It doesn't really matter whether you're planning ground-up construction of your first hospital, or updating the office you've enjoyed for years, you need effective project management to make the most of your investment. Some practice owners are exhilarated by the process of orchestrating their own practice build-out. But building or renovating a practice is a highly complex process that can take months to complete, and many doctors find managing such a process strains their patience, pocketbook, and practice.

To help ensure a successful outcome and minimize the stress caused by a construction project, consider hiring a project manager to supervise the entire process for you. This will help eliminate some of the problems commonly experienced by doctors who manage the project themselves, such as too much time away from patients and production, going over budget, surprises that jeopardize the schedule, and difficulty negotiating with and managing vendors.

Ultimately, your project manager's goal is to deliver your veterinary hospital to plan while insulating you from the day-to-day coordination and decision making that can eat up time better spent with patients. As your advocate, a professional project manager can bring disparate vendors together as a cohesive team and manage the entire process with objectivity and care.

Here are the specific benefits a project manager can provide:

Protects your practice investment:
The project manager locates and secures the right space for your hospital and can conduct a lease review and negotiation for the best possible terms. With an expansion project, the manger will help ensure a seamless integration of existing assets with your new space and personal property.

Protects your time
Your project manager facilitates the construction and equipment installation processes, including qualification and coordination of all vendors, inspections, and site visits.

Protects your budget
The project manager reviews, approves, and facilitates all fund disbursements.

By anticipating and addressing potential problems before they occur, successfully negotiating vendor fees, and enabling you to maintain your time in practice, your project manager ultimately pays for his or her services through real dollar and time savings.

So if you're ready to start your construction project, consult with your colleagues to find a good project manager. Then talk to Wells Fargo Practice Finance about our customized practice start-up and expansion financing packages. As an AAHA member, you automatically qualify for preferred pricing on competitive fixed-rate loans.

Contact us today, and we'll send you a free Practice Success Kit, with our latest Strategies for Success newsletter and an easy-to-use Project Planner.

To learn more about Wells Fargo Practice Finance, just call your financing specialist at 866-4MY-PAWS (866-469-7297) or visit us at

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