The AAHA team recently had the chance to sit down with Rene Agredano and the traveling Tripawd Spokesdawg, Wyatt Ray, from Tripawds, the world’s largest community for animal amputees and their humans, to share a little bit about what it means to be a pet owner and why they choose AAHA.

Renee, how were you united with Wyatt?

Wyatt Ray Dawg found his way to us through our Tripawds community. He was an eight-month-old [abandoned] puppy being fostered by a member after losing his leg to neglect by his original owner.

What does being a pet owner mean to you?

It means being responsible to Wyatt for his entire life and ensuring that we are meeting his emotional and physical needs to the best of our ability.

How has Wyatt made a difference in your life?

Our pet is our life. Our life revolves around what's best for him, with our needs coming in second. All the lessons our "challenge dog" has taught us about patience, communication, and humility have helped us grow into better humans.

What was the process like choosing a veterinary care team for your Wyatt?

We live and work from our RV and move with the seasons so we're never in one place very long. Wyatt receives his annual wellness exams at Colorado State University's Community Practice when we visit in summertime, but when he needs care in an unfamiliar location, the only way we can be certain he's getting the best available is by going to the AAHA-accredited Hospital Locator to search for the nearest AAHA-accredited practice. Whether that practice is one or one hundred miles from us, AAHA-accredited hospitals are our first and only choice.

Describe Wyatt’s care team in three words:

Qualified. Trustworthy. Consistent.
Every AAHA-accredited hospital we visit provides the same level of outstanding care.

What is the difference of an AAHA-accredited hospital?

The difference is the reassurance. As a non-vet pet parent, it's hard to tell what constitutes a "great" veterinary hospital from a not-so-great one. But when you choose an AAHA hospital, you know that the hospital you choose is held to the highest standards in modern veterinary medicine.

As founders of the support community, we have seen a range of amputation recoveries ranging from easy and uneventful to horrific and tragic. We have supported over 14,000 members during their pets' recoveries, and it is often very clear which practices are adhering to the AAHA Standards of Accreditation and which are not.

Would you encourage others to seek out an AAHA-accredited hospital for their pet’s care?

Whether we are talking to close friends and family or sharing information in our Tripawds community, we strive to educate pet parents about what AAHA accreditation means for their animal's care. Most pet owners are not aware that AAHA accreditation is voluntary so that's where we always begin the conversation. Our pets deserve to have medical care that measures up to the highest standards in the profession.

AAHA is appreciates pet owners like Rene, who choose to provide their pets with the best care they could possibly receive. Pets are our passion here at AAHA and keeping them healthy is our top priority. We continually strive to deliver the highest standard of care for pets because they deserve nothing less.

You can follow the adventures of Wyatt Ray and support the Tripawds mission here.

Visit the Tripawds Etsy shop for pawtastic jewelry for dogs, cats and people.

To locate an AAHA-accredited hospital during your next adventure, use the AAHA-Accredited Hospital Locator Tool. And don’t forget to download the American Red Cross’ Pet First Aid App before you leave home.

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