AAHA’s inaugural Connexity conference was held in Denver, Colorado, in September. Post-conference surveys indicated the conference was a big hit, but we wanted to ask some questions the surveys didn’t include, so we searched for a few guests to give us the scoop on Connexity from their point of view.

Jessica Tracy, DVM, MBA, CVA
Owning veterinarian of AAHA-accredited Blue Ridge Animal Hospital in Bedford, Virginia

Brianna Price
Patient care supervisor at AAHA-accredited All Creatures Animal Hospital in Tampa, Florida


AAHA: What stood out as being exceptional about Connexity?

Jessica Tracy: As its namesake suggests, the connection! This connection was a different approach from any other conferences we have ever attended.
Briana Price: Connexity lived up to its hype. The amount of value and experience that I was rewarded with greatly exceeded any expense. Aside from the thoughtful event planning, the most important take-home is how I still feel one week post-Connexity. The value is what stuck, and I’m grateful for it.

AAHA: Do you hope to attend Connexity in Indianapolis next year?

JT: I’ll most likely return.
BP: I do hope to attend Connexity next year! I would encourage any member of an accredited practice to attend!

AAHA: How did you feel as you headed back to your practice? 

JT: Hopeful. Like they stated, much of what we struggle with as a profession seems to have little to do with the actual medical cases. Knowing how to build a better team, become a better leader, and create a healthier practice…that can change lives in so many ways.
BP: I felt ready. Ready to implement some ideas. Coincidentally, a department meeting was scheduled for the following Wednesday, and man…I rocked that meeting. Brian Conrad’s session, “Bringing Clarity, Focus, and Direction to Your Practice with Effective Team Meetings” helped me present one of the best team meetings I’ve ever given.

AAHA: What was the best part of Connexity?

JT: The pathways and learning opportunities that arose.
BP: Can I say how awesome the food was? Honestly, though…it was the hosts. Every second of every day they were walking around helping and enjoying what they were doing.

AAHA: What was your favorite session/speaker?

JT: Randy Hall and the accountability lecture was amazing.
BP: Every speaker I listened to was amazing, and even at the Wrap Up sessions, I could tell that the sessions I didn’t attend were equally as fantastic. My favorite session was the one on surviving staff shortages. It was so interactive and I met a great group of people from all over the U.S.

AAHA: Describe Connexity in one word.

JT: Connection… and growth.
BP: InfluentialDifferentFantasticMeaningfulStuckWithMeForever.

AAHA: Anything else you want to add?

JT: I am impressed with the AAHA organization as a whole pursuing something so completely different to better address the concerns that most of us don’t always want to admit. This took some amazing foresight and bravery!
BP: Connexity was an awesome event. Every detail seemed to be planned out so well. Even the hotel staff and catering treated us like we were the only people in the hotel.

AAHA thanks these Connexity guests for their incredible insights!

Did you attend Connexity 2018? Check out our photos and see if you can find yourself and your team members.

Missed out this year? Register now for Connexity 2019 to secure early bird pricing for yourself and your team. Connexity by AAHA will be held in Indianapolis September 12-15, 2019. Registration is now open to all accredited and preaccredited AAHA practice team members.

See you in Indianapolis!

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