterinary Services in Springfield, Ill. Ronnie is a pit bull mix who has finished his chemotherapy treatments and is doing well. He was diagnosed in April 2014 with lymphoma (a cancer of the lymph nodes). He underwent a 16-treatment regimen over 25 weeks to treat his disease. ...more
AAHA-accredited veterinary hospitals have a lot of inspiring stories about pets who have beat the odds and overcome illness, neglect, and abuse with care from their veterinary hospitals.

According to NMDOG, an all-volunteer dog rescue in New Mexico, Cub was found by a woman on her way to place flowers on the grave of a loved one on Valentine's Day. The little heeler was in desperate need of help--he was missing his rear left leg completely, with the tibia bone fully exposed. His right leg was dangling, also exposing the tibia. ...more
Providing regular health care for your cat is essential for a longer, healthier, and more comfortable life for her. Many cats, however, don’t get the regular veterinary care they need due to the amount of stress caused by simply trying to get them to the veterinary hospital. Here, a few tips to make the trip to your veterinarian less stressful—for both your cat and you. ...more

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