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Dog care

A happy, healthy dog makes for a happy, healthy human. Our dog care resources give you the information you need to keep your canine companion happy and healthy in between regular veterinary visits.

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Dog general health 

Keeping your dog safe from summer heat Summertime is a great time to enjoy the outdoors with pets – and as long as pet owners take precautions to prevent overheating.   Denver resident Susan Kohut loves hiking Colorado trails with her 3 ½-year-old Great Dane, Floyd. But since he weighs 160 pounds ... Read More Dog car sickness Does your dog throw up in the car when you go for rides? He may be experiencing typical motion sickness, just like some people do. Motion sickness usually begins very shortly after starting the car ride. The dog will begin to drool and then vomit. It’s not serious, but certainly not something ... Read More Giving your dog a massage Have you ever wondered how to give your dog a proper massage? This video features Dr. Narda Robinson demonstrating some basic canine massage techniques. Your dog will love it! ... Read More

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Dog behavior 

Biting The bad news: Dogs of any breed or size can, and do, bite. The good news: There are really very few aggressive dogs. Most dogs bite because they’re ... Read More

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Dog diseases and conditions

Hip dysplasia (dog) Definition Hip dysplasia is a genetic disorder in which dogs have a poor fitting hip joint. This ball and socket joint should fit together neatly, ... Read More

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