I was covering for my colleague Shelly Walker back at the end of January while she was enjoying some well-deserved vacation time in Hawaii. Shelly and I both work for Wells Fargo, setting up AAHA clients on a regular basis, and Shelly had just signed Animal Care Wellness Center under the AAHA merchant program. We had shipped out one of our new PCI EMV-compliant terminals and pin pads to the hospital. Our Wells Fargo activation and installation group had reached out to Niza DiCarlo, the practice's manager, to work on installing her new terminal pin pad. Niza explained to our activation group that she didn't have the time to work on installing the new terminal and pin pad and had decided she would continue with her current merchant processor. While in Hawaii, Shelly received an email from Niza explaining this, which Shelly forwarded to me asking if I could call Niza and offer to help her. 

I called Niza to see how I could help and in the process was able to gather some additional information about the hospital's current setup. I found out that they had an additional terminal and pin pad in their adjacent building, which was a grooming and boarding facility. I also discovered that they were using dial-up phone lines with their current machines and it was sharing the same line as their fax machine, so anytime the fax was in use they had to wait to process credit cards and if they were processing credit cards they would have to wait to send or receive faxes. 

Niza asked if we had a local rep in her area--San Bernardino, Calif.--who could come out and help her. It just so happened that I was planning to take a vacation in Southern California only one week after that, so I asked Niza if she could wait a week and I would take the time while there to help her get set up. She thought that would be great. 

After I got off the phone with Niza, I contacted Jennifer Westbrook, a Wells Fargo relationship manager in the area who has been helpful in getting new AAHA accounts up and running with Internet connectivity for their credit card terminals. I knew that I would need some equipment for the setup, so I ordered what was needed online and had the equipment sent directly to the hospital. Jennifer shipped additional equipment needed for the grooming and boarding facility. 

I arrived in Southern California on a Thursday night and woke early the next morning to drive to San Bernardino to meet with Niza. All the equipment had arrived, so I went to work installing the new equipment via the Internet and removing the old credit card machines. Once the new systems were in place, Niza and her staff were amazed at how much more quickly the terminals functioned using an Internet connection rather than the phone line. They were happy that they would no longer have any interference with the fax line. 

As I was preparing to leave, Niza had one more question for me. With her current provider, she was paying a monthly compliance fee and having to complete the certification questionnaire every quarter to be in compliance when it came to securing cardholder data. I explained that with our new terminals and equipment we use data encryption and tokenization, therefore she would no longer have to complete the compliance certification questionnaire, nor would she pay any sort of PCI compliance fees with Wells Fargo. She was thrilled, saying that alone made the whole process worth it.

I left the Animal Care Wellness Center feeling happy that the timing just happened to work out for me to take care of Niza and her team, getting their hospital up and running on the AAHA program. I love helping customers like Niza, knowing that I made a difference and lightened her workload. Niza was pleased, too, sending the following email to Jennifer to forward on to my manager: 

Hi Jennifer, 

Thank you for reaching out to me. I want to take this opportunity to let you know that Scott Riffle was extremely helpful. The installation of my two terminals was not straight forward. There were lots of bumps in the road with the technical part of the installation. When I called Shelly Walker to cancel the installation Scott Riffle fielded the call and offered to fly out to my location and install them for me. He spent time figuring out my situation and determined that we could install both terminals on Ethernet cables instead of my phone line. He even had the cables and ports shipped out to me from Amazon. When he came to install them he was extremely helpful in explaining the new equipment. By installing them on the Ethernet cable it allowed us to be able to run our fax machine without interfering with our credit card terminals. This was a major benefit of Scott getting to know our situation. He truly went above and beyond the call of duty to make us happy. I just wanted to let you know what outstanding customer service we received from Scott.


Best Regards,

Niza DiCarlo

Wells Fargo Merchant Services is AAHA's preferred payment processor. Visit us online for information on how you can upgrade your payment processing systems.

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