One constant in the world around us,is change. Today’s consumers are used to Amazon, monthly plans and membership clubs. Wellness plans are basically membership plans and by harnessing their popularity, through AAHA Pet Wellness Plans, powered by VCP, we are helping veterinary practices reinvent how they look at and offer pet wellness plans. All while helping more pets and providing education and peace-of-mind to pet owners. 

We believe veterinarians should be at the heart of pet care and viewed as the trusted advisor. We also believe that by reinventing and changing how the industry views and utilizes wellness plans, veterinary practices can better deliver on the promise of healthier pets and a healthy practice. For practices to be successful with wellness programs, it is imperative to understand the two sides of wellness - The Practice of Wellness and The Business of Wellness, two equally important components to a holistic wellness program.  

The Practice of Wellness

The design, set-up and day-to-day management of your wellness program is crucial. With AAHA Pet Wellness Plans, powered by VCP, we partner with you to quickly and easily create, launch and manage a program specific to your practice and client needs. The Practice of Wellness includes your preventive care protocol, plan definitions, workflow and training to design and manage your wellness program.  Key benefits are the ability to build your preventive protocols into the plan, create options to tailor the plan by pet, software flexibility and extensive payment management. We are with you at every step to ensure your wellness program success.

The Business of Wellness

We are changing how the industry thinks about wellness programs and revolutionizing capabilities at a practice level. We brought together veterinarians, industry leaders and business strategists to create a program that delivers upon two key drivers; promoting healthier pets, while driving practice health.

The result, we ensure your practice is equipped with the best business processes and tools to allow practices to compete and thrive in today’s economy. We work with you to build your client relationships, your brand and deliver data and analytics to provide real time insight into your wellness program to allow smart decisions for growth and success.  We also provide advanced tools for payment management, missed payment management, Smart plan renewals and compliance.  

AAHA Pet Wellness plans, powered by VCP will help drive long-term growth for your practice, create lifelong relationships with clients, and result in a lifetime of improved health for your patients.

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