AAHA revealed plans for a fresh, intimate veterinary conference during the AAHA Nashville 2017 Opening Session.

In 2016, AAHA announced plans to transition to an accredited-only membership model. Connexity will be a more intimate, interactive learning experience with limited attendance to only 700 attendees from AAHA-accredited hospitals.

“Our accreditation program is our foundation—the AAHA Board of Directors and staff are laser-focused on our strategic priorities, all of which revolve around accreditation,” AAHA Chief Executive Officer, Michael Cavanaugh, DVM, DABVP C/F (Emeritus), said. “The membership change and the change in our conference model reflects our pledge to keep accreditation and our accredited members at the forefront of all we do.”

The term connexity comes from the idea of community and connection, merging as one. At a time when many in the veterinary profession are suffering from feelings of isolation and disconnection, the concept of connexity brings colleagues together and provides meaning behind what veterinary professionals do day in and day out. Connexity will focus on transformational learning techniques that include field trips, case study work, small group problem-solving, and other experiences that maximize learning.

“The new conference will be a unique, highly intimate and exclusive conference designed for extreme networking and impactful learning from one another and from experts. Attendees are invited to come for solutions to everyday problems they face in veterinary practice,” said AAHA 2016–2017 president, Nancy Soares, VMD, said. “And, not to worry, there will be plenty of time allotted for those who prefer some alone time to recharge their batteries.”

AAHA also announced it is aligning with NAVC to offer accredited members a unique experience at NAVC’s annual conference, now known as VMX. To provide attendees options in their conference choices, individuals from accredited hospitals will be invited to stay at the Rosen Centre Hotel, which will be AAHA’s designated headquarters hotel. AAHA members who attend VMX will have access to all of the education and entertainment functions provided by NAVC, and will also have access to an exclusive set of activities and group functions within the Rosen Centre offered only for AAHA members.

“We know we have accredited members who crave a big conference setting,” Cavanaugh said. “AAHA recognizes that everyone’s learning style is different, which is why we are teaming up with NAVC to provide our members greater choice when it comes to continuing education experiences.”

While Connexity attendance will be limited to accredited members, AAHA will remain committed to elevating the standard of care in the veterinary profession for all veterinary practices. AAHA will continue giving back to the veterinary profession by producing veterinary care guidelines that are free and available to all practices, and will continue to offer a variety of educational programs and offerings open to both members and nonmembers.

“The AAHA board and staff are united in our excitement about this new opportunity to provide our members a fresh and unique educational experience that supports our strategic priority of focusing on accreditation,” Soares said.

The first Connexity conference will be held in Denver September 13–16, 2018. Registration will open summer 2017.

Want more information? Visit aaha.org/connexity

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Christopher Jank D.V.M.
Christopher Jank D.V.M.United States
4/8/2017 6:54:09 AM #

Highly disappointed in this move by AAHA. As a non-accredited member, I have always enjoyed the AAHA conference and found it to be a valuable CE opportunity.  
I feel that the administration of AAHA is ignoring the non-accredited members. The article mentions connecting and community.  (Connexity???)This move goes away from connection and community to excluding non-accreddited members.

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