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We look at a lot of veterinary websites at Beyond Indigo Pets. Here are some easy takeaways from our experiences to keep in mind as you look at your own website.

Know your audience: Yes, we know you have heard that before, but really think about what that means. Are you speaking to clients? Are you focused on veterinary peers? Your tone of voice and the language you use are essential for capturing your audience's attention. It turns out even the smartest folks like simple, bite-sized, concise content when it comes to the web. Turn down the volume on the technical talk and speak in common terms that most of us use in search. Think “X-rays for cats” versus “digital radiography for felines.” This ensures that your content is easily digestible, which affects both your clientele and your SEO efforts.

Embrace the stock: We’re not talking about the stock market, but about stock photos! Some clients hear those words and run for the door. Don’t be afraid! Today, there are so many great stock images out there. Sure, puppies and kittens are always cute, but you can go even further. Are you a practice that sees a lot of active, outdoorsy pups? City pets that encounter large crowds and soft couches more your game? What do the faces and ages of your clientele look like? Be sure they are all represented. If you want to mix stock and personal imagery, then find connections through color and style so that all the visuals on your site appear to convey a seamless branded message.

Let’s talk about you: Most importantly, add your personal touch to your website. Personal imagery and video are a great way for site visitors to get to know your staff, your clinic, and your philosophies before even stepping foot inside your door. With today’s smartphone capabilities, taking high-resolution photos of your facility, equipment, and team is easier than ever. Likewise, think about echoing the feel of your clinic, including colors and textures, on your website. What do you want people to feel and see on their first visit to your practice? Be sure that comes across on your site loud and clear.

Stay relevant: We know that both potential and established clients utilize your site before each visit. That is why it is so important to be certain your web presence reflects what is happening in your hospital today! Every six months or so, take a cruise through your website, and look at it from a client's perspective. By putting yourself in their shoes, you will be able to see if you are providing them with what they are seeking when visiting you online.

Websites allow an opportunity to connect and communicate with people in their homes and on the go. Make those moments count by being sure yours reflects you. Need help making sure your website reflects the personality of your brand in a strategic, business-building way? Contact Beyond Indigo Pets today for a free website consultation!

Bonnie Wisnowski is an account manager at Beyond Indigo Pets.

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