In October, AAHA announced it would transition to an accredited-only hospital membership model by July 2018. This means AAHA will no longer recognize nonaccredited practice team membership—only accredited practice teams and individual members. We are thrilled this new model will allow us to focus on our accredited members.

As we bring our focus back to our accredited members, AAHA staff is committed to delivering an outstanding member experience. The first step we’ve taken is to develop a robust culture identity, which describes our collective approach to doing business. As you’ll see, this identity revolves around putting our members first.

AAHA’s culture identity
Our people

We are champions for excellence. We embody a people-first, team-centric approach to doing business. We are animal lovers, do-gooders, eternal optimists, and forward thinkers. We are engaged and dedicated to making a difference and celebrating our successes together as a team.

Our vision

We envision a world in which all veterinary practices deliver the highest quality care available today. We hold high standards – both for our practices and for ourselves. AAHA accreditation is the only accreditation available for veterinary practices in the United States and Canada, and we strive to help all practices achieve that accreditation.

Our credo

  1. Deliver excellence—every time. We choose to deliver excellence in all we do, from the veterinary care standards we write to the services we provide our members and our team. Excellence is our core, and we live it every day.
  2. Choose to be positive. We believe that a positive mindset can take us to extraordinary places, and share this positive outlook with the community that surrounds us.
  3. Embrace and welcome change. We believe in continual evolution and growth. We welcome change with open arms and focus on adapting to the future.
  4. Pursue innovative solutions. We consistently break the status quo and drive new thinking in order to lead the veterinary profession. We approach every problem as an opportunity.
  5. Communicate openly and honestly. We believe that open and honest communication is the truest form of communication. This is the foundation for successful relationships with our members and our team.

This is our commitment to you, our accredited members, and our commitment to one another. In the coming months, you’ll hear more about what we are doing to put the focus on our accredited members, so stay tuned.

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