Do your pets like to get into the garbage when you aren't looking? The legalization of medical marijuana, and now recreational marijuana, spreading across the country has also led to a spike in marijuana ingestion accidents for the nation's pets, according to SFGate.com.

Pet Poison Hotline, which services the U.S. and Canada, has observed a 200 percent jump in reported incidents of marijuana poisoning over the past five years, SFGate.com reported.

Karl Jandrey, DVM, assistant clinical professor at the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine, said he has personally observed an increase in poisonings. According to Jandrey, the animal hospital at UC Davis went from treating four pot poisoning patients in 2010 to 27 over the past year.

"There's been an increase as marijuana becomes more acceptable in public and less of an underworld thing," Jandrey said.

Jandrey's observation is seemingly supported by a 2012 study published in the Journal of Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care linking the growing number of medical marijuana cardholders to the number of poisoned dogs, SFGate.com reported. According to the study, two Colorado hospitals saw a fourfold increase in poisoning incidents over six years.

San Francisco veterinarian Lori Green, DVM, who said her clinic treats up to three dogs a week for marijuana toxicity symptoms, warned pet owners to watch what they leave within reach of any nearby pets.

"Be aware that it might not be your animal but someone else's," Green said. "They will eat anything you leave out."


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Shiba Rogue
Shiba RogueUnited States
1/31/2014 4:25:33 AM #

I've seen a few dogs get into the trash and eat leaves and buds of pot and they get very stoned, but it wears off without harmful effects, I notice they didn't mention in this article any negative , life threatenening or permanent bad effects from cannabis ingestion in animals. Extensive testing has been done by the US govt where they overdosed dogs and monkeys with pot, the only thing that happens is they get really stoned and fall asleep for a couple hours. Zero harmful or life threatening effects have ever been reported, please be responsible is your reporting. Just like the irresponsible hysteria caused by the demon Harry anslinger in the early 1930's, where he lied about marijuana to get it criminalized, this type of reporting is the same type of fear mongering lack of truth. What would be responsible would be to remind cannabis users to make sure that it is not accessanle to their pets, but reassure them that rushing them to the vet if all they ingested was marijuana is unnecessary. I notice the article mentioned no deaths and did not say HOW these so called poisoned dogs were treated? Get your facts straight. Replace the word dog with teen and this fear mongering article could have been written years ago to convince people that pot is poison when in FACT yes FACT it is NOT.

Kyla P
Kyla PUnited States
1/31/2014 8:42:52 AM #

I didn't much like this article. I was interested in reading some information on the approved and safe disposal of said products, but instead it reads like they are still hoping it will all just go away (in that they didn't say a word about how to actually safely dispose and put aside the plant matter). I literally could have read the title of the article and no more and gotten the same info, but in less detail.
Animals ingesting plants that are bad for them is no new issue, but of course it will go up with legalization. So why not educate people on being safe instead of just telling us it's happening.

DavidUnited States
1/31/2014 9:35:42 AM #

Meanwhile in reality, there are so many things that are poisonous to dogs that can actually do them harm. Common human painkillers, chocolate, insecticides... if my dog ate a bag full of weed, the worst thing is that I'm out a bag of weed and my dog is asleep for the next 3 hours. Is that even technically a poison, since there is no LD-50 for marijuana? Less fear-mongering please.

BrandyUnited States
1/31/2014 8:53:56 PM #

The three previous comments said it all; nothing happens when a dog eats weed, you're just out some weed. There are more important topics to cover in pet safety.

SaraUnited States
2/1/2014 12:47:57 PM #

I am not an advocate of the legalization of Marijuana, nor do I advocate its use.   The local school system is experiencing an escalated increase in student use and cases and parents are fighting an uphill battle....According to their findings, Marijuana today is much more potent than yester-year, and costs less. Rampid/ alarming would be a word to symbolize its use. Agree or not, I hope this is not the future of a healthy society.

I don't think this article says enough about its danger to our pets or the long term impact it can have.  So, I wanted to share that, somehow, one of my dogs was deeply sickened by digesting some.  I am still unsure how this happened, but I can tell you, that his symptoms were truly frightning.  He became immediately lethargic, breathed heavily, and could not move forwards.   He had tremors and went unconscious.  We got him to the veternarian where immediate care occured.  He stayed there for 3 days. We are blessed that he recovered.  $1000 of urgent care was worth every penny, however, obviously, upsetting.  While I may never know, who/ how this happened, as  I found him in this condition after work. He appears to be the same dog today as he was previous to the incident.  So, I am blessed.    

I am sure my experience will cause cynical response.  As you shoot the messenger, the dog became the victim of something that is being taken too casually.  He didn't deserve that....no pet does.......I do consider my pets my children, but they are not...Dogs don't get high, as they are dogs......they can get tragically sick, and yes, it can be poisonous.  

I wonder why Humans need to feed Monkeys, Dogs, or any animal Marijuana.....unless there are real risks.....  

johnny99United States
2/3/2014 5:09:02 PM #

Click the link in the story to get more details. According to that, dogs do not react the same as humans to THC.

Joseph Watson
Joseph WatsonUnited States
5/30/2014 12:47:22 AM #

Always remember to keep that kind of stuff out of reach of your pets. This kind of stuff could be harmful and sometimes fatal for your pets. The extent of effect of marijuana ingestion depend upon the it's intake amount. Medical marijuana is very helpful in treating many diseases, but it has bad effects on mental health in later stages. Consulting a medical professional before using any marijuana medicine is very necessary to ensure safety from their side effects.

Max Green
Max GreenUnited States
1/5/2016 5:12:22 AM #

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Max Green
Max GreenUnited States
1/5/2016 5:12:46 AM #

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Joe Badoglio
Joe BadoglioUnited States
1/30/2016 2:44:53 AM #

Sara, today's pot is not stronger than yesterday's pot, that myth has already been debunked. And it doesn't cost less, it costs TEN TIMES MORE. Where did you get your information, from a Cracker Jack box?  

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