Next to nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), nutritional supplements/nutraceuticals are the fastest growing segment of medicinal products purchased today, with pet products accounting for more than $1.3 billion. A Packaged Facts consumer survey revealed that 43 percent of dog owners and 36 percent of cat owners purchase some type of specialty nutritional formula pet food or supplemental nutritional product for their pets.

To avoid perceived NSAID side effects, pet owners are consistently buying more joint-health products than any other nutritional supplements. Nutraceuticals are not controlled by any regulatory authority, however, so both safety and efficacy of specific agents are undefined.

Help your clients make informed decisions about nutritional supplements for joint health. This Web conference will teach you:

  • Key ingredients used in pet nutritional supplements for joint health
  • The evidence behind the claims of joint health supplements
  • How to talk with clients and direct them to the products with the best ingredients for the best results

Join Steven Fox, DVM, MS, MBA, PhD, as he reviews a mechanism base for the pathology of osteoarthritis and provides guidance for pet nutraceutical product selection. You will earn one CE credit for attending this free Web conference.

If Joints Could Talk: An Overview of Evidence behind Nutraceuticals
Aug. 10-23, 2015
Register here.

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About the speaker
Steven Fox, DVM, MS, MBA, PhD received his MS and DVM degrees from the University of Illinois and his MBA (entrepreneurialism and new ventures) and PhD (pain management) degrees from Massey University in New Zealand. Fox has served as a faculty member of the veterinary teaching hospital at Mississippi State University, a product manager at Pioneer Hi-Bred International, a senior lecturer in companion animal orthopedic surgery at Massey University, a senior veterinary specialist at Pfizer Animal Health, and the director of pain management at Novartis Animal Health.

Enjoying dual U.S. and New Zealand citizenship, Fox is a certified small animal surgical specialist in New Zealand. He was the 2004 president of the Veterinary Orthopedic Society, and he serves as an adjunct assistant professor at the University of Illinois. An author of more than 80 professional publications, two textbooks, five textbook chapters, and two interactive CD/DVDs, Fox is also a founding member of the Companion Animal Pain Management Consortium Leadership Council and a fellow of the New Zealand Institute of Management.   


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