It's time to start picking images to help market your veterinary practice. Perhaps you're looking for the perfect image to go on your website, or maybe you need a picture to accompany your brilliantly written blog. Are stock photos OK? Or should you use your own images?

Both stock images and photos provided by your practice have a place in your marketing, but it is important to know when and how to use each type of image.

Stock photography

  • Generally, stock photographs are of a high quality in regards to lighting and composition.
  • Purchasing stock images is easy and instant, which cuts down on processing time. At Beyond Indigo, we use iStock images, but other stock sites are just as quick and easy to use.
  • Now more than ever, stock images are affordable. Please note that royalty-free (RF) images are cheaper than rights managed (RM) images. RM images tend to be of the highest quality, but they are only licensed for targeted marketing. RF images are available for unlimited use.
  • Stock images can appear generic, and you may find that images you've used in your marketing appear elsewhere as well.

Personal photography

  • Providing your own images is the perfect way to highlight the unique personality of your practice, your staff, and your brand.
  • Most smart phones and digital cameras take photographs of a decent-enough quality for marketing.
  • Pay special attention to lighting, composition, subject matter, and blurriness when taking your own photographs.
  • Avoid graphic images. Just because you (as a veterinarian) are comfortable seeing surgical incisions doesn't mean your potential clients will share the sentiment.
  • If you aren't comfortable taking your own photographs, you can consider hiring a local professional photographer. This can be a bit more costly, but tends to result in high-quality images.

A few tips

  • Never, ever, ever, ever copy images from Google to use for your marketing. Either provide your own photography or purchase stock. Using an unauthorized image can result in takedown notices, or worse, costly fines and lawsuits.
  • Select images that match the service you are offering or the personality of your brand. Avoid generic or bland images that don't add anything to your marketing message.

For information on online reviews, or to find out how Beyond Indigo can help you with your digital marketing journey, check out our website.


Photo: iStock images. This is an example of a stock photograph that showcases high quality but lacks brand personality.

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