If you don’t know Heather Loenser, DVM, yet, you will.

AAHA’s senior veterinary officer, social media maven, and guidelines guru is taking on a brand-new role this fall as Connexity’s official content weaver, which, as Heather explains it, is like “an emcee on steroids.”

So, what does a content weaver do?

According to business improvement consulting firm Velvet Chainsaw Consulting, “the content weaver opens and closes each general session asking provocative questions and framing the context of the conference’s learning opportunities. As research has shown, learning doesn’t happen in bulk and the content weaver challenges attendees to carve out intentional time to engage with peers and reflect on the important content and topics.”

Throughout the conference, you’ll see Heather popping in and out of educational sessions, working closely with keynote speakers and learning facilitators, and sparking interesting and insightful conversations to help you make the most of what you’ve learned. At the end of each day, she’ll help you “weave together” the key concepts from each session into a cohesive message so you can confidently return to your practice armed with essential takeaways and practical tips gleaned not only from the sessions you attended—but also those you didn’t.

We recently caught up with Heather to learn more about her content-weaving debut.

You have a lot of jobs at AAHA. What will you be doing at Connexity, exactly?

Because of Connexity, I’ve learned about a new role in adult education called “content weaving.” I’m honored to say that I’ll be your content weaver, which is like a master of ceremonies or emcee. At the end of each day, I hope to help you “tie a bow” on all you have learned so you can go back to your practices ready to make them even healthier places for pets and people.

What are you looking forward to most at Connexity?

As a born “connector,” I’m most excited to watch you meet, learn from, and bond with your incredible colleagues. I have the privilege of knowing so many of you and I can’t wait for you to meet each other. You are seriously going to be blown away by the caliber of your AAHA colleagues. In this setting, you’ll have so much more time together to enrich each other’s lives.

Where can guests find you at the conference?

When I’m not content weaving on the main stage, I’ll be absorbing the wisdom of our learning facilitators and all of you. And likely rubbing my feet from all the running I’ll be doing in heels!

Connexity is six months away. What are you working on currently?

I’m having a blast discovering the ideas our learning facilitators will be sharing with you through interactive sessions and creative learning opportunities. Since my role requires that I am intimately familiar with the content, I feel like I’m getting an executive MBA in culture change, leadership, communication, and employee empowerment.

What’s your favorite part of the job?

Without hesitation, I can say that it’s meeting you and watching you meet each other. You are going to love yourselves!

You’re a frequent visitor to AAHA HQ. Give us the local scoop—what’s a definite “don’t miss” in Denver?

As a vegetarian since 1992, I crave creative and tasty veggie food. Fellow veggie peeps rave about City O’ City (, and after eating there once, I am hooked! In other words, if you don’t find me on stage, lurking in your educational session, or soaking my feet, you’ll find me there!

Ready to experience the art of content weaving in person? Learn more and register at

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