You are awesome! You’ve got the best ad in your local newspaper. You even have the nicest website in your town. Nobody can touch your brand. What happens, however, when your practice rolls out a new service, or the ads you have been running in the newspaper no longer send new clients to your practice? That is where Google Adwords comes in.

Tried and true

The phrase “tried and true” often applies to the many different ways you can market a veterinary practice. Be it print, billboard, or digital, you can drive new business to your practice through any combination of these channels. These methods, though, can often be slow to roll out. Print ads, billboards, and websites all take time with designers and copywriters to get the perfect message and often contain many moving parts. Even more modern forms of promotion, such as search engine optimization (SEO) can take time to yield positive results. This time, and areas you are not currently promoting, are the gaps in your marketing plan.

Finding the gaps

The gaps in your marketing plan may not be readily apparent, but there are certainly areas that are not being addressed by your current plan. It could be a service that did not make it on your newspaper or billboard ad, a page on your website that does not currently rank on the first page of the top search engines, or a service that is brand new to your practice. All of these instances show where key information about your business is not being promoted.

The ramp-up time for traditional marketing can act as a gap. A print ad, for example, often takes time to meet with a copywriter, account manager, and designer; only then does the actual work begin. By the time the ad is finished and run, weeks or months may have passed. If the ad contained information for a time-sensitive service, like flea and tick prevention, you may have missed your opportunity to gain new clients for this service.

Introducing a new service quickly can also be challenging. Let’s say you hire a critical care specialist. You can add a page to your website with a robust amount of educational content, but it will still take weeks or months for this page to gain traction and become competitive. Or if you already have your company promoted on a billboard, it is very hard, if not impossible, to change it once it’s up.

Google to the rescue

Google Adwords provides a way to get the word out almost instantly. You can promote the service directly to interested searchers by displaying a text ad on the front page of Google, only showing when someone searches for a targeted service. Or, for general awareness, you can blanket your city with display ads, letting nearly everyone know that you now provide this service.

Adwords provides the means to fill in the gaps of any service or piece of knowledge your current marketing strategy fails to promote. By allowing a user to target very specific phrases and create campaigns easily around these phrases, you can promote anything almost instantly.

Looking for more help with making Adwords a part of your digital marketing strategy? We’d love to be of service! Check out for more details.

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