Final Thoughts

Whether you are a first time mentee or a seasoned mentor, your improved knowledge of and from mentoring relationships can improve your professional satisfaction. Mentoring is often a source of confusion, or an overwhelming idea that is difficult to initiate and construct. This document is intended to inform, give structure, and help bring the process to fruition. Also, see the AAHA website for additional mentoring resources as they become available.C

Veterinary hospitals are likely to become more successful and efficient as these guidelines are implemented. A practice with a culture of and reputation for mentoring may have a competitive edge in attracting new graduates. These hospitals can offer better client service, thereby improving the public image of their clinic and the profession. That contributes to the ultimate goal of a higher level of care for patients.

Interested in becoming a mentee? If you are in a career transition, explore being a mentee. Find out how a mentor can assist you in identifying and obtaining your goals as a professional — while having a satisfying and enjoyable career in veterinary medicine. Look for a clinic that will provide mentoring for you in your veterinary career.

Interested in becoming a mentor? Your experience and wisdom can effectively support and challenge a new colleague — and contribute to your own satisfaction in supporting your profession. The time you invest in mentoring is an investment in yourself, your colleagues, and your practice.

We can all share in the excitement of our potential to better serve the profession. By emphasizing the importance of mentoring, everyone gains, including the pets and people we serve. Whether as mentee or mentor, enjoy the excitement and impact of that this dynamic relationship — and have fun!