Have you visited the AAHA website lately? Many members have provided feedback (read: angry emails, frustrated phone calls) in recent years about the problems they've experienced trying to navigate (OK, we admit, it needed an overhaul.) If you're one of those angry-email-sending, frustrated-phone-call-making AAHA members, we're happy to report that we've listened to your feedback. In fact, we've more than listened to it, we've acted on it.

The new (yes, we got rid of the "net" part of the address!) features a fresh look and an even fresher layout that'll make finding what you need easy as pie. What's even better? The website was designed specifically with you, the AAHA member, in mind. You'll have to visit the site for yourself, but here's a glimpse into some of the changes we've made:

  • We've made it easier for you to access: No more typing Now, you can simply type and click on "Veterinary Professional" to be directed to our site for you, the veterinary professional. Or, if more typing and less clicking is your thing, feel free to type in to go straight to where you need to go. Want to see what your clients see? Click on "Pet Owner" from the homepage.
  • Our accredited members will have no problem locating our accreditation publicity tools. Simply click on the "Publicity Toolbox" link in the veterinary professional box on From videos you can post on your website to pre-drafted letters you can send to your clients, our publicity resources will help you spread the word about your accreditation.
  • The "My Account" section is your one-stop shop for viewing your profile information. Here, you can easily edit your hospital information, view product orders, register for events, and view your invoices.
  • Our easy-to-use layout and design can be viewed on a mobile device or tablet so you can take AAHA with you when you're on the go.
  • Not that looks are everything, but we do have to add that the new is pretty darn easy on the eyes.

We hope you'll take a look and see what we've done to improve your AAHA online experience. We're looking forward to reading your happy emails and taking your delighted phone calls in response to the new-and-much-improved

Have feedback about the new website? Email us at [email protected].


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