You and your team have been there: A patient needs life-saving care, but the owner is unable to pay for it. What do you do?

When it comes to providing the best care for patients, economic limitations of pet owners can add stress to the equation. Too often, this stress spreads to the veterinary care team, creating additional financial burdens for the practice, and sparking emotional stress for team members who simply want to ensure every pet receives the very best care.

To address this situation, AAHA is excited to announce two new preferred provider and member benefit programs designed to alleviate stress for both veterinary professionals and pet owners when managing the cost of veterinary care: AAHA Pet Health Insurance Program (APHI) and AAHA Pet Wellness Plans (APWP). Both new programs are key components of AAHA’s Healthy Workplace Culture Initiative, a strategic initiative designed to help relieve stress in the practice by improving veterinary workplace culture. The AAHA Pet Health Insurance Program offered by Petplan pet insurance and AAHA Pet Wellness Plans both seek to reduce stress in the veterinary practice by making it easier for clients to manage the cost of veterinary care.

The AAHA Pet Health Insurance Program is specifically designed to assist clients with options to pay for unexpected expenses for illnesses and injuries. The program is offered by Petplan, an avid AAHA supporter and one of the largest, most respected pet insurance providers in North America.

Enrolling pets for coverage with Petplan is quick and easy. Clients choose their preferred coverage limit, annual deductible and the reimbursement percentage that suits them best. Policies are broad, flexible, and easy to understand with Petplan handling all enrollment, underwriting, and administrative tasks.

All new Petplan policyholders through your practice using code AAHA receive a $25 Visa Reward Card (which AAHA and Petplan encourage them to spend at your practice) and, you, your team, and your clients receive up to a 10% discount on all policies purchased online. Coverage is available from Petplan throughout the U.S. and most of Canada. Ready to learn more? Visit gopetplan.com/AAHA, email [email protected] or call 800-212-2692 to see how the AAHA Pet Health Insurance Program offered by Petplan can benefit your patients, your clients, and your practice.

The second program, AAHA Pet Wellness Plans program, is designed to give clients peace of mind by providing access to important preventive care services with an affordable monthly payment. The pet wellness plan program is powered by VCP, an industry leading wellness plan provider.

Pet wellness plans are ideal for pets, for pet owners, and for the veterinary practices that offer them. Pet owners enjoy the convenience of affordable monthly payments and the peace of mind that comes from knowing they are doing what is best for their pets.

For AAHA practices, pet wellness plans alone or in combination with pet health insurance, can lead to enhanced compliance, more patient visits and increased revenue, all while helping ensure pets get the quality care they need when they need it. The end result? Healthier pets, happier, more loyal clients, and a healthy, thriving practice. Get started now with AAHA Pet Wellness Plans: Visit vcp.vet/aaha or call 855-230-1100.

CareCredit, an AAHA preferred provider since 1995, also provides financial options to help pet owners effectively manage the cost of veterinary care. The CareCredit health care credit card offers special financing options to help pet owners manage out-of-pocket veterinary expenses. Financing options such as no interest if a balance is paid off within six months can be attractive to pet owners looking to provide care for their pets.

Together, these three AAHA preferred providers offer a robust package of opportunities for accredited veterinary practices seeking to provide a variety of financial options for pet owners.

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