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Resource center

Resources for veterinary teams

Diabetic discharge instructions template

Use this convenient, customizable template to quickly create discharge instructions for your diabetic patients.

Tips and tricks for anesthetizing diabetic dogs and cats

Anesthesia is not contraindicated in stable diabetic dogs and cats. Increase your confidence in anesthetizing these patients by incorporating these ideas in your practice.

Interpreting glucose curves

Quickly review examples of and treatment suggestions for:

  • Optimal canine/feline glucose curves
  • Persistent hyperglycemia
  • Short duration of action of insulin
  • Hypoglycemia-induced hyperglycemia (Somogyi)

Client Education Resources

Empower your veterinary team to educate your clients on key components of diabetes treatment using these resources.

Insulin administration

State-by-state regulations on insulin needle disposal

Manufacturer training videos

How to administer Prozinc insulin with a syringe

How to administer Vetsulin with an insulin pen

AAHA insulin administration videos

Watch actual pet owners giving insulin to their pets at home!


How to administer insulin to your dog

How to administer insulin to your cat

Diabetic remission in cats: A reasonable goal!

The top 8 things you need to know about diabetes management

Home monitoring resources

Care for diabetic pets extends out of the hospital and into their home. Equip caregivers with tools they can use to monitor their pet and communicate results with your veterinary team.


This diary allows caregivers to collect important information to help guide their veterinarian’s treatment decisions for their diabetic pet. It can be printed out or filled in electronically.

Home care diary for cats

Home care diary for dogs

Blood glucose curve worksheet

Educational videos - Diabetes testing at home

Encourage caregivers to watch these videos so they can gather important information on their pets’ diabetes at home.

How to collect urine from a female dog

How to collect urine from a male dog

How to collect urine from a litter box

How to use urine test strips to measure urine glucose and ketones

Home monitoring mobile apps

Using mobile devices, pet owners can track their diabetic pet’s response to treatment as well as other useful parameters.

Pet diabetes tracker:

For Apple

For Android


For Apple

For Android

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These guidelines are supported by a generous educational grant from
Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health USA Inc., and Merck Animal Health.