Like to ride a bike? Need to get some CE? AAHA has an adventure for you--the KATY Trail Bicycle Tour! Here, six reasons you should join us:

  1. Feel like a kid again
    When was the last time you smiled and felt giddy like a kid pedaling carefree down a trail on an adventure? Now imagine having that feeling while taking in the scenery of the Missouri River on a leisurely ride that includes some adult activities like side trips to a winery or the Anheuser Busch Clydesdale farm. Plus, you get lodging accommodations, gourmet meals, snacks, luggage transportation, and even bike support along the way.
  2. Boost your brain power
    Regular exercise helps strengthen and grow your brain, according to an article in Forbes. "The hippocampus, a brain area closely linked to learning and memory, is especially receptive to new neuron growth in response to endurance exercise." Pedaling with AAHA could make you smarter.
  3. Get CE
    This is a bonus! You get an adventure, plus 6 hours of CE on how to get the most value when you sell or buy your practice, taught by national consultants, Jon Dittrich and Ed Guiducci.
  4. Ride the largest rails-to-trails bike path
    The KATY (Kansas, Arkansas, & Texas Railroad) Trail is the largest rails-to-trails bike path in the United States. Rails-to-trails turns abandoned railroad beds into multiuse trails, so you'll be on a 16-foot-wide trail built for cycling. In 6 days, you'll ride a total of 120 miles on the KATY Trail along the Missouri River following the Lewis & Clark expedition.
  5. Pedal at your pace
    This isn't a race. You'll be able to ride at your own pace so you won't miss all the scenery of the Missouri River and backcountry the trail has to offer.
  6. Have fun!
    You deserve to have a vacation from "real life" and enjoy some fun! Put a little adventure in your CE.

Learn more about the KATY Trail Bicycle Tour, and be sure to reserve your spot soon. Space is limited, and registration closes on April 30. Call the AAHA Member Service Center at 800-883-6301 to sign up for this incredible CE opportunity.

See you on the trail!

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