We live in an age where embracing digital marketing is no longer an option. By 2015, it is estimated that there will be 1.9 billion mobile Internet users worldwide, and 91 percent of these people have their mobile device with them 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. This means that, if you want to get your message out, the good ol' days of taking out a print ad and crossing your fingers are over. The future has arrived.

For many veterinary practice managers and owners, the problem with the digital marketing revolution is knowing where to start the journey. The field of veterinary marketing is swarming with options; and without help, it's easy to get confused.

Did you know that the average business engages with 12 to 17 vendors for their marketing needs? These vendors may provide any of the following services:

  • Website builds
  • Website hosting
  • Online review management
  • Monthly search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Facebook posting
  • Facebook marketing campaigns
  • Blog writing and management
  • Text and email reminders
  • Print/postcard reminders
  • Pet portal
  • Real time scheduler
  • Yellow Book and online listings
  • Social media marketing
  • Server maintenance
  • In-house IT
  • Practice information software

That's a lot to keep track of on a monthly basis, both in terms of services and service providers, and it's no wonder that crossing the digital divide can sometimes feel a bit intimidating.

Our advice? Keep it simple.

By switching to an all-in-one marketing agency, you can actually save time and money. Why? With everything under one umbrella, you eliminate a lot of the overlap that can often occur with services. For example, SEO can be impacted by the copy on your website, your online reviews, the traffic generated by your blog, and more.

Finding a good marketing agency that can manage all of your digital needs, from building and hosting your website to managing your SEO, blogging, and social media marketing, can save you time and money each month. This, in turn, translates into more time and money for you to spend doing what you do best: treating pets and making clients happy.

For more information on marketing agencies, or to find out how Beyond Indigo can help you with your digital marketing journey, please check out our website.


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