Are you losing clients—and team members—and are not sure why? Are you looking to conquer social media once and for all?  Do you feel overwhelmed by the number of new medications and services available, and aren’t sure what to add to your business?

We hear you. AAHA’s new conference, Connexity by AAHA, is focused on finding solutions to everyday challenges in veterinary practices, so we asked you to tell us about the issues keeping you up at night—and molded the event’s educational lineup around your responses.

Ready to troubleshoot your practice’s marketing and profitability woes? Check out how these Connexity by AAHA sessions can help:

Leveraging Client Feedback: Profiting from Online Reputation Management 
Bill Schroeder
Learn the importance of not just identifying, but also motivating clients who can become prophets for your practice. This interactive session will include live, hands-on lessons on how to gather great written and video testimonials and leverage these valuable pieces of content to best benefit your practice. No theory here–just real, proven techniques you can apply immediately.

Cause Marketing and the Veterinary Practice
Jane Harrell
Do you struggle with how to share your practice’s good works with the community? Are you interested in feeling great about your practice or reinvigorating your staff, but not sure how? Do you know how to answer when clients ask about national animal welfare groups, like the ASPCA or HSUS? Cause marketing can help. In this session, Jane Harrell will debut new research about how clients think and feel, share free tools your practice can use to market acts of charity, and discuss how to keep the heart of your business profitable and growing.

Successfully Adding New Services or Products to Your Practice
Dr. Ernie Ward
Every year, veterinarians and practice managers are overwhelmed with new medications, equipment, and services to add to their business–yet, many are unable to effectively implement them. Why do some succeed while others fail? Why do we waste so much money, time, and energy on lost causes and false starts? In this session, Dr. Ernie Ward will discuss how to successfully add new products and services, choose what to pursue and ignore, and focus your energy on providing the best patient care and client service.

How to Market Your Practice to Attract (and Retain) the Best Team
Brenda Tassava
It’s time for an audit of your workplace culture! How does your practice stack up to other workplaces in the US? Until you can honestly say that you offer an excellent place to work, you certainly can’t market it to potential employees. In this session, you’ll learn what makes a workplace great and how to position these essential elements into a stand-out job posting that speaks to preferred candidates. This will become the foundation for your practice’s employee marketing plan, which will not only attract key employees, but retain them as well.

View the full Connexity by AAHA schedule and save $50 per person when you register by June 1 at aaha.org/connexity.

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