Each year, AAHA attends BlogPaws—a conference that caters to some the most popular and influential pet bloggers across the country—in an effort to communicate the importance of accreditation to the pet owner community.

Recently, AAHA teamed up with BlogPaws for its ninth annual conference in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, sponsoring an afternoon tea for more than 50 attendees. AAHA’s Veterinary Advisor of Public and Professional Affairs, Heather Loenser, DVM, delivered an engaging discussion about AAHA accreditation, highlighting several of the mandatory and points-based standards accredited hospitals adhere to every day.

A number of these standards also sparked several questions that can start important dialogues in practice:

  • “What type of anesthesia is best for my pet’s procedure?”
  • “Can my dog get addicted to prescribed medications?”
  • “What does a cat in pain look like?”

BlogPaws pet bloggers are the top tier in their professions, as our veterinary teams are in theirs. This meant Loenser was able and encouraged to share in-depth information about how AAHA accreditation enhances the health and safety of pets.

Loenser spoke openly about the stigmas surrounding two of the hottest topics in the pet owner community—dentistry and anesthesia—and took the time to explain how AAHA-accredited teams go above and beyond to provide the best patient care using the AAHA Standards of Accreditation.

The excitement for AAHA accreditation was palpable—and throughout the rest of the conference, bloggers took to Twitter to spread the word:

  • “Your cat’s preventative healthcare is as unique as your cat. Become a champion for Excellent Care at @AAHAHealthyPet #blogpaws #ad” @TheTiniestTiger
  • “Just finished a wonderful session with Heather from @AAHAHealthyPet at the annual @BlogPaws conference. #aaha #BlogPaws” @SpencTheDoodle
  • “Mom and I are learning all about the #aaha at #BlogPaws. This is serious business and I’m glad my vet is AAHA certified!” @BudgetEarth
  • “Thanks to @AAHAHealthyPet for our first event @ #BlogPaws! We learned a lot about this organization that cares about the care your pet gets!” @WagNWoofPets
  • “Thanks so much for hosting and for all of the great info! Looking forward to digging in more. #BlogPaws” @Kolsnotes
  • “Super interesting session with @AAHAHealthyPet at #blogpaws! Can’t wait to share all this awesome vet health info on OMD!” @maggiemarton
  • “Golden Thanks @AAHAHealthyPet and @HeatherLoenser #BlogPaws Goldie & Little @Oz_theTerrier” @SugarTheGoldenR

In addition to the buzz generated on social media, AAHA partnered with two bloggers. The Tiniest Tiger and Pawsitively Pets tweeted, posted, and shared content about AAHA throughout their time at the conference and will continue as their readers interact. They’ve also each written two blog posts about the importance of seeking an AAHA-accredited hospital and what it means to be AAHA accredited.

These bloggers have been deemed Champions for Excellent Care by AAHA. Everyone in attendance received a version of the AAHA brand story to share with their followers:

Pet owners, advocates, and enthusiasts are instrumental in building an informed relationship within our communities. In the coming year, this messaging will be extended to AAHA’s social media pages and made available for practices to use in their own materials.

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