Internal Marketing

Your Telehealth Champion is responsible for internal marketing to staff, ensuring everyone understands how telehealth is being used to help clients and patients. Ideally, you’ll want all staff to become enthusiastic advocates.


TIP: Your marketing doesn’t have to be costly. Messages to both staff and clients just have to be clear and consistent, conveying that competence and caring are valued.

Improved Patient Care and Outcomes

The Telehealth Champion needs to share stories and metrics illustrating improved patient outcomes resulting from earlier intervention, better client compliance, and more timely follow-ups. It’s important to track and tell how remote monitoring data collection, specialist consults, and compassionate care for hospice patients are some of the ways technology and Connected Care are supporting the practice healthcare team deliver personalized patient care.

The Telehealth Champion also needs to track and share examples of the following benefits for the practice:

  • Client Relations
    • Reduced bottlenecks, leading to more streamlined communications with clients
    • More time to show interest and compassion for patients and clients
  • Practice Sustainability
    • Monetizing more client interactions
    • Opportunities for staff to use more of their skills
    • Potential for some staff to work remotely
    • Potentially greater control over work-life balance through improved workflow

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