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Michael Cavanaugh, DVM, DABVP

I am writing today to share some exciting changes being made to the American Animal Hospital Association’s Career Development Program. In a recent strategy planning session, the AAHA Board of Directors evaluated all of its programs. As we discussed the situation, it became clear to us that there are countless programs offered to veterinary students while they are in school by numerous associations, pharma companies, and pet food companies. At the same time, there appears to be a significant void in programs designed to help the recent veterinary school graduate.

With that in mind, the AAHA board has decided to redirect our Career Development Program resources. Our resources for veterinary students will continue, but will take the form of virtual resources offered online as opposed to on-campus programs. Students will still receive complimentary AAHA membership that includes access to online versions of our popular Trends magazine and the Journal of the American Animal Hospital Association. There will continue to be numerous helpful resources available through our websites, including assistance with resume writing, cover letter review, and contract negotiation, as well as access to the VetVance website and all the materials available there. We expect to announce access to additional resources next year.

Veterinary school graduates will receive complimentary AAHA membership and a 50 percent discount on registration at AAHA’s yearly conference for 3 years after graduation. In addition, resources related to AAHA’s Mentorship and Internship Guidelines will be readily available. Additionally, My Veterinary Career powered by AAHA will continue to assist in helping veterinarians find the perfect career fit in the profession. Again, we expect to announce significant additions and enhancements to this program as we direct additional resources to help meet the needs of the recent graduate.

This news will no doubt generate questions and we wanted to be very proactive in notifying you of the pending changes, which will go into effect on August 1, 2014. Please direct inquiries to Ms. Kate Spencer, AAHA’s communication manager, at [email protected] and she will facilitate getting answers from the appropriate AAHA staff or board member.

We very much appreciate and value the role students play in the future of our profession and wish to continue to support their efforts. We believe the energy and resources we invest in the recent graduate time frame will be most impactful to helping these men and women achieve career fulfillment and success in our profession.


Michael T. Cavanaugh, DVM, DABVP (C/F)
AAHA Chief Executive Officer


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