Mindful micro-breaks—The potential of a 10-minute “paws”

Mindful micro-breaks are an evidence-based approach to increasing your energy and cognitive function while at work. And they’ll even make you more resilient when navigating stress and conflict.

A career to grow on—How great teams empower individual dreams

As part of our “Stay, Please” series, Debbie Boone, CVPM, talks about the power of living your mission statement, the strengths of diverse teams, and creating a culture of personal connection at work.

Reprogramming team culture toward equity, dignity, and empowerment

Josh Vaisman, MAPPCP, CCFP, shares how employee retention requires more than “golden handcuffs.” It takes a culture of mattering, empowerment, equity, and dignity.

Unlocking success: A guide to selling your veterinary practice to a VSO/consolidator/corporate owner

If you’re considering selling to a Veterinary Services Organization (VSO)—sometimes called consolidators or corporate owners—careful planning and strategic decision-making are essential.