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Selections from "Small Animal Clinical Nutrition"

Take a deep-dive into recommendations for feeding:

  • Young adult dogs  (pg 258-272)
  • Mature adult dogs (pg 273-280)
  • Reproducing dogs (pg 281-294)
  • Nursing and orphaned pups from birth to weaning (pg 295-310)
  • Growing puppies: postweaning to adulthood (pg 311-319)


Inherited Disease Databases

Lifespans of Purebred Dogs

Institute of Canine Biology

  • Data from various longevity studies

Behavior Resources

Dental Information for Vet Teams & Pet Owners

Heartworm Disease

American Heartworm Society

  • Prevalence, diagnosis, and treatment of heartworm disease

Zoonoses Prevention


Healthy Pets, Healthy People: Information on zoonoses to share with pet owners. 

Preventing of transmission of:

What every pet owner should know about roundworms and hookworms

Additional Industry Resources

Canine Osteoarthritis Staging Tool (COAST)  

Canine osteoarthritis (OA) often goes unnoticed. Subtle changes in your patients’ behavior can be warning signs for OA. COAST can help you recognize and treat canine OA from its earliest diagnosed stages to keep your patients comfortable and active throughout their lives. Leading orthopedic health and pain management experts developed this new staging tool as a standardized approach to diagnose and monitor dogs with clinical signs of OA as well as those at risk of developing OA.1

Championing Bordetella Education

Information on Bordetella to share with pet owners

The 2019 AAHA Canine Life Stage Guidelines are supported by generous educational grants from Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health USA Inc., CareCredit, Elanco Animal Health, Hill’s ® Pet Nutrition, Inc., IDEXX Laboratories, Inc., Merck Animal Health and Zoetis Petcare.