Imagine a place where 3,500 of your best accredited friends can get together to share stories about how you recently talked up your accreditation to a new client. Or about how you arranged a popular open house, during which you touted your accreditation as a defining feature of why a client should choose to come to you. Or how you grew your Facebook page by sharing photos created for you by AAHA.

Now, AAHA has created a place for you to do just that.

Launched in early July, the AAHA-Accredited Member Facebook group is a private group designed exclusively for AAHA-accredited veterinary hospitals. Designed by members for members, the new group is managed by the AAHA Social Media Committee, a group of AAHA volunteers dedicated to helping practices celebrate their AAHA accreditation.

Our accredited members have asked for a virtual community where they can connect with one another and share ideas for communicating their accreditation with pet owners (and even their own staff!). You asked, we listened. This new group is designed to foster peer-to-peer dialogue that helps practices communicate the value of AAHA accreditation to their clients and community members. Here, we encourage you to celebrate your accreditation and share tips with one another about how to become a better AAHA practice.

We encourage you to make this group yours. Congratulate one another on your successes. Share ideas about how to talk up your accreditation. Ask for practice management suggestions when you need them. Above all else, we encourage you to unite as accredited members. You are AAHA's most powerful weapon in getting the word out, and the more knowledgeable your clients are about your accreditation, the more it means to them, and the more they'll tell others about it. Your accreditation is a big deal--you voluntarily opened your hospital up to an outside evaluation process, and you passed! Your hospital is among the best--let people know about it! Pride is contagious--it starts at the top. If you show pride in being accredited, it will spread to staff and clients.

Joining is easy--visit the group on Facebook and request to join, or email [email protected] to receive an email invitation to the group. Veterinary professionals associated with accredited practices are welcome to join, as are AAHA student and recent graduate members. Once you join, we encourage you to introduce yourself and share the name of your accredited hospital.

So go ahead, take pride in your accreditation, invite your friends who work at accredited hospitals, and join us in building an inclusive community that supports and celebrates the achievements of accreditation. You deserve it.

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