Evaluating and Ending the Relationship

The mentor-mentee relationship may come to an end for many reasons, including accomplishment of goals, having either party move on to a different position, or a mutual realization that the relationship is not productive. The parties may agree that a mentoring relationship be ended while the personal or professional relationship is maintained.

A successful outcome is realized when the mentor and mentee have reached their goals. This should result in an increased sense of satisfaction and confidence. The mentor feels satisfied from developing a successful addition to the hospital team. The hospital gains a more satisfied, confident, skilled employee. An eventual goal is for the mentee to one day become a mentor to current and future hospital team members.

Both Drs. Diane W and Ethan C benefited from their relationship. Diane enjoyed her mentoring role and its impact. She has recognized the value in an ongoing formal mentoring program in her hospital. Ethan is a confident and productive veterinarian. He is well prepared to take on new goals and is looking forward to his next relationship as a mentee or mentor.