The term "interactive learning" is popping up in continuing education descriptions a lot these days. But it's more than just the hot buzzword of the moment; it's a whole new way to approach adult education that's incredibly beneficial to you as a lifelong learner.

Interactive learning gets you involved in your learning process so you retain more of the material. Actively participating in your learning gets your brain working and suddenly you're alive with incredible ideas and new techniques to implement in your practice. You might watch a video that demonstrates a learning principle, or do an activity with your class peers to illustrate a technique, or learn from the successes and failures of your peers...the possibilities are endless.

The information sticks and you see how you can put it into practice. That great idea your peer just shared could be the gem you've been seeking to implement a new idea. The learning facilitator asks questions and offers examples and suddenly a light bulb turns on and you've just solved an issue you've been struggling with.

The AAHA conference is designed to promote learning with conference sessions that are 1 hour and 40 minutes. This allows you to have enough time to interact with your peers, complete hands-on activities like working on case studies, answering questions, participating in discussions, and contributing ideas. You have time to see real examples from peers and experts and implement them in your practice.

There are so many incredible interactive learning sessions available at AAHA Nashville. Here are just a few examples:

  • Discuss ideas and issues with your peers to develop solutions at roundtables in the Veterinary Think Factory
  • Watch a surgery performed on a giant HD screen in the AAHA Live Surgery Suite and ask the panel of experts on stage while the action takes place
  • Work with award-winning song writers while you discover how to develop a successful practice team with the innovative session, Building Better Practice Teams through Song
  • Hear the secrets to success from your peers in the Big Idea Exchange
  • And there are so many more!

Movement facilitates learning too, so make sure to stretch your legs during the 40-minute session breaks and peruse the exhibit hall, where you'll find state-of-the-art products and services, plus some lunch and refreshment breaks to help build up your strength for your next interactive learning session!

AAHA is committed to offering you the best learning experience possible, and we can't wait to show you everything Nashville has to offer. With more than 450 CE hours to choose from, you can't go wrong. Check out the best in scientific, management, and technician tracks in the Registration Program.  

Join us in Nashville March 20 - 23--register now!



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