Feel overwhelmed by the number of new medications, products, and services available, and aren’t sure what to add to your business? Are you a new practice owner looking to set yourself and your team up for success? 

You aren’t alone. When asked what keeps them up at night, many AAHA members pointed to practice profitability. That’s why we made practice profitability the focus of many Connexity by AAHA (AAHA’s reimagined conference) sessions. Here’s a taste of the profitability sessions you won’t want to miss:

Path to Increased Practice Profitability
Dr. Lowell Ackerman
Sponsored by Zoetis Petcare
Too many veterinary practices are not as profitable as they should be. The good news? If you put the appropriate focus on value, practice ownership can be worthwhile. In this session, you’ll learn the importance of value in practice ownership and discover the tools you need to effectively maximize profit for your practice.

Two Compounds That May Improve the Way You Practice
Dr. Robert Silver
Sponsored by Rx Vitamins
Learn the science behind the clinical value of two popular, ancient compounds that have found modern applications thanks to their anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antineoplastic, and neuroprotective properties. Dr. Silver will discuss the results of recent safety, pharmacokinetic, and bioavailability studies along with several clinical trials. 

Preventive Care: Clinical Evidence and Strategies for Success
Dr. Graham Bilbrough and Nancy Drumm
Sponsored by IDEXX Animal Health
Routine preventive care visits offer the best chance to detect and prevent disease early. We’ll discuss the evidence-based medicine that supports clinical exams and blood testing for healthy adult pets and how catching early indications of disease helps you build bonds with pet owners, provide better care, and build your practice income.

Consolidation Counterpoint
Drs. John Tait and Link Welborn
Sponsored by VMG
Many corporate consolidators have created and perpetuated the belief that the only way for a practice owner to receive the full value of his/her practice when selling is to sell to a corporate consolidator. Come learn about the many ways you can structure your ownership transition to allow the practice to remain independent while optimizing your personal wealth accumulation.

Healthy Teams and Practices Leverage the Power of Injectables
Brenda Tassava
Sponsored by Zoetis Petcare
As a veterinarian, are you maximizing your potential to provide the best care possible while contributing to practice solvency? In this session, you’ll learn what the healthiest practices are doing to communicate the importance of veterinary recommendations when discussing patient care with pet owners.

And many others

We asked: What keeps you up at night?

Your answers inspired Connexity by AAHA, the conference redesigned with you in mind.

Held in Denver, September 13-16, Connexity by AAHA is only 6 weeks away! Register at so you can begin tackling your most pressing practice challenges.

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