If you happened to catch Good Morning America Live, Good Morning America's online talk show, last Thursday, April 3, you may have seen Dr. Ruth MacPete, from the Partners for Healthy Pets (PHP). Dr. MacPete helped expand PHP's reach to the nearly 22 million viewers per month that the Good Morning America Live website draws.

Throughout her interview, Dr. MacPete focused on PHP's central message of preventive care: "The most important thing is that people know how important annual checkups are for their pets."

She also dispelled some commonly held myths about responsible pet ownership, including that indoor pets don't need vaccinations, that pets don't require dental cleanings, and that people will always know if their pets are sick.

She told the audience that regular visits to the veterinarian are the best way to protect pets from preventable diseases, and that annual checkups are as essential as food and love for pets.

"It's the best way to ensure your pets live the happiest, healthiest life possible," she said.

View Dr. MacPete's appearance on the Good Morning America Live website.




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Stan Stanske
Stan StanskeUnited States
4/28/2014 10:20:22 AM #


Nice article about "Good Morning America Live".  Thanks for sharing. In order to further support our industry, it would be nice to see television adds sponsored by AAHA.  AAHA is a fantastic organization, however, if you asked 10 people in the grocery store who AAHA is, I would guess 9 out of 10 would have no idea. I would love to see AAHA support our industry via television.  Just my thoughts.

AAHAUnited States
4/30/2014 2:54:30 PM #

Hi Stan - thanks for sharing your thoughts! AAHA accreditation relevance and awareness is actually something we've put a lot of thought into recently. We worked with Trone Brand Energy to survey pet owners and recommend tactics for us to use in reaching pet owners. Surprisingly, they don't think TV ads are the way to go - instead, they focus on word of mouth as the key driver of pet owners to accredited hospitals. Here's what Trone said at Yearly Conference: "The headline from the research is that our most powerful weapon in getting the word out, and making AAHA accreditation that piece that makes pet owners feel confident in selecting you, and maybe even driving further and paying more, is YOU. The more knowledgeable your clients are about your accreditation, the more it means to them, and the more they’ll tell others." AAHA will be working in coming months to provide accredited members with the tools they need to spread the word to their clients about accreditation - stay tuned!

-The AAHA team

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