As a veterinary professional, the thought of your clients seeking medical help from Dr. Google can be both frightening and frustrating. With so much misinformation out there, it's hard to trust any online source to provide pet owners with accurate, reliable pet health information.

While diagnosing health issues online is certainly never recommended, there is a group of pet bloggers dedicated to posting honest, accurate, trust-worthy pet information online. These pet enthusiasts are passionate about taking the best care of their own pets, and want to help other pet owners do the same. This large network of pet bloggers is known as BlogPaws, and the members use the power of social media to improve the lives of companion animals.

At this year's BlogPaws conference, held in Tyson's Corner, Virginia May 16-18, AAHA will host an exciting session titled "Bloggers vs. Veterinarians: It's Not a War, Folks...Come Learn How to Get Along". The goal of the session, which will include a panel of three veterinarians and three pet bloggers, is to enhance the communication between the veterinary and blogging worlds. How can bloggers use their power to reach pet owners to spread reliable information? Knowing that pet owners will often search the Internet for pet information, what are some credible sites veterinarians can feel comfortable sending their clients to? How can veterinarians and bloggers work together for the betterment of our pets? The panel will include Dr. Kate Knutson, AAHA's president, who will work as an ambassador to the pet owning community, trying to bridge the communication gap between bloggers and veterinarians.

The Internet and social media are here to stay, and as a veterinarian it's important that you learn to embrace them and use them to help grow your business. You won't want to miss this interactive session as our panel (and the audience) dukes it out and eventually learns to play well together.

Can't we all just get along? In this session you'll learn that yes, we can all get along, but even more importantly, you'll also learn how.

Because of our long-standing relationship with BlogPaws, and sponsorship of their conference, BlogPaws has agreed to provide a 20 percent discount on conference registration to veterinary professionals. Register here and use code BlogPaws2013-Sponsor-AAHA-20.


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