AAHA's leadership has gone to the dogs--the, um, lion-looking Labradoodles, to be more specific.

In May, AAHA's president, Dr. Kate Knutson, attended the annual BlogPaws conference in Tysons Corner, Virginia. She was joined by two AAHA staffers--Kate Spencer, communications manager, and Sarah Rumple, writer/editor.

BlogPaws, a conference geared toward pet bloggers, provides education covering a range of social-media related topics and attracts some of the most popular pet bloggers from around the country, as well as some of the veterinary industry's best known professionals, personalities, and companies.

AAHA is committed to partnering with pet bloggers to get credible, reliable information about pet health care out there, and to educate the pet-owning public about accreditation. To help achieve these goals, AAHA sponsored a session at the conference, "Bloggers vs. Veterinarians: It's Not a War, Folks...Come learn How to Get Along" which featured a panel of bloggers and veterinarians (including Dr. Knutson) discussing the obstacles veterinarians face when it comes to social media and blogging, and how to bridge the communication gap between bloggers and vets. The session, which filled quickly, inspired conversations between the audience and panelists, as well as on Twitter.

Throughout the conference, we live tweeted some of the highlights, including messages from keynote speaker, Steve Dale, and quotes from Dr. Knutson. Here, a sample of AAHA's conference tweets:

From the vet perspective, it's tough to diagnose and treat a pet online. #blogpawsvet #blogpaws #AAHA

Mediator suggests including a general disclaimer to protect yourself as a vet blogger #blogpawsvet #blogpaws #AAHA

Steven says: Make a lunchtime appt with your vet to discuss blogging partnership as a marketing initiative #blogpawsvet

If you're doing research, cite your sources so vets can know where the info came from #blogpawsvet #blogpaws #AAHA

Got a pet health question? Stop by the AAHA booth and ask our vet, AAHA president Dr. Kate Knutson! #blogpaws #AAHA

Steve Dale: 24% of pet owners believe routine checkups are unnecessary #blogpaws

Steve Dale: Vaccines are down, partly due to Internet misinformation #blogpaws

Steve Dale: Using the terms "kill" and "no kill" for shelters creates divisiveness. #blogpaws

Steve Dale: FDA does not believe that raw meat diets protect the public. AAHA agrees. #blogpaws

Steve Dale: Food matters! Obesity is an epidemic. #blogpaws

Dr. Knutson: If your dog is not dragging you into the vet clinic, something is wrong with your vet. Find a new one! #blogpaws

AAHA president talks about the importance of AAHA accreditation at @BlogPaws #blogpaws

AAHA president: My clients treat their pets like children, so I as a vet need to treat pets like I'm a pediatrician. #blogpaws @BlogPaws

@BlogPaws Did you know? Animal hospitals are not required to be accredited like in human medicine! #BlogPaws #wow

AAHA president Dr. Kate Knutson is standing at a tall table at @BlogPaws giving pet health advice! #blogpaws #blogpawty

Hidden fact about AAHA president: She's allergic to dogs and cats! #blogpaws #blogpawty

With so many fantastic, info-filled sessions; a lively exhibit hall (caricatures included!); a fun "Blog Pawty" on the final evening where the best bloggers were presented with awards; and a unique, fun group of pet enthusiasts and social media experts (as well as their interesting pets--ever seen a ferret on a leash or a rabbit in a stroller?); BlogPaws was a conference AAHA was happy to attend and sponsor. 

In 2014, the BlogPaws conference will be held near Las Vegas, Nevada. At AAHA, we're looking forward to our fifth year as attendees, and can't wait to learn the latest and greatest social media news, and see all of our pet-loving writer friends, too.  

Did you attend BlogPaws? What was your favorite part?






 BlogPawty fun
From left to right: Kate Spencer, Dr. Lorie Huston, Dr. Kate Knutson, Sarah Rumple, and Dr. Patrick Mahaney

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