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Explanation of terms

+, combined with” the vaccine that follows;
±, with or without” the vaccine(s) that follow;
CAe, cellular antigen extract (Bordetella bronchiseptica); 
CAV2, canine adenovirus-2; 
CCV, canine coronavirus; 
CDV, canine distemper virus; 
CIV, canine influenza virus; 
CPiV, canine parainfluenza virus; 
CPV, canine parvovirus; 
CPV-2b and CPV-2c, field variants of canine parvovirus recognized in the United States today; 
DOI, duration of immunity; 
FAVN, fluorescent antibody virus neutralization (rabies); 
RVNA, rabies virus neutralizing antibody ; 
IM, intramuscular;
IN, intranasal; 
MDA, maternally derived antibody; 
MLV, modified-live virus, or attenuated; 
oral, specifically administered into the buccal pouch (Bordetella bronchiseptica);
outer surface protein A (Borellia burgdorferi);
outer surface protein C (Borellia burgdorferi); 
rCD, recombinant canine distemper virus;

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