Not accredited yet? You should be. Here, the top 10 reasons to get your veterinary practice into the "AAHA-accredited" category ASAP.

1. One word: teamwork. Any accredited practice will agree that going through the accreditation process fosters an environment of teamwork and high morale, making every team member feel valued and important in their role.


2. Use of the AAHA logo--on your building, your business cards, your website, your marketing materials, and more--so everyone knows you adhere to the very highest standards in veterinary medicine.

3. Free images created by AAHA's top-notch creative team to use on your Facebook page.

4. Ongoing support from our friendly, knowledgeable accreditation team--you'll benefit from their unique expertise, which comes from working with hundreds of the best practices every year.

5. Valuable how-to guides covering online reputation management and how to pitch the perfect press release to get your practice noticed in your community.

6. A free website through our preferred provider, Beyond Indigo Pets.

7. A free accreditation kit and online resources, including your choice of brochures, logo decals, folders, posters, lapel pins, and more, helping to promote your accreditation (AKA, your hard work and dedication to provide the best care for animals and their humans!).

8. Accredited member pricing on select AAHA Press items--valuable tools that can help you in a variety of ways, whether you're looking for veterinary management, scientific, or client education resources.

9. Looking to fill a vacancy on your team? Accredited members receive a 25 percent discount on services from My Veterinary Career--these "matchmakers" of the veterinary industry will find the perfect professionals for your practice, saving you time and money.

10. Increased public visibility through AAHA's brand recognition. As more pet owners learn what AAHA accreditation means for themselves and their pets, more are demanding it. AAHA has advertised on television, radio, and in print, and the word is getting out. Fun campaigns like "I Choose AAHA" and advertisements in publications like USA Today's Pet Guide help to educate pet owners about AAHA accreditation.

Veterinarians and pet owners alike know that pets at AAHA-accredited practices receive the highest quality care from well-trained, professional veterinary teams. When is your team going to join us?

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