When it comes to digital marketing, it can sometimes feel like there is an overwhelming amount of knowledge that you need to know as a business owner but don't. From websites to Facebook to Yelp to Google, where do you even begin? 

You don't have to be confused anymore. Beyond Indigo invites you to join us Sept. 14-17 for our free, four-part Internet Cliffs Notes series. During these webinars, you'll learn about the foundations of digital marketing from Kelly Batlzell, the CEO of Beyond Indigo Pets, and some of her most talented staff members.

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Internet Cliffs Notes, Part 1: The Latest on Online Reputation
Sept. 14, 2015
11 a.m. CDT
Come learn about the latest technology that lets you filter your reviews through an online survey. You'll learn how to send customers directly to Google, Yelp, etc. if the review is positive, or solicit detailed feedback from clients if the review is less than favorable. You'll also learn about the latest online review rules so you can stay in the good graces of Yelp and Google. 

Internet Cliffs Notes, Part 2: Website Design, a 180 Degree Change
Sept. 15, 2015
11 a.m. CDT
We have all heard ad nauseam about the rules of the road for websites. For example, content placed below the scroll line is a no-no. Take those rules, tear them up, and toss them out the window! All new rules have been written for website design thanks to our adoption of mobile devices. Come to this webinar to learn the latest rules, see the hottest designs, and find out if your website meets the new requirements from Google.

Internet Cliffs Notes, Part 3: Search Engine Optimization Has Gone Off the Rails
Sept. 16, 2015
11 a.m. CDT
Google has to constantly change its algorithm to keep ahead of Facebook and Yelp in terms of search viability. This equates to more than 1,000 changes each year. Come to this webinar to find the key changes that apply to you and what you need to do to stay in Google's good graces. Plus, learn about Google's new benchmarking tool that shows how your website statistics relate to other veterinary hospitals in your state.

Internet Cliffs Notes, Part 4: The New World of Facebook
Sept. 17, 2015
11 a.m. CDT
Pay-to-play is the new game in town. Gone are the happy days where you post on Facebook and your adoring fans see every word you type. Pictures? Those are becoming passé. The new sheriff in town is videos. Facebook has made significant changes this year because it is increasing its market share against Google and it is a for-profit company. How does this affect you? Come to this webinar to learn the latest changes and to see examples of how Facebook marketing can boost your business. 

We hope you'll join us in September! 

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