You've come to recognize AAHA as a leading provider of continuing education for you and your health care team. For years, AAHA has offered some of the best educational programs available to the veterinary profession. We recognize how important continuing education is, and that's why we've committed to becoming one of the best CE providers that you can count on.

We're excited to announce that in 2015 we will be teaming up with NAVC to offer the entire veterinary profession the very best educational material available today. You may have heard of VetFolio, a 2014 NAVC venture that took the stage as an innovative online continuing education platform designed for the entire health care team. In 2015, AAHA will add our continuing education resources to the VetFolio platform, contributing more than 2,000 hours of educational content to VetFolio. Collectively, our VetFolio resources will surpass any continuing education resources available from any other organization or entity. Together, AAHA and NAVC will offer you and your team the best in continuing education.

What is VetFolio?
VetFolio is a place for those who believe that learning needs to be a part of their daily routine. It's a comprehensive single-source portal to a vast array of CE courses for veterinarians, practice managers, technicians, support staff, and students, and it is available to you 24/7. It's a doorway to information on new technologies and peer networking that's accessible online, anytime of the day or night, year-round.

Why did AAHA and NAVC team up?
The synergies between AAHA and NAVC are significant in terms of mission, strategy, and commitment to improve the veterinary profession overall. Each organization has an abundance of educational materials and a reputation as a leading continuing education provider. Reinventing the wheel has never made sense; combining resources does.

What are the benefits to AAHA members?

  • Ease of use: VetFolio is easy to set up and offers a multi-channel approach for all learning methods and preferences.
  • Easily accessible: VetFolio offers all of the RACE-approved education you need, all in one place.
  • Everybody is welcome: VetFolio is all-inclusive, offering one universal price for the entire practice team.
  • Growing CE library: VetFolio already offers more than 500 hours of RACE-approved, interactive CE learning with new courses being added. AAHA will contribute over 2,000 hours of educational content right out of the gate.
  • World-class faculty leading the way: VetFolio contributors include more than 370 authors, speakers, and contributors from the NAVC Conference. AAHA conference material will enhance this significantly.
  • Responsive technology: We know that today's busy veterinary professional accesses information in a variety of ways. That's why VetFolio offerings are made available on almost any device, including desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.
  • People AND industry building a community: VetFolio is all-inclusive, offering information on new products, innovations, and research from leading industry members. Communities on various subjects will provide members with the opportunity to seek peer input and allow VetFolio to tap into the vast knowledge base of its subscribers. It will also provide a platform for AAHA member panels that will respond to questions and enable us to be experts on our own members.

What does the service cost?
The regular subscription rate is just $45 per month per practice. BONUS: AAHA-accredited practices will receive a special discounted rate. Watch your email for details!

We invite you to try VetFolio and see what it can do for you and your practice. Visit vetfolio.com to get started, and remember to visit the VetFolio booths at NAVC (at both the Gaylord and Marriott), where the partnership will be formally announced and launched. Experience everything VetFolio has to offer and participate in fun activities and giveaways.

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