Are you reading this blog post a day or two after its publication date? Have a good laugh, because chances are it may already be outdated! Facebook is known for swift and unannounced changes (and then adjustments to those changes). What’s a business to do?

The best advice is to log in at least once daily. Check your page for alerts and scan for new features and relocation of existing features. This will help you stay oriented and aware of changes as soon as they show up.

Here’s an overview of some new Facebook for Business features:

  • Star rating and business open/closed status: This is the most sought-after information by visitors to your timeline, located directly below the profile photo.
  • Post search bar: If you or your timeline visitors are looking for a specific previous post, you can avoid switching to Insights, and they can avoid the endless scrolling! This search bar picks out words within posts (including link previews) to let you quickly find an old post.
  • Services preview: Add photos, prices, and descriptions to fill out your Services tab. Drag your top three to the head of the list, then click “Published.” Those top three will appear on your timeline, underneath your cover photo.
  • Improved Notes: More than just a place to create a wall of text, Notes are now clean, crisp, and structured. Titles, headings, and photos allow you to publish what is essentially an article. Published Notes become timeline posts that can be shared, but not boosted.
  • Insights snapshot: The Insights Overview gives you clear information about timeline visitor behavior, likes, reach, and page views. You’ll immediately see the percentage increases and decreases over the previous week.
  • Ads Manager enhancements: New objectives are now available, the website tracking Pixel has been updated, audience placement has been tweaked, and even the flow from objective to budget to creative has changed. Ads Manager never seems to stay the same, so the Help Center may be your best friend as you navigate Facebook advertising.
  • Buh-bye, 20 percent rule: Until now, ads were rejected for containing more than 20 percent text, and Facebook provided a grid so you could (often inaccurately) estimate whether your ad was within bounds. Now, with Image Text Check, you can upload your ad photo and Facebook will scan it to let you know whether the amount of text means rejection, low potential reach, or a “normal” ad run.

Keeping up with the new

Given the instant and unannounced nature of Facebook updates, staying current can seem daunting. If you’re diligent about checking your page regularly, most changes can be adopted intuitively—and Facebook takes this route intentionally. Knowing that the majority of Facebook for Business users can comfortably acclimate, Facebook can avoid a constant stream of intrusive announcements.

This doesn’t mean that you need to be glued to Facebook (though honestly, you’re checking your news feed several times a day, aren’t you?!). Missed a wave during an update tide? Visit Facebook Business News to get caught up!

If you need help leveraging Facebook as a tool to attract new clients for your business, contact Beyond Indigo Pets today.

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