AAHA's newest, yet oldest, educational program, the Veterinary Management Institute (VMI), is your path to growth as a veterinary leader. Nearly 24 years after this popular program's inception, it has received a complete makeover with the ever-changing needs of the veterinary industry in mind.

Consistently the industry leader for management education, VMI has always been a dependable source of high-quality CE for practice managers and owners. The new-and-improved program offers the same, but with highly valuable updates, changes, and additions.

Working in collaboration with the renowned College of Business at Colorado State University (CSU), we've put together a program you won't want to miss. VMI is more than just your typical "business" classes. Be prepared to roll up your sleeves and solve complex challenges your practice is facing. The lessons learned through VMI--think leadership, emotional intelligence, and more--will help you grow personally and professionally. The stimulating learning environment keeps you engaged and enables you to form long-term connections with your fellow VMI peers, fostering an environment of continued growth and improvement.

Not interested in sitting around and listening to a presenter discuss the ins and outs of running a veterinary practice successfully? At VMI, you'll actually solve current problems facing your practice. You'll examine case studies that cover every aspect of the business process. You'll work with learning facilitators from a variety of backgrounds, all with thorough business knowledge. You'll create a continuous improvement plan and be given the tools to implement the plan in your practice immediately.

Our comprehensive program offers 83 hours of continuing education over a 10-month period with three in-person sessions at our new location, Colorado State University, plus virtual classes and workgroups that are held monthly.

This executive-level program covers the following topics and much more:

  • Strategic decision making
  • Services marketing
  • Financial management
  • Systems approach to business functions
  • Human resources management
  • Communication skills
  • Conflict management
  • Innovation and adapting to change
  • Strategic entrepreneurship

The veterinary industry is constantly evolving. VMI evolves with the industry, equipping you with relevant skills in each session that you are able to apply immediately in your practice.

The first session is January 30 - February 1 at CSU. Learn more about VMI and register here.


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