"Looks like Gracie finally found someone to play with!" says a woman leaning against the dog park fence. She laughs as my dog, Rex, chases after Gracie. Being dog-people, we chat about our pets and I learn Gracie has recently been quite ill. 

"She had a horrible cough they thought was caused by Bordetella. I remember hearing about 'kennel cough' from our veterinarian when we lived out east, but I didn't think she needed the vaccine because we never put her in a kennel. But when we moved here, she started going to the dog park." She stops and takes a deep breath. "When we went for our first veterinary visit, they never asked me if she had contact with other dogs. So I just assumed that she needed the same vaccines she needed before we moved. No boarding, no Bordetella." 

Gracie had begun coughing a few weeks later.

Recalling my last wellness visit with Rex, I explained how excited Dr. Thomas' staff had been to show me a new way they were gathering patient health information, called the Pet Wellness Report®. "It's an online survey that I filled out in a few minutes, quickly answering questions about Rex's health and lifestyle from my perspective. When I answered 'yes' to the question: Does Rex have contact with other dogs? Dr. Thomas recommended the Bordetella vaccine, along with other recommendations based on the information I shared." 

After sharing this last experience Rex and I had with Dr. Thomas, I showed her a mobile version of Rex's Pet Wellness Report on my phone. Impressed with the thoroughness of the report, Gracie's owner decided to follow-up at her hospital. 

The Pet Wellness Report®: Promoting the bond
Using tools that promote the pet-pet owner bond along with the pet owner-veterinarian bond is advantageous for pet and practice health. The Pet Wellness Report® (PWR) is one such tool. It is the first broadly available health risk assessment (HRA) in veterinary medicine and the only AAHA-endorsed HRA

How does the PWR work? Before, during, or after the wellness visit, the client completes a standardized, online questionnaire, which can be paired with optional diagnostics including blood and urine testing and parasite screening. The PWR then generates a comprehensive, easy-to-read report that acts as a catalyst to engage, educate, and empower pet owners to more proactively assess their pet's health alongside their veterinary health care team. 

Don't underestimate the power of a highly bonded client to generate the most trusted source of advertising: word-of-mouth referrals. Give them something to brag about with the Pet Wellness Report, which 82 percent of pet owners in a recent PWR clinical trial said they would recommend to a friend. 1 Visit the PWR website to learn more.  

Contact [email protected] (use promo code REDBLOG in the subject line) to receive FREE Pet Wellness Reports for you and your entire staff. 


1 Lavan, R., Enhanced Preventive Care: Data from the First Broadly Available Health Risk Assessment for Dogs and Cats. Paper presented at the 87th Annual Western Veterinary Conference; 2014; Las Vegas, NV.



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