Many Americans strive to be gainfully employed for more than half of their adult lives in order to provide the basics during those years, as well as enjoy the journey. Often, they are also in a position of supporting others, such as parents or children, during their working years.

Most are initially employed by a corporation or small business with the goal of owning their own practice, especially in the veterinary profession. Those individuals become their own boss prior to retirement—but did you know nearly all Americans become their own bosses during retirement?

Retirement can mean many different things to different people. Some will leave the working world altogether and embrace the traditional meaning of retirement—sitting back, relaxing, and enjoying the show. Others can’t bear to quit working, so they might cut back on hours, but remain within the workforce. Some will take up hobbies and interests, while others choose to travel the world or spend time with family and friends. We might all have different interests, but the reality is that we are all in the same boat when it comes to living in retirement—that is, we all need to find a way to pay ourselves, whether we have a business or not.

In recent history, the government has authorized various changes to the tax code that incentivize businesses of all sizes to help their employees save for retirement. Because funding for retirement doesn’t come from thin air, we must individually prepare for the road ahead. While many invest in real estate, the financial markets, or alternative investments, the reality is that most people focus on the here and now, rather than the future.

Have you started working on your nest egg, or the pool of funds that you will use to pay yourself in retirement? We’ve all heard time and again that the future of Social Security and its benefits payments is uncertain, so we need to rely on ourselves to live in dignity and enjoy our retirement years.

AAHA recommends AXA as its exclusive provider of retirement savings strategies for members. Whether you pay yourself today or someone else cuts the check, there’s little doubt that you will need to pay yourself in the near future.

Speak with a retirement program specialist today at 800-523-1125 at no cost or obligation to you—it’s one of your member benefits.

“AXA” is the brand name of AXA Equitable Financial Services, LLC and its family of companies, including AXA Equitable Life Insurance Company (NY, NY), MONY Life Insurance Company of America (Jersey City, NJ) AXA Advisors, LLC (member FINRA, SIPC), and AXA Distributors, LLC. AXA S.A. is a French holding company for a group of international insurance and financial services companies, including AXA Equitable Financial Services, LLC. The obligations of AXA Equitable Life Insurance Company and MONY Life Insurance of America are backed solely by their claims-paying ability.

The retirement plan would be funded by an annuity contract issued by AXA Equitable Life Insurance Company, New York, NY. Variable products are distributed by affiliate AXA Advisors, LLC. Annuities contain certain limitations and restrictions. For costs and complete details, contact a Retirement Program Specialist. AXA Equitable does not provide tax or legal advice. You should consult with your attorney and/or tax advisor before purchasing a contract.

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