As the fast pace of summer eases into autumn, we begin to rake up the remnants of this year's bounty and prep for the coming new year. Just as our yards, homes, and lives need to be renewed and refreshed, so to do our websites.

Review and remove any obsolete content.

  • News items: Delete outdated items like food recalls, but keep useful articles in your archives. If you find that you send clients to a specific news post regularly, consider adding that information to your content.
  • Services: Remove any services you no longer offer. If you now refer to a specialist, consider keeping the educational information.
  • Staff: Delete any employees who are no longer working at your hospital. Adjust any content that may have changed due to their departure.
  • Promos: Expired promotions should be removed as soon as possible. If you have promos that you may run again, consider deactivating them rather than deleting. No need to start from scratch next time!

Refresh your site with new content.

  • News items: News doesn't have to be earth-shattering. Clients like to know what you've been up to. Consider introducing them to a staff member or your new clinic cat.
  • Services/Procedures: Add any new services, procedures, or equipment. Add content explaining why it's important to your clients.
  • Staff: Add any new staff. Consider their specialties and add that information to the appropriate content area.
  • Promos: Think about how you can use promos to get likes on Facebook or promote other social media. You may be able to offer promos that piggyback on supplier promotions.
  • Hours: Make sure that your hours are up to date. Be sure to include on-call and emergency hours.
  • Events: Add any upcoming events. Don't forget to promote your website at the events, since you're promoting the events on your website!
  • Recognition: Tell your clients about any awards or recognitions you've received. If you are/were in the running for any awards determined by public vote, let your clients know so they can vote for you!
  • Social Media: Promote your social media accounts, add new accounts, and consider joining new social media.

Dust off the cobwebs!

  • Philosophy: Think about how you would describe your hospital to a new client. That's what you need to include in your content!
  • Time/Dates: Make certain that all references are to dates and not times. For example, let clients know that you've been in the business "since 1981" instead of "for 32 years." This will save you time updating these in the future.
  • Protocols/Recommendations: Update any changes to recommendations or protocols. Be sure to update your forms, too.
  • Google Analytics: Use Google Analytics to learn about your website visitors. Adjust your content based on your findings.
  • Headlines/Page Titles: Make sure that page titles and headlines are written to get your pages found. Think about how people search for your services.
  • Blog: Maintaining a blog means that you are consistently adding new quality content to your site. Google loves that!

So, curl up in a comfy chair with a cup of hot apple cider and give your website content a fall spruce-up!

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