Join us as we tip our hats to you and other Champions for Excellent for Care all across North America on AAHA-Accredited Hospital Day!


AAHA has designated this day—celebrated on July 22 each year—as an opportunity to educate pet owners about what accreditation means for their pets and to thank accredited hospitals for holding themselves to a higher standard.

Ready to join the celebration? Mark your calendar and start planning with these creative ideas for your clients and staff from the team at AAHA HQ.

  • Thank your clients for choosing your accredited hospital—and invite them to celebrate with you online or in person—with branded Facebook wall and cover photos. (Tip: Don’t forget to use #AAHADay!)
  • Host an open house event and give a short presentation about what it means to be AAHA accredited. Not sure what to say? Use this helpful video from the Publicity Toolbox!
  • Celebrate all year long! Do something to promote your accreditation on the 22nd of each month.
  • Hold a contest for clients to see how many AAHA logos they can spot in your hospital. The client with the correct number wins a prize! (Tip: You may be able to score free goodies to give away from your practice consultant or pharmaceutical representatives.)
  • Film a short video asking pet owners what they think AAHA stands for (you will likely get some interesting answers!). At the end of the video, reveal what AAHA really stands for—and why it’s important for them and their pets.
  • Create a goal to mention AAHA accreditation in every appointment on AAHA-Accredited Hospital Day. You can also turn this into a contest for your staff!
  • Give back to your community. Create a social media post about why you are proud to be an AAHA-accredited hospital. For every share the post gets, donate a dollar amount to a charity of your choice. (Tip: Don’t forget to use #AAHADay!)
  • Rent a popcorn maker and attach a “Did you know?” fact to each bag before handing them out to clients. For example, “Did you know? Only 12–15% of veterinary hospitals in the U.S. and Canada are accredited,” or “Research shows nearly 60% of pet owners assume their veterinary hospital is accredited when it is not.”

  • Ask your local bakery to print or pipe the AAHA logo on cookies or a cake to share with your clients and team members.

  • Download and print AAHA’s brand story cards to share with your team and clients. These go great with treats (both for humans and pets!).
  • Choose the AAHA-Accredited Hospital Day Facebook frame for your personal profile photo, or encourage clients to brag about your hospital by using it on their pages. Just visit facebook.com/profilepicframes and search for “AAHA.” (Tip: Don’t forget to use #AAHADay!)
  • Ask clients to tag your hospital on social media with a story about how your team has gone above and beyond for their pets. (Tip: Don’t forget to use #AAHADay!)
  • Share a short video of your team wishing clients a “Happy AAHA-Accredited Hospital Day!” on social media or go live to talk about why your hospital is celebrating. (Tip: Don’t forget to use #AAHADay!)
  • Let clients ask you anything! Post a short video on social media announcing AAHA-Accredited Hospital Day and encourage clients to comment with their questions about accreditation. A few days later, post another video with the answers. (Tip: Don’t forget to use #AAHADay!)
  • Write down several AAHA standards and place them in a bowl at the front desk. Ask clients to draw one and spot it during their appointment for a prize.
  • Ask each member of your team for a photo of themselves with their pets, as well as a quote about what being AAHA-accredited means to them. Share on social media all week long. (Tip: Don’t forget to use #AAHADay!)
  • Post brightly colored notes all around your hospital that describe how certain objects relate to AAHA standards. Title them “AAHA! moments”—they’re sure to get your clients asking questions.

  • Put up velvet ropes or a red carpet outside your front door. Hand clients golden tickets when they walk in that explain why their pets get star-quality treatment at your AAHA-accredited hospital.
  • Tap into your clients’ creativity and let them help spread your message! Hold a contest to see who can come up with the best idea to educate pet owners in the community about your hospital’s accreditation for a special prize. (Tip: You may be able to score free goodies to give away from your practice consultant or pharmaceutical representatives.)
  • Set up a photo booth with props and a sign that reads, “I choose AAHA-accredited [hospital name] because…” and let clients have at it. Post the photos on social media. (Tip: Don’t forget to use #AAHADay!)
  • Organize a cat or dog yoga event, group hike, or walk that begins or ends at your practice. Offer refreshments and gift bags for participants. (Tip: You may be able to score free goodies to give away from your practice consultant or pharmaceutical representatives.)
  • Celebrate your team’s commitment to AAHA accreditation all week! Show your appreciation with super hero capes, chair massages, gift cards, thank you notes, or a public shout-out on social media.
  • Make a Snapchat geofilter for clients to use at your hospital the week leading up to AAHA Day.
  • Write a short blog post about what it means for your hospital to be accredited. Then, create a quiz for clients and post it on social media. Clients who answer correctly can be entered into a drawing for prizes! (Tip: You may be able to score free goodies to give away from your practice consultant or pharmaceutical representatives.)
  • Send your clients a letter thanking them for choosing your hospital and telling them you are AAHA-accredited.
  • Show your clients what it means to be a champion for excellent care. Share AAHA’s pet owner videos on your website, social media channels, or in your lobby.
  • Compile photos of patients on an AAHA table mat and create a collage to unveil on social media. (Tip: Don’t forget to use #AAHADay!)
  • Newly accredited or reaccredited? Send local media outlets a press release to let your community know.
  • Ask your clients to share what they love about taking their pets to an AAHA-accredited hospital on social media by posting a photo and completing this sentence: “I love my AAHA-accredited vet because _______________.” (Tip: Don’t forget to use #AAHADay!)
  • Ask clients to sign their pet’s name on a paper paw print branded with the AAHA-Accredited Hospital Day logo or messaging. Then, decorate your lobby! (Tip: You can also use this as an opportunity to fundraise for a local shelter or animal welfare organization.)
  • Hold a staff scavenger hunt. Hide clues around the hospital that describe how AAHA accreditation helps your team practice the best medicine.
  • Send your message home with branded pet bandanas, or supply buttons for team members that read, “Ask me what it means to be AAHA accredited!”
  • Create a large poster board promoting AAHA-Accredited Hospital Day and use paint or ink pads to have patients “sign” it. Then, clean up with a complimentary or donation-based dog wash. Hang the poster in the lobby and share on social media. (Tip: Don’t forget to use #AAHADay!)
  • Advertise it! Hang AAHA-Accredited Hospital Day posters in each exam room or a banner outside your hospital to generate excitement and provide opportunities to talk to your clients about the importance of accreditation.

  • Keep your accreditation at the top of clients’ minds with weekly and daily social media countdown photos. (Tip: Don’t forget to use #AAHADay!)
  • Put subtle reminders, like AAHA Day screensavers, around your hospital before the big day.


Join the AAHA-Accredited Members Facebook group for even more great ideas, or send us your own at [email protected].

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