Are you dreading returning to your practice each day? Working long hours with few breaks and not leaving enough time to take proper care of yourself? Well-being issues plague the veterinary profession. It’s no secret.

As a veterinary professional, you or your team might encounter any of the following scenarios each and every day:

  • Crushing student loan debt and a starting salary that barely pays the bills
  • Pet owners who only bring their pets to you when they’re really sick, get angry about the cost of your recommendations, blame you because they can’t afford to pay for the care, and then publicly shame you online
  • Severe compassion fatigue or psychological distress

Countless children have dreamt of growing up to work with animals. But what happens when that dream becomes a reality and you realize that being a veterinary professional isn’t as dreamy as you once thought?

This is why AAHA created the Healthy Workplace Culture Initiative.
Look forward to opening your practice doors and greeting your day again with help from new and exclusive tools. AAHA created the Healthy Workplace Culture Initiative to help veterinary teams create work environments that foster overall well-being. Ready to be a part of one of the most important professional initiatives of our time?

Healthy workplace cultures create engaged, happy, and productive employees who consistently perform at significantly higher levels. Happy employees in healthy workplaces are invested in the success of the business, seeking continuous improvement and innovation.

By using the tools and resources that make up AAHA’s Healthy Workplace Culture Initiative, you’ll cultivate happy, more engaged team members who deliver client and patient experiences that consistently exceed expectations.

Tools available include:

  • Aspire
    • Online courses that provide easy to implement, video-guided processes and solutions for even the most overwhelming leadership and management challenges in a veterinary practice.
  • Publications
    • AAHA’s Guide to Veterinary Practice Team Wellbeing: Written by various experts in the field of personal wellbeing and culture, this guide is designed to help team members embrace the benefits of self-care and support individual wellbeing in the veterinary practice. 
    • The Link Between a Healthy Workplace Culture and Optimal Personal Wellbeing: In this roundtable discussion, AAHA tapped into the expertise of mental health professionals and other driving culture transformation to learn why they believe wellbeing and practice culture are inextricably linked and what you can do to improve both.
  • The AAHA Culture Connection
    • A collaboration between AAHA and leading management consulting firm, The Coffman Organization (TCO), the AAHA Culture Connection is a two-part employee engagement program. designed to help practices achieve the organizational culture they’ve always wanted by offering personalized insights, recommendations, and tools that empower teams to build a positive and productive work environment together.

Start realizing the benefits of a healthy culture today. Visit

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